The 2025 EX30 Is Affordable Electric Volvo We’ve Been Promised

Volvo's 2025 EX30 may simply be the bite-size crossover that catapults Volvo's sales into new territory. In addition to a trove of images and information we have the base MSRP whichat $34,950 certainly raises hopes and eyebrows. As will the performance numbers.

The EX30 uses comparable styling to the EX90 in a much smaller package. At 166 inches long, this is a couple of inches more compact than a Mini Compatriot. Also intriguing: despite EX30 sounding awfully crossover like, there will also be a Cross Nation variant. That one includes body cladding, Cross Country graphics, 19" black wheels (or optional 18s with tougher rubber), skid plates all around, and more ground clearance.

At the start Volvo will provide just one battery with a usable capacity of 64 kWh powering a 268-hp rear motor. That one will get you 275 miles of range and 0-60 in 5.1 seconds. Desire more power? Volvo will add a 154 HP motor in the front that will drop 0-60 sprints to 3.4 seconds making this the fastest Volvo ever made. It likewise won't drop your range much with a 265 mile predicted variety. DC fast charges pea at 153 kW, which indicates 10% to 80% in about 27 minutes.

Pre-orders are open now, should we purchase a base model? Volvo Cars And Truck U.S.A.

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27 responses to “The 2025 EX30 Is Affordable Electric Volvo We’ve Been Promised”

  1. future62 Avatar

    This is really interesting. Hopefully there won’t be too much price gouging at launch. The base one is intriguing, all EVs should start with RWD

    1. ALMX5DP Avatar

      I kinda always figured FWD is a good base offering being regen ability tends to be a bit better than having the motors on the rear axle.

    2. Tyrin Denzel Avatar
      Tyrin Denzel

      There will 100% be price gouging

    3. N C Avatar
      N C

      @ALMX5DP true, but stability is greater coming from the rear.

    4. ALMX5DP Avatar

      @N C what kind of stability are you referring to?

    5. 1970351C2V Avatar

      It’s made in China, so hopefully there’s a large tariff smacked on top of it in the US.

  2. The Network Architect Channel Avatar
    The Network Architect Channel

    Terrific assessment of the new offering. Thanks for the information. I just watched the premiere on the Volvo channel and your video fills in all the questions I had. This is going to slay the small SUV space, I imagine. Exciting times!!!

  3. Tom K Avatar
    Tom K

    Wow – could be perfect little premium run about and commuter in the non-cross country trim

  4. Henry Pack Avatar
    Henry Pack

    Thanks for the preview Alex – this looks like a very solid offering from Volvo and, if available at that price point, I see cars like this representing the tipping point for EVs, allowing them to become serious mainstream vehicles.

  5. Stephen Dettman Avatar
    Stephen Dettman

    Volvo does it again. This is a gorgeous and well thought out design. The industry should really be looking at Volvo when it comes to timeless design.

  6. Will Riley Avatar
    Will Riley

    The Cross Country version looks so awesome

    1. Paul Lemieux III Avatar
      Paul Lemieux III

      Right? A/Ts and a factory lift? Take my money!

  7. godofdun Avatar

    Holy crap, this looks like an amazing package.

  8. Peter Wright Avatar
    Peter Wright

    Looks like a good replacement for the Bolt. Although from your description it sounds like be somewhat smaller.

    1. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
      EV Buyers Guide

      Looks like it’s bigger than the bolt EUV inside, but it’s hard to say. The EX30 is more upright and boxy

  9. The_Bovine Avatar

    If they hit that price point, it will put a lot of pressure on the other automakers. The $30k-$40k ev space needs way more models so more people can access them

  10. Nick E Avatar
    Nick E

    Volvo design always does it for me, especially that Cross Country trim!

  11. Steve Abernathy Avatar
    Steve Abernathy

    This is an exciting product for me!
    I will seriously consider trading in my i3s for this! 🤔

  12. Arthur Mary Avatar
    Arthur Mary

    I like the design, waiting on the price for the AWD and interior dimensions.

  13. Dakota Winnie Avatar
    Dakota Winnie

    This might be the most compelling new EV and CUV for me. The price almost sounds too good to be true. I am not a crossover enthusiast personally, I do my best to ignore the segment generally speaking. This thing looks awesome though, I love the design language from Volvo (and Polestar) and the small size is intriguing as a city dweller. If my money were on the line, I’d get the off-road trim.

  14. Billy Rock Avatar
    Billy Rock

    Okay. This is VERY interesting 🤔

    It’s all about the PRICE and RANGE.

    The GM Equinox EV is the real game changer. 511+ KM range. ✅

  15. Garrett W Avatar
    Garrett W

    I like it, and the price seems competitive!

  16. Keiichi S Avatar
    Keiichi S

    That’s a lot of checkboxes done for the price. I’m looking forward to your review.

  17. Dayne S Avatar
    Dayne S

    Looks great, my only concern is how tight that back row is. Looks like it could hold a lot of stuff with the back row down.

  18. Greg Kramer Avatar
    Greg Kramer

    This looks awesome for the price IMO. Hopefully they can hit the price target.

  19. Brian F. Avatar
    Brian F.

    If these price points hold… this might be a serious contender for my commuter/city runner

  20. FuncleChuck Avatar

    *gasp* that looks fantastic. I’m still a HUGE proponent of the PHEV, but that is a solid little vehicle

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