Rivian R1S Pros & Cons | The Good, The Bad And What Rivian Could Do To Make It Epic

You wanted more viewpoint, here it is: What Rivian solved and what they got wrong on the R1S SUV. Some of the things I grumbled about on the R1T simply do not apply to the R1S or they apply a little less. That stated. there are still a few things that require more time in the oven.

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8 responses to “Rivian R1S Pros & Cons | The Good, The Bad And What Rivian Could Do To Make It Epic”

  1. naveenthemachine Avatar

    It just needs CarPlay and android auto.

  2. William Elkington Avatar
    William Elkington

    One of the things that is beneficial for some of us is the vehicle’s ability to wade through three feet of water. This was one of the most important requirements for me, when I considered this and other vehicles. If the vehicle were to be made with a declivity in the front to accommodate easier access to the front trunk, its water-wading ability might be compromised. If so, in my case, such a change could render the vehicle unacceptable.

    I do like the vehicle, overall. And I do think your review is spot on. An additional suggestion I have is running boards. As you mention, the vehicle is built quite high off the ground, not especially friendly to old people, short people, and children. So I do think it would be good to be able to order running boards from the factory. If this is too much trouble, Rivian should at least have an authorized/recommended supplier or two to provide this much-needed capability.

    1. Manuel Avatar

      I’ve been up to 4ft on mine and it’s still good 🙂 I don’t recommend it though

  3. Manuel Avatar

    Hi Alex, will you be able to try the new software and see how accurate their trailer weight calculation is?

    1. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
      EV Buyers Guide

      I hope so, I’m working on that right now.

  4. Eric Schauberger Avatar
    Eric Schauberger

    No heat pump??!? I find this insane for the price and class of vehicle. Certainly lots of bells and whistles on a Rivian that make a heat pump seem so basic. So many advantages to have a heat pump from thermal management, scavenging heat for the battery, preconditioning….. After a google, it sounds like 800V, heatpump are all coming “sometime”.

  5. NightOwl Avatar

    There is additional storage underneath the front two seats.

  6. Jmaninaz1 Avatar

    I wonder if the fact that the grill doesn’t lower to access the frunk is a safety-front end collision issue. I am by no means an engineer, but I would think that if the grill lowered, the front end would be less sturdy in a front end-collision. I will say that I have seen R.J. Scaringe, the founder of Rivian, interviewed a number of times, and he seems willing to answer any question posed to him, so perhaps that question will be asked of him one of these days. Good review, Alex, and I think the R1S is a really solid effort from Rivian all things considered. I hope the R2 is as well thought out, and I can’t wait to see the reveal in Q1 2024, as if that is a home run, that could be a real turning point for Rivian. Let’s hope so, as I really like the company and R.J. Scaringe.

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