The 2025 RAM Ramcharger’s “Range Extender” Isn’t A New Idea, It’s Also Not An Efficient Idea…

Serial hybrids have been around for a while, so why do not we see more of them? Effectiveness is the answer. Although a novel and appealing principle, the 2025 RAM 1500 Ramcharger manages to be the least effective, electrical truck in America and simultaneously 20% less effective than Ford's hybrid. So why is it that I still desire one? Due to the fact that this system does address the concern: why can't plug-in hybrids be fun? 663 HP, 0-60 in 4.4 seconds and class prominent pulling all integrate in the most not likely of offerings.

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35 responses to “The 2025 RAM Ramcharger’s “Range Extender” Isn’t A New Idea, It’s Also Not An Efficient Idea…”

  1. ALMX5DP Avatar

    And now I kinda want to see what the engine bay looks like. Is the V6 traditionally mounted in a longitudinal fashion even though it doesn’t need to be? Could it be transverse for packaging over the front motors?

    1. Silverado EV ChEVy Avalanche Avatar
      Silverado EV ChEVy Avalanche

      Interesting. Curious what transverse mounting is?

    2. ALMX5DP Avatar

      @Silverado EV ChEVy Avalanche transverse is where the engine orientation and crankshaft are positioned side to side like in a typical front wheel drive car. Longitudinal is where the engine/crankshaft are pointed in-line with the chassis like in a typical rear wheel drive car.

    3. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
      EV Buyers Guide

      I saw a brief, distant look but don’t recall the orientation. Sorry! -Travis

  2. Kip Amore Avatar
    Kip Amore

    I just watched the reveal. It’s a genIII Pentastar mounted north south. AND they claim the truck tows 7 tons – 14,000lbs. That’s got to be a 1/4 ton truck record.

    Claims no connection from the motor to the wheels, so it’s a true serial hybrid. Claims 135kwh gas engine, which charges a 92kwh battery.

    Very cool. The perfect vehicle.

    1. steinwaymodelb Avatar

      What about this truck makes it a 1/4 ton in your books?

    2. Fireteam Avatar

      @steinwaymodelb RAM is calling it a RAM 1500

  3. br4nd0nh347 Avatar

    About time they started making these.

  4. KP HVAC Avatar

    For an electrified truck a plug in hybrid is the only thing that makes sense to me. People don’t want to deal with charging and limited range while towing or working.

    1. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
      EV Buyers Guide

      That’s true, but a considerable percentage of trucks are never actually used for towing or working. -Travis

    2. Samuel Ford Avatar
      Samuel Ford

      ​@EV Buyers Guideeven if it’s not never, say once or twice a year, then I would absolutely not want to deal with it. This is ideal for many who work their trucks from just a little to a lot.

  5. Anto Avatar

    In some regions to get full EV credits you cannot have a driveshaft between the gas engine and the wheels, so might be a reason why…

    (Volt could get the credits, but honda accord /prius prime could not,
    and i guess for most people they would preferr the 5 to 10k rebate vs the efficiency loss that only a long term thing….)

    and if there s a question as to why plug in hybrid for a truck, idk how many quickcharges station enable you to quickcharge with a trailer even if you decide to block out 1/3 of the parking or at the worst having to un hitch at every stop…

    1. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
      EV Buyers Guide

      I’ve only seen a handful of pull through charging stations, hopefully it’s something that’s considered more moving forward. -Travis

  6. Silverado EV ChEVy Avalanche Avatar
    Silverado EV ChEVy Avalanche

    As a contractor this is all I’ve ever wanted. Minimum of 75 miles of range with either a range extender or plug in hybrid. I haul I tow and I load my trucks down with tools . Also we are avid campers, hikers, mountain bikers. We need some mobile power for tools and camping

    1. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
      EV Buyers Guide

      I see this being a great option for work purposes! -Travis

    2. Remarksman Avatar

      Ditto this 100%. This is the technology I have been waiting for. I wish the efficiency was better, but for my usage patterns it won’t really matter that much.

  7. Jake Storms Avatar
    Jake Storms

    I think the efficiency thing doesn’t come into play often enough to worry too much about it. As long as you aren’t worried too much about EV efficiency it’s going to be an EV for you most all the time. And they may even be under promising the EV range and efficiency. And I think even on gas on longer trips if you ARE worried about efficiency…chargers are showing up at more and more places and if you do stop for lunch or dinner near a charger you could top off battery and effectively get back to some sorta similar gas use levels or even less…just have the charge costs…but overall might get similar cost for the trip with less efficiency on the highway.

    1. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
      EV Buyers Guide

      This truck gives you options, lots of options. -Travis

  8. Scy Avatar

    I’d be hopeful to see if Stellantis brings a similar setup to their smaller cars, like a Jeep Cherokee with 100 miles and an inline 3 for example.

    1. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
      EV Buyers Guide

      There’s so much going on with this frame that it would be difficult to scale down to something smaller. -Travis

  9. Silverado EV ChEVy Avalanche Avatar
    Silverado EV ChEVy Avalanche

    Let’s clarify the difference between a plug-in hybrid and a range extender. Most plug-in hybrids can drive the wheels with both the electric motors, and with the gas engine they can usually also charge the battery. But range extender doesn’t work that way at all. It’s only purposes to recharge the batteries so the vehicle is always an electric vehicle. The generator provides the electricity to recharge the batteries. The closest comparison would be the BMW I three areEX. If the gas engine has the ability to actually motivate the wheels, then I would agree. This is a plug in hybrid now as part of the law the one issue that makes this not a plug-in hybrid is because it can go farther Using the gas, then the batteries alone, whereas range extenders do not produce enough to motivate the vehicle farther than the EV battery alone.

