Nissan’s 2023 Leaf Is The Pragmatic & Affordable EV Nobody Seems To Want

Often the butt of jokes and the object of Tesla owner's refuse, the Nissan Leaf is really a strong . The price is right, the automobile is most likely cost a revenue, the performance numbers are high and the interior is useful and roomy. The difficulty is: the Leaf isn't as exciting as a Tesla. If you can look beyond "excitement" nevertheless, you'll find a trusty that does precisely what it set out to do: provide an alternative to a budget-friendly hatchback.

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22 responses to “Nissan’s 2023 Leaf Is The Pragmatic & Affordable EV Nobody Seems To Want”

  1. William Lake Avatar
    William Lake

    It’s pretty clear why it doesn’t sell better. Chademo is a dead end, DC fast charging is slower than most people would like, and the range is pretty pathetic.

    1. Mark Fitzpatrick Avatar
      Mark Fitzpatrick

      I hate to tell you chademo is not going away. Even though there are no new Nissans with it plenty of leaf drivers out there like me. We have duel chademo/ccs chargers by chargepoint, ev go , EV connect. We just got 3 new ev go delta units with 100 kw chademo and 350 kw ccs . Don’t listen to Kyle Connor, Tom malogney on this subject. They are fixated on electrify America that has one chademo. Ea has installed new units and kept chademo contrary to tutubers. I live in a city of 900,000 and shell recharge is also supporting brand new chargers at get go gas stations. With chademo and ccs

  2. M Asim Qamar Avatar
    M Asim Qamar

    issues with charging and Chademo is no longer supported

  3. MythosGandaar Avatar

    Air cooling only is rough, but with the Bolt getting discontinued, this is really the only affordable option remaining. I test drove the Leaf and loved it. Chademo and lack of liquid cooling are the only reasons I didn’t choose it over the Bolt.

    1. Donald Parish Avatar
      Donald Parish

      Air cooling is one less system to maintain. Good car if not used for road trips

    2. ALMX5DP Avatar

      @Donald Parish is there much in terms of maintenance for EVs with liquid cooled packs? I feel like most have incredibly long fluid change intervals which really shouldn’t be a concern for most first or second owners.

  4. Anthony Schmitz Avatar
    Anthony Schmitz

    Lack of liquid cooled battery pack was why I chose the Niro EV over this.

  5. squaresphere Avatar

    With the Bolt EV going away, this is really the only other option for an EV below 30k and that makes me quite sad.

    1. William Lake Avatar
      William Lake

      The Equinox should take the place of the Bolt as soon as it’s gone

  6. Tim Hirst Avatar
    Tim Hirst

    If you can charge at home this is a very good medium/long commuter car. If you unfortunately have a 50/60 mile each way trip this car will save you big money each year V’s a gas car without needing to spend a fortune to buy/lease it.

  7. Black-Villain Avatar

    I had a chance to test drive one of these, honestly I like it a lot more than the Bolt. I prefer the styling of this, the size, the overall feel. But…. no CCS/NACS and an air cooled pack are an immediate non-starter for me, although, depending upon battery degradation, I’d happily pick one of these up as a commuter used in 5 years

  8. InternetDude Avatar

    If you want an EV but don’t want to show off, you get a Leaf. Definitely the practical EV for the majority of people that don’t do lots of road trips.

  9. Jonathan Parham Avatar
    Jonathan Parham

    Cool points for the cat

  10. Wolfgang Preier Avatar
    Wolfgang Preier

    The cheapest Nissan Leaf with Chademo costs 35.968,– Euros in our country.
    The cheapest MG ZS EV with CCS costs 33.990.– Euros

    Sorry Nissan…

  11. Mike Farrington Avatar
    Mike Farrington

    I thought it was actively air-cooled (with fans) and not passively air-cooled (airflow while driving).

  12. dimas Avatar

    Chademo, no Federal credits, low range – get Bolt instead

    1. TheGerm24 Avatar

      Yep, sucks that they are getting rid of the Bolt and Tesla doesn’t seem to want to make a cheap EV. Not sure who else will make an affordable EV at this point.

    2. Mark Fitzpatrick Avatar
      Mark Fitzpatrick

      You can’t get a bolt

  13. Dark Knight Logician Avatar
    Dark Knight Logician

    Because it has no power, it looks ugly, it has no range, the charge time sucks, and no CCS. Bolt sucks too you are better off with Niro EV. EVs just aren’t there yet for the 30k and under market.

  14. TheGerm24 Avatar

    I had a used 2013 Leaf before I got my 2021 Bolt. The Bolt is so much better, shame they are discontinuing it.

  15. Leaf Storm Avatar
    Leaf Storm

    Before the Bolt price drop, Leaf S Plus was the value champ. Chademo reliability is still ahead of ccs, but it’s new installations are falling behind the rate of expansion for ccs.

  16. Rodo Fuentes Avatar
    Rodo Fuentes

    With the Bolt twins getting you an additional 26 kWh (that’s like an extra whole original leaf) over 50% more of battery enabling extra range and power for less and a bigger tax credit plus thermal management and slightly improved fast charging experience only advantage Leaf has is availability competition really beat it on this one

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