The 2023 Dodge Hornet R/T is the Plug-In Hybrid Cure for Boring Crossovers

30 miles of range and the fastest subcompact crossover in America? Yep, that's the if you spring for the 288 HP plug in hybrid system. Thanks to a mix of Italian DNA and American pricing, the Hornet is also most likely going to be among the least expensive PHEV crossovers around. Regretfully it won't get the tax credit as it's made in Italy, however if you lease one Dodge is stating the'll factor it into a lease making this rather an attractive choice if you're searching for right-sized enjoyable.

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26 responses to “The 2023 Dodge Hornet R/T is the Plug-In Hybrid Cure for Boring Crossovers”

  1. THE_JARMEL Avatar


  2. FuncleChuck Avatar

    Excited to see this. A new PHEV is still a great idea and will be for at least 15 years.

  3. LTK Avatar

    Why do all PHEVs have such poultry EV range. I want 80-100 EV miles and a small ICE engine.

    1. FuncleChuck Avatar

      Why though? Is that your commute? That’s way longer than most.

      Also, thats not economical. 80-100 mile range on this car means it needs at least 3x the battery – an extra 30+ kWh. That’s a minimum $4000 more, another 500 pounds of weight, and lose another cubic foot or two in the passenger area.

      Also, don’t see what chickens have to do with it (perhaps you mean paltry)

    2. Ryan Cheng Avatar
      Ryan Cheng

      Actually, you should wait for the Mazda mx30 with the range extender

    3. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
      EV Buyers Guide

      Yep, because batteries are expensive and heavy and after 30-40 miles there’s little benefit for the average driver. Most commutes are short so the point is daily driving in EV mode and longer trips on gas. If you want 100+ miles of ev range a small battery EV is a better option.

    4. Rox Unlimited Avatar
      Rox Unlimited

      At that point just get a BEV…

    5. Mgoblagulkablong Avatar

      what you want makes no sense, just get an EV then

  4. Christopher Hamilton Avatar
    Christopher Hamilton

    This presentation reminds me of Alex on Autos, which is a good thing. 👍
    However, an Italian built car sold by Dodge… 🤔 What could possibly go wrong, right?
    Good presenter regardless, and the vehicle is nice looking.

  5. LTK Avatar

    Competition for the RAV4 Prime… & it sounds like its quieter. Nice.

    1. naveenthemachine Avatar

      And it’s way better than the rav4 prime in every way

    2. Noah_E Avatar

      Are you seriously comparing a Toyota to a Fiat/Dodge? Toyota knows how to build cars that don’t fall apart after 75k miles. Stellantis is a grab bag of trash brands. One with both ICE and EV components to fail is going to be much less reliable than a Toyota.

    3. naveenthemachine Avatar

      @Noah_E it’s not like Toyota quality is tops anymore. They’ve really fallen off a cliff in that regard. Have you seen the interiors of most Toyotas? They’re dated and boast crude fit and finish and poor nvh as well

    4. Noah_E Avatar

      @naveenthemachine Check JD Power Dependability Ratings. In 2022 Toyota had 158 problems per 100 vehicles. It was 166 for Dodge. 201 for Jeep. 240 for Chrysler. 245 for Alfa Romeo. 266 for Ram. That was on new cars. Give them a few years and the Stellantis brands will start to show the results of poor engineering and cost cutting like they have for decades. The Japanese aren’t as good as they used to be and are falling behind the Koreans, but they are still miles ahead of Stellantis when it comes to build quality/materials and long term reliability.

  6. Right Lane Hog Avatar
    Right Lane Hog

    Brian, Nobody can ever accuse Alfa Romeo/Fiat cars of being boring. Owners should expect excitement even when they don’t want it. 😉

  7. Tom Taylor Avatar
    Tom Taylor

    Saw the GT vid already . . . love the idea of the PHEV and 33 miles is plenty of range.

  8. Noah_E Avatar

    They have got to stop deleting basic features like fog lights, rear wipers, real dials and buttons, and reducing availability of “luxuries” like real leather and sunroofs while simultaneously increasing prices. Consumers need to vote with their wallets and stop buying new cars until the value for money returns to where it should be. They should earn your purchase, not act like they are doing you a favor by selling to you.

  9. nev co Avatar
    nev co

    I wonder why Stellantis does not recycle the PHEV powertrain from Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid which granted the engine is large but electrical part of it can accelerate up till 80 MPH in pure EV mode and the battery is almost 20 kW capacity which gives 32 miles to Pacifica and at least 45 miles pure EV for this smaller vehicle, the dual electric motors sandwiched as transmission resemble the system from Toyota which is highly reliable. In this smaller vehicle only the engine should be replaced.

  10. Mopar 92 Avatar
    Mopar 92

    If there are no electric motors in the front, just the rear, I wonder why Dodge didn’t choose to offer the 2.0 turbo with the electric motor in the rear unless they are saving that for a potential srt version.

  11. SF Tech Avatar
    SF Tech

    Good job Brian. You did keep up with the expectations for this channel following the same style and pattern Alex has been using. Question on this PHEV- Does it turn on the engine if you want to heat the cabin? A heat pump? Or something else like 4xe?

  12. chadlymath Avatar

    Great job. Easy to see why you’re an Alex on Autos astute review.

  13. Lalo Ajuria Avatar
    Lalo Ajuria

    the worst of both worlds, yay….

  14. Paul Ho Avatar
    Paul Ho

    Shout out the Allbirds.

  15. Zhenocnra Avatar

    I love the detail in this video, Brian! Please keep it up. The interior detail such as the infotainment system, instrument cluster, and the driver side door quick look is exactly the kind of down into the details we all need more of.

    I’m not in the market to buy a car in this size category but the detailed video review is definitely the half step that I would be combing Google for prior to deciding on a test drive or not. Keep up the great work!

    I don’t see that many deep dives into the infotainment or ADAS from AoA/ABG anymore but that would be nice content to see if the channel deems it significant enough to make reviews on (and has resources to spare for making those videos).

  16. Wilfred Norman Avatar
    Wilfred Norman

    This is a very interesting little car for sure, great review! 🙂

  17. Paul D Avatar
    Paul D

    I have a PHEV and my key considerations as I ponder to keep or replace are two things: does the car being considered have more electric only range and does the car being considered have equal to or greater total fuel plus electricity range?

    So I will be interested to hear what the Hornet RT has in both those categories.

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