Plugged In News – BMW’s New EV, ChargePoint Goes NACS, Mickey Geta An EV! – EP2

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11 responses to “Plugged In News – BMW’s New EV, ChargePoint Goes NACS, Mickey Geta An EV! – EP2”

  1. J* Avatar

    Full BEV adoption is the same as fusion… It will never happen😂

  2. carlos A Avatar
    carlos A

    Keep these coming! Great work!

  3. daflipbizkit Avatar

    Awesome job, but the audio is very low. Had to turn up my earphone to near max to understand.

  4. N S Avatar
    N S

    next time around, can we please have timestamps

  5. FuncleChuck Avatar

    Cybertruck is just embarrassing. A child could do better, and the “truck” should be cancelled immediately.

  6. David Carroll Avatar
    David Carroll

    Camper EV range might be less of an issue if you intended to camp with 30a or 50a electrical service at the campground. But when I had a class A years ago, I could travel 500+ miles easily and have plenty of fuel to run a generator overnight if I needed to.

  7. Keiichi S Avatar
    Keiichi S

    That’s kinda intimidating backdrop behind. It’s cool tho

  8. Treads Avatar

    You talked about Kia adding a new trim line, but showed a picture of a car called Sonnet, which I’ve never heard of. Is this a new car coming to the US?

  9. Roman Chyshkevych Avatar
    Roman Chyshkevych

    I was waiting for Alex to post something on the FB feed about the NACS news and Toyota concepts.
    Good to know Tyler is now on that.
    All I’d have to say is that Tyler just needs to sound less monotone. I’m sure he’ll get better with time

  10. tjs114 Avatar

    A Disney anniversary model Iconic 5 isn’t that unique. Hyundai had a licensed Ironman model of the Kona and Nissan had licensed Star Wars models tied to the Rogue One movie.

    1. elgabito Avatar

      The Warner Bros. trim of the Chevy Venture is calling

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