The 2023 Genesis GV70 Is An Opulent SUV That Just Happens To Be Electric

Are you tired of weird EVs? Do you want to roll but still have extravagant leather, comfy seats, and a style that doesn't appear like a spaceship? Then take a look at the 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70. Ridiculous name I know, so let's just call it the GV70 . The GV70 is quite realistically the EV version of the GV70, but Genesis did more than simply swap a motor in, they completely upgraded the GV70 under the skin so this is no tacky EV swap like, say a Mini EV. The result is that the GV70 has about the same range as the devoted EV platform GV60, comparable efficiency, quickly charging speeds, the exact same V2L performance, etc but it's covered in the long hood profile common to luxury CUVs. The only downer? No front trunk.

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30 responses to “The 2023 Genesis GV70 Is An Opulent SUV That Just Happens To Be Electric”

  1. naveenthemachine Avatar

    Rest in peace Lexus RZ450e.

    Amazing job genesis. Seriously why haven’t you changed your name to Lexus?

    1. daflipbizkit Avatar

      Because if they change to Lexus they may do Lexus things lol

  2. Vancity23 Avatar

    Really like the looks…it pricey though and probably wont be many available

    1. naveenthemachine Avatar

      Pricey but so worth it

    2. nev co Avatar
      nev co

      At the moment the charging at Tesla network makes the difference on long trips. This SUV is slow charging due to limited internal to 400 V to 800 V conversion at existing in small number Tesla chargers equipped with magic dock CCS. Being low availability most people will choose Tesla Model Y. A few lucky folks with lots of working EA stations around them and Genesis dealership nearby will purchase this SUV just for commute to pumper their rear end in luxury while cruising to work back and forth in stealthy mode unnoticed by petrol head neighbors that they plunged into EV world.

  3. Vamonos Avatar

    imagine the disappointment of a new owner if the frunk actually DOESN’T fit a pizza box.

    1. daflipbizkit Avatar

      I have a gv60 and same frunk. Not disappointed.

  4. Vamonos Avatar

    17:14 FACT. spoken like a true hypermiler.

  5. Reginald joseph Avatar
    Reginald joseph

    The 235 range is underwhelming. Especially in winter where u might see range loss. I agree it def seems like a nicer vehicle than the gv60.

    1. naveenthemachine Avatar

      Drive an RZ and all of a sudden the 235 mile range is better

    2. Wised1000 Avatar

      The battery is pretty small.

    3. MDillon Avatar

      Not enough range. Winter highway range is probably less than 175 or so based on my experience with an id4.

  6. Keiichi S Avatar
    Keiichi S

    That dangling charge plug cover is no fun for day-to-day charging. I was expecting better from Genesis brand

  7. Wasabi9111 Avatar

    This or the Cadillac Lyriq for the ultimate isolation/relaxation cruiser?

    1. Wised1000 Avatar

      EQS SUV…

  8. Gregory Stevens Avatar
    Gregory Stevens

    Only three dull exterior and two interior colors? Huge swing and a miss. I’ll wait till they expand to the full pallet available to all the other Genesis models.

  9. FROK Avatar

    The only EV I would buy right now. Thank you and good job Alex.

  10. Pekirt79 Avatar

    Great review Alex! I agree with all your points and it’s good to hear that it has decent efficiency.

  11. Ted Hermanson Avatar
    Ted Hermanson

    Love the Tur-ducken references, Alex!

  12. CMCNestT Avatar

    I am not buying a 400hp plus EV to hypermile it. There are plenty of single motor 250 hp minus for that.

  13. CMCNestT Avatar

    Lyriq starts at $58,590 and tops out at $77k. GV70 EV starts at $65,850 and tops out at $74,395. The Lyriq is a bigger car although it does offer less rear seat headroom because of the slopping roof.

    1. Tesla Tips by MTN Ranger Avatar
      Tesla Tips by MTN Ranger

      The Lyriq also gets much longer EV range up to 308 miles.

  14. EVFlyGuy Avatar

    My first EV had its charge port in front and it’s still my favorite location. Sure, if you hit something hard enough it could render the car undrivable, but the same is true of any ICE vehicle. And let’s be real here, I’ve been driving, at some times aggressively, for 23 years and I’ve never run the front of my car into anything. It’s not an issue I’m concerned about. I also didn’t have any issues in the snow, but that could just have just been my car or the fact that it doesnt get horrendous here.

  15. Wised1000 Avatar

    Coasting is the most efficient mode on the open road. In city driving, max regen is. That’s why in some EV such as Mercedes, you have “auto mode” which uses the nav and cruise control radar to decide which regen mode to use. No regen on the highway and variable regen in urban driving. However, it’s not liked by many reviewers since the pedal moves accordingly all on its own.

  16. godofdun Avatar

    Embarrassing the crap out of the Lexus, for sure.

    1. naveenthemachine Avatar

      Wait Lexus still exists? 😂

      I thought they were supposed to go out of business like infiniti

  17. Bruce Solomon Avatar
    Bruce Solomon

    I hope there’s going to be a GV90 one day. The GV80 is beautiful but I like a bus so big that I can get into an accident in two different intersections at the same time.

  18. Alan Chow Avatar
    Alan Chow

    This reminds me an Audi e-tron, just a size smaller.

  19. Larry Richmond Avatar
    Larry Richmond

    Alex – Tesla’s do have blended braking when the battery is cold or fully charged.

  20. MDillon Avatar

    Where are the battery improvements that were supposed to be coming? The range is no better than ev’s from 2 or 3 years ago.

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