The Basics of EV (and PHEV) Charging

Cars with a plug are ending up being a growing number of typical but there are still a great deal of concerns about how all of it works! We're here to go over the fundamentals to make certain that if you own or are considering a plug-in you have the details you need to maximize it. If you know what you're doing there's no need to be afraid of lacking electrical power and you may find that plugging in is a lot simpler than stopping at the gas station!

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00:00 Introduction
00:24 Level 1 Charging – 120v Outlet
01:57 Level 2 Charging – 240v Outlet
03:20 Level 2 Charging – Hardwired
04:52 Just how much Level 2 for you?
07:10 Tesla/NACS/J3400 Location Charging
07:47 Level 2 Public Charging
09:12 Public Charging Challenges
10:35 Level 3 Public DC Quick Charging – CCS
12:15 Level 3 Public DC Fast Charging – CHAdeMO
12:32 Taking advantage of Level 3 Charging
13:51 Level 3 Tesla/NACS/J3400 Supercharger
15:29 Level 3 Tesla Urban Supercharger
16:00 Level 1 Best Practices
17:18 Level 2 Best Practices
18:25 Level 3 Best Practices
18:34 Go forth and charge!





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  1. @MistSoalar Avatar

    That transition to the intro caught me by surprise

  2. @rightlanehog3151 Avatar

    Travis, I hope Alex is going to build you a bigger garage for all the cars you will be testing. 😃

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