The First 8-Seat SUV With A Plug Is The 2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV | First Drive Review

It's tough to believe it, but aside from BEV buses and BEV vans, the CX-90 is the very first anything to have 3 rows, 8 seats, and offer any kind of variety. On top of that the CX-90 plug in hybrid even has an extra tire! It's all made possible by Mazda's brand-new RWD platform (a rear biased AWD system is standard) which was developed from the ground up to use the PHEV system. The battery lies under the guest compartment and doesn't take in any passenger or cargo space.

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39 responses to “The First 8-Seat SUV With A Plug Is The 2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV | First Drive Review”

  1. Bob D Avatar
    Bob D

    Not my cup of tea, though I am sure others will find it interesting.

  2. The Adventure Auto Avatar
    The Adventure Auto

    Baby steps for Mazda. When they get into the full EV game I will again consider buying them.

    1. The Adventure Auto Avatar
      The Adventure Auto

      @ALMX5DP Once you experience power and efficiency of electric motors, it’s impossible to go back. I have had 2 Mazda3’s, 3 Miata’s, and 2 CX-5’s. I’m a huge Mazda fan, but driving gas now is just lackluster. Oh and the convenience of charging at home, sitting in my car for an hour on lunch w immediate heat or air without having to let the vehicle idle, one pedal driving…just to name a few. Come on Mazda.

    2. ALMX5DP Avatar

      @The Adventure Auto sure but a PHEV has many if not all of those aspects as well right?

    3. The Adventure Auto Avatar
      The Adventure Auto

      @ALMX5DP Except you still have a gas engine which requires all of that additional maintenance and a small battery not allowing for anything but city trips on electricity. And slow acceleration because they’re using small motors.

    4. J R Avatar
      J R

      @The Adventure Auto Well good for you if a full BEV meets your needs.. I think electric power is great as well. However, some of us need to take long trips and spending an hour to recharge every 200-250 miles is not an option even if a charging station is available…not to mention in cold climates where range dramatically declines. But I guess there are those wealthy people who can afford multiple vehicles..

    5. ALMX5DP Avatar

      @The Adventure Auto ah you didn’t mention that before. Still if you’re not using the ICE often, or you don’t need a lot of power daily, PHEVs make pretty good sense for those it works for.

  3. Dongi Avatar

    With 8 people, their luggage, maybe a roof carrier – I dunno how this will go up a 7 or 8% grade at 100F+. Especially if the traction battery is depleted?

    1. ALMX5DP Avatar

      @Vineeth K Vazhayil did it ever prevent you from reaching your destination though?

    2. Dongi Avatar

      @ALMX5DP nearly killed us? We went back and forth with Honda. We just had to without fail turn on car to Hybrid mode when weather wasn’t perfect. And you have a lot of not perfect weather in Chicago

    3. ALMX5DP Avatar

      @Dongi huh? How did this somehow become about Honda or a previous vehicle of yours? How did it nearly kill you, and did you not realize that you could have turned on hybrid mode earlier?

    4. Dongi Avatar

      Nothing against PHEVs, just that the puny gas engines sometimes are overburdened when their electric support system is exhausted. Volvo and BMW have powerful turbo engines. Maybe the real transmission here might help.

    5. David Williams Avatar
      David Williams

      @Vineeth K Vazhayil Seems like an engineering issue or software bug. It should have started the engine well before the battery hits 0. It’s unfortunate that people have to fight with manufacturers to have products function properly.

  4. Anoop Bains Avatar
    Anoop Bains

    I am eagerly waiting for Cx-70 Hybrid

  5. Krzysztof Ćwik Avatar
    Krzysztof Ćwik

    VW, make next atlas PHEV – roomy inside, childeat tilt etc…

  6. Frederic Fyfe Avatar
    Frederic Fyfe

    I couldn’t find the info. Is the cx-90 phev equiped with an heat pump to maximise Ev range in winter like the outlander phev and rav4 prime?

    1. TheDartdouble05 Avatar

      According to the motormouth review, it is.

    2. Juan Duarte Avatar
      Juan Duarte


  7. naveenthemachine Avatar

    Best Japanese luxury suv on sale period

  8. Kurt Penner Avatar
    Kurt Penner

    Styling is a bit meh compared to the Euro-spec CX-60. I’m crossing my fingers that the CX 70 looks like the 60 and not the 90.

    1. Steve Chandy Avatar
      Steve Chandy

      Since when did anyone start taking styling cues from you?

  9. Kyle R Avatar
    Kyle R

    I just can’t get past that rear end… you can really tell it’s just a stretched CX-60

  10. Nischint Ramesh Avatar
    Nischint Ramesh

    Why do I have this sense that this will sell even more poorly than the CX-9??

    1. Ak Here Avatar
      Ak Here

      You Tell first

  11. Jon L Avatar
    Jon L

    First the Hyundai Ioniq 6 has an egg shaped key that Alex doesn’t like and now the Mazda has an egg shaped rear end that Alex doesn’t like…. Why does he hold such a grudge against eggs?

    1. Fyxxterzc Avatar


    2. Hang Nguyen Avatar
      Hang Nguyen

      It is Easter time so 😁

    3. Tsung Hung Shen Avatar
      Tsung Hung Shen

      Let’s not egg him on

    4. Pratik Pramanik Avatar
      Pratik Pramanik

      It reminds him of the egg shortage

  12. clubracer6 Avatar

    thank you for showing the sunroof operation!! A bit of a fail for me.

  13. h2o247 Avatar

    Wondering why they didn’t use the turbo 4 in this PHEV set up….

  14. Chris Parayno Avatar
    Chris Parayno

    Mazda and others need to wake up to the Koreans as the Sorento hybrid gets 35mpg. Sub 30s is a joke for 2023 for a hybrid.

    1. CrazyWeeMonkey Avatar

      This is significantly larger than the Sorento, with more power.

      It’s like a foot longer and 3″ wider than the Sorento.

  15. SF Tech Avatar
    SF Tech

    Loved everything about it. but, 8 seats with blind spot monitor is not possible. Middle bench seats is a must for me.
    Also, does it have lane follow assist? That’s very important too. Without these two, I will pass.

  16. Mark Hu Avatar
    Mark Hu

    after 40 miles of pure E drive, how is hybrid gas mileage? Still smooth power output?

  17. K B Avatar
    K B

    Mazda’s use of their traditional automatic transmissions has been more like (or made it feel more like) a DCT ever since they started using the Skyactiv drivetrains. They did have a torque converter, but they would lock up the torque converter in 1st gear over about 5mph and then it would remain locked the entire time until the vehicle came to a stop again, even when shifting. They did this by closely combining the engine and transmission control so that the engine power would be slightly reduced during shifts to allow the engine speed to drop with shifts without causing a shift shock as it typically would when shifting a traditional AT without unlocking the TCC.

  18. canonlybeme4life Avatar

    Great review. I am curious as to how the CX-70 will improve with less weight. I don’t rear care for end design/styling. The interior is nice though.

  19. Courtland Mitma Avatar
    Courtland Mitma

    The lack of touch screen capability for the native software and just the software itself already make it feel dated. I’m very interested in the CX-70 which will hopefully push to over 30 miles of electric range.

  20. luckycharms8282 Avatar

    Now will it actually become available on dealer lots, or will it be unobtanium for the next couple years?

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