  10. Silverado EV ChEVy Avalanche Avatar
    Silverado EV ChEVy Avalanche

    Alex! Would you be willing to interview or talk about this topic with a contractor who used to be an electrical engineer? I believe that I could give you a very unique perspective even if we just chatted for 20 minutes because I have all the use cases for this from towing to hauling to distance to different terrain, up-and-down mountains and camping and using power systems for powering job sites. I am the person that this truck is designed for however, I believe you could cut the battery in half and the gas tank in half and that would be a more interesting model if they could have bothand it would probably take about $10,000 off the price and or less expensive smaller but efficient

  11. Babak Gilbert Avatar
    Babak Gilbert

    Just a heads up, Ramcharger isn’t a new name. It was an SUV back in the 70s and Stellantis is just harkening back to an earlier time in the same sense that Ford did with the Lightning…and it kinda fits the bill, albeit like you said, a little on the nose.

    1. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
      EV Buyers Guide

      That’s a good point, I had forgotten about the previous Ramcharger. -Travis

  12. ElijahRock92 Avatar

    Alex, I think you have to view this a bit differently. This Ramcharger is probably aimed at two specific groups:
    – work truck owners that use the bed/payload function of a truck more than the towing function
    – pavement princess truck owners

    This Ramcharger doesn’t seem to really be conducive to towing. Like you mentioned, you’re better off getting a F-150 PowerBoost or any other high output half ton pick-up if you are towing heavy and often. Contractors that use work truck to haul bulky items in the bed or people that haul dirt bikes or ATVs in the bed (or the suburban dad bringing the soccer balls and Gatoraid for the kids’ travel league) are more going to benefit from the Ramcharger. I suspect that if Ford comes out with a PHEV F-150, that truck will be the one geared towards towing.

    I work for a roadway contractor, and I know guys that travel 50+ miles to work that could really benefit from the Ramcharger.

  13. David Carroll Avatar
    David Carroll

    I’ve owned the PHEV Pacifica for almost 2 years with no problems, and this seems like a close cousin to me. I would be interested in this form factor, depending on the price. I already have a BEV and in about a year I’ll be in the market to buy an ICE or a PHEV.

    1. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
      EV Buyers Guide

      It’s a relatively similar concept but there are some notable differences. For one this is going to have a lot more get up and go than the Pacifica! I’m on board with the Pacifica though, don’t get me wrong. -Travis

  14. Joe Egan Avatar
    Joe Egan

    my guess is when the tailor electrical receiver is engaged, it will automatically trigger Tow mode.

  15. David Santora Avatar
    David Santora

    This is exactly what I want! I bought a 2019 RAM 1500 Limited with 5.7 liter eTorque and 3.92 gears to pull my 6000 lb Jeep on my 3000 lb deck over trailer. I recently paid off the truck and would love to replace it with a Ramcharger. I could commute to work on electric power alone, but use the gas engine to keep the battery charged while towing or going on long road trips. No other vehicle currently available can do that.

    Since I don’t want to without a V8 once I trade in the RAM 1500, I plan on buying a 2024 Mustsng GT in the next few months as my daily driver.

  16. Hai Vu Avatar
    Hai Vu

    I wonder what’s the GVWR for this vehicle? Let’s start with a full size pick-up with a V6 plus a large battery pack. Then add two separate cooling systems for the V6 and electric rotors and battery. And let’s not forget the gas tank with associated plumbing and evac system plus the exhaust system. So what’s the savings or benefits other than boasting rights of range.

  17. EmmyJune212008 Avatar

    We’ll see, but I suspect the weight and price of this thing is going to be obscene. Seems like the battery could be half its size and still let people do most duties on electric most of the time. I’m an advocate of PHEVs, but the inefficiency of this one is a turn-off. Seems like a more traditional hybrid or a PHEV with a smaller battery would be much cheaper and lighter and still useful.

  18. Jonathan Jackson Avatar
    Jonathan Jackson

    This is an excellent idea and we should have had something like this on the market about 3-5 years ago. As a person that wants to go Electric for my next vehicle, but uncertain where technology will be going in the next few years this will be a hit. I just wish maybe the new hurricane motor would be in this instead!

    1. Bruce Allen Avatar
      Bruce Allen

      I’ve been driving “something like this” for 6 years. It’s a chevy volt. It’s been perfect. 110k miles and 94% electric only miles. Now if it could only tow my boat.

  19. jlv3x Avatar

    Most truck buyers are more concerned with power and range than efficiency. So their concerns about efficiency aren’t shared by most vehicle buyers. That’s why the Jeep Wrangler 4xe is the best selling PHEV. While it’s not the most efficient Hybrid, it’s enough for the majority of consumers.

  20. Vandenbossm Avatar

    Unless you are maxed out towing and constant bigtime up hill, you should not be constantly using over 130kw to maintain speed. That is a crazy amount of power. The only time you should ever use that much is under hard acceleration or up a steep grade. If the gas motor is running, it should almost always be producing more than you are using to maintain speed.

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