Tesla FINALLY Revealed HUGE Tesla Bot UPDATE! Shocking Everyone

Tesla's humanoid robot is producing considerable anticipation, and here's brand new 2023 about this groundbreaking new robotic innovation. Since its preliminary unveiling in 2021, the has actually garnered enormous interest and excitement within the tech market. With its cutting-edge and sustainable design, the Tesla Bot has actually acquired a track record for transforming the labor sector. Tesla has regularly pressed the limits of expert system, and the Tesla Bot has actually been no exception. The upcoming Tesla Bot upgrade assures a detailed overhaul, encompassing improvements to both the Tesla robotic's interior and exterior style, as well as advancements in its artificial intelligence. With Tesla's performance history of innovation, this upgrade is set to raise the efficiency, range, and overall capabilities of the Tesla Bot, more solidifying its position as a leader in artificial intelligence. The anticipation for the updated Tesla Bot is palpable, and it is poised to make a substantial effect on the future of labor. No one expected a but it may in fact take place.


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  1. Brandyn Desouza Avatar
    Brandyn Desouza

    Respectfully this reminds me of I robot movie and I think I the future they will turn against us from some hacker or glitch and that’s how the world will end.

  2. Howard Hakon Avatar
    Howard Hakon

    Oh yes, Musk the Prodigy 😂, the man has a factory full of robot scientists that makes robots no better than the average 9 year olds can do with lego. Some Prodigy. 🤣

  3. Walter Jeffries Avatar
    Walter Jeffries

    The humanoid robot sector is exciting to me as a small farmer and butcher. Small businesses like mine will embrace them. I was really expecting $50k for the Tesla Optimus robot. At the recent oft quoted $20k I will take three if they can help me on my farm and butchershop – even with fairly simple tasks to start with.

    My ideal would be a little more capable than the Tesla Optimus or Sanctuary AI Phoenix. An AgBot version. A little faster, say five miles per hour with a load. A little stronger, lift 400 lbs and carry 200 lbs up the mountain, able to roll & flip a 1,600 lb bale of hay.  These are things I do an it needs to at least keep up with me. 

    Able to operate without internet connection is key. Rural reality. 

    Power lasts for atleast five hours but ideally 10 hours and charges in less than an hour. Or an exchangeable battery like power tools.

    Able to work day or night. Nice weather, rain, snow, sleet and wind. Able to withstand water, mud, freezing (-50°F), and getting knocked around – real world rugged. 

    Able to use human tools like tractor, chainsaw, brush cutter, loppers, shovel, knives, rake, hoe, sorting board, etc. Pickup trash, put out hay, move lumber, check fence line, carry fence posts, check waterers, open and close gates, mow brush, clear fence lines, sort pigs, dehair a hog, skin a ham, debone, vacuum pack meat, labels on packages, carry boxes… 

    In other words my basic daily farm, construction, forestry and butchershop tasks in my small business. 

    Some people argue that specialized robots are better than generalized or humanoid. This is not an either-or situation. For some tasks a specialized robot is best for efficiency but there is also a place for generalized learning humanoid form bots.

    At $20k each I will take three humanoid AI humanoid robots for my farm, butchershop & forest. Robots with pitch forks, knives and chainsaws… What could go wrong?

  4. mrbrown0629 Avatar


  5. chris smith Avatar
    chris smith

    As a geek can it DM

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