Hyundai’s Kona EV Is Back For 2024 With More Room & More LCD

Trying to find a "shorter" range inexpensive ? There's still a Kona for that ans it's been revamped for 2024 with more space than ever and space for a spare tire!!

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37 responses to “Hyundai’s Kona EV Is Back For 2024 With More Room & More LCD”

  1. Noah_E Avatar

    I said the same about the Niro. Hyundai/Kia putting the charge port in the bumper makes them a hard pass. Bumpers are designed to be sacrificial. Deer are all over my area and it isn’t an if, but when situation as to when you have an encounter with one. Putting something that NEEDS to work properly 100% of the time in a location easily damaged makes no sense. Besides Bambi, it can freeze shut due to snow and is susceptible to getting bumped in traffic or while parked. Put it up high in the front, on a fender, rear quarter panel, or near a tail light like a Focus. Pretty much anywhere other than the front bumper.

    1. David Williams Avatar
      David Williams

      The damage is legit, but I’m pretty sure this has a heated charge port to deal with ice. I sure wish my PHEV did because it is a huge PITA in the winter.

    2. Pasa335d Avatar

      Not great for home charging either. Just makes it that much longer in the garage. Would be better on the front/side.

    3. Albert Berkshire Avatar
      Albert Berkshire

      4 years in a Kia Niro EV (sister car to the Kona) with the charge door up front. Never had a problem – Canadian winter storms, wild animals, a few bird strikes, rocks flying from vehicles in front of me. It’s been flawless. Most convenient location for home charging, too. Perhaps consider not limiting yourself on a great car because of one feature. Nothing is perfect, but the charge door up front has been convenient and functional.

    4. Daniel Builes Avatar
      Daniel Builes

      @Albert Berkshire same here. I got a LEAF and I couldnt praise a better charge port location overall than the front.

  2. Mike Farrington Avatar
    Mike Farrington

    The button for charge-only, vs charge+data could be useful when you don’t want a phone becoming the active connection to the infotainment. In my Bolt, whoever plugs in last takes control of infotainment, and it’s a pain. Let’s say you’re on Wireless CarPlay or Bluetooth as the active device, then you need to plug something else in. It’d be nice to charge without that device taking control.

    1. Ali Alslaman Avatar
      Ali Alslaman

      Yup. Sometimes, i want to charge my passengers’ phones without login android auto or apple carplay.

  3. David Williams Avatar
    David Williams

    No fast charge, no sale. Why would anyone want to wait around at least 45 minutes just to get 70% of the range they were told when it was sold to them?

    1. Jabbadahuttful Avatar

      Have lunch, take a walk and stretch your legs ..what’s the rush? Most charging is done overnight at home anyways 😁

    2. Stephen Shaw Avatar
      Stephen Shaw

      One of the reasons I traded in my 2020 Kona EV for a 2022 Ioniq 5. I didn’t mind the front-facing charging port at all but too small for me, noisy and felt every, single, toad defect. If it had 150+ KW charging it would be a guaranteed sales winner but Hyundai being Hyundai stayed with below average charging rates.

    3. Stephen Shaw Avatar
      Stephen Shaw

      @Jabbadahuttful Who fast charges at home? I’m not taking a walk in the pouring rain when temps are just above freezing. No thank you.

    4. Jabbadahuttful Avatar

      @Stephen Shaw nobody fast charges at home..they do level 2 charging at home and that’s just fine for most people unless you are going on a trip..then you eat lunch at a restaurant..ya gotta eat and pee sometimes ya know ? Lol 😂

      1. Jerry Springer Avatar
        Jerry Springer

        @Jabbadahuttful, no offense intended, but have you ever considered adjusting your username to “Jabbada-HATEFUL”? Bc you seem to exhibit nothing but hatred toward anyone who politely disagrees.

  4. Greg Pochet Avatar
    Greg Pochet

    For the USB ports having a switch to be “charge only”, think Dash Cams. I have one that I use the USB C to give it power, not the 12v outlet. In my ID4, I had to put tape over the data ports , the 2 middle contacts on the USB plug. If I did not do this, the car tried to read the camera as a USB Drive and the Camera went into that mode, and not recording mode. Its a great feature to have that switch.

    1. Daniel Builes Avatar
      Daniel Builes

      some dashcams models might be able to give you “non-data-mode” from within its settings though, effectively disabling the data pin(s). look it up.

    2. Greg Pochet Avatar
      Greg Pochet

      @Daniel Builes I did look it up. Mine does not do that. Therefore, my statement stands true as to why there would be a switch.

  5. E Money Avatar
    E Money

    Not sure why I expected Brian to be in the trunk when you opened it…

  6. Jimmy Khokhar Avatar
    Jimmy Khokhar

    Wow that color! It would be nice if they would have made the EV AWD. Do like the pwr tailgate, don’t have it now or i should say wasn’t available.

  7. Pra Kom Avatar
    Pra Kom

    What’s wrong with the sound?

  8. timdsd Avatar

    I usually don’t like it when cars grow in size, but the old Kona was too small and the 2024 looks ideal. I’ve been thinking of buying a Kia Niro EV, but the Kona EV has a few things I like better: 1) no piano black, 2) physical buttons, 3) evidently room for a spare tire. The Kia Niro EV is available today, but it sounds like the Hyundai Kona EV won’t be available until late fall, so timing might be a factor in my decision.

    1. Stephen Shaw Avatar
      Stephen Shaw

      Huge difference between being able to order from Hyundai vs actually delivering the vehicle to the customer. Good luck with that.

  9. Arthur Mary Avatar
    Arthur Mary

    Definitely interested in this model but a different color, please !

  10. Tony Wong Avatar
    Tony Wong

    I am a big fan of Kia/Hyundai/Genesis design but this Kona EV charge door is an eyesore for me. Perhaps they can design a fake grill like the Electrified GV70 to hide the door nicely, or simply place the charge door close to the driver’s door.

  11. SWes608 Avatar

    Great video overall. Currently have a Bolt EUV, but due to being unable to get a charger installed in the home, looking at this to get a similar size with faster public charging. Worried about the cost if the front bumper being damaged since the charge port is there, but think everything else this car has has us leaning towards this, probably next year.

    1. Stephen Shaw Avatar
      Stephen Shaw

      A charge door can be hit regardless of where it’s placed. Accidents happen but there’s lots you can do to prevent them. 1. Don’t rear end someone else. 2. Don’t trust the other driver … ever.

  12. Kenneth Avatar

    The volume level seems really low in this video

  13. Michael Avatar

    The four dots on the steering wheel is the Morse code for H as in Hyundai.

    1. Stephen Shaw Avatar
      Stephen Shaw

      Are they 4 dots or 4 pixels?? Hmm.

  14. Winston Moy Avatar
    Winston Moy

    Curious to see if repair history validates the theory that charge port in the front is the worst spot, as a small fender bender could render your car unable to charge…

    1. S Avatar

      Just a genuine question/rebuttal but you can have fender bender or accident from the side too.

    2. Winston Moy Avatar
      Winston Moy

      @S absolutely, but if you look at the statistics for non-fatal traffic accidents the most common one is rear-ending. So assuming you are equally likely to rear-end someone as get rear ended, the bumpers are statistically more likely to be damaged than quarter panels. Thus also doesn’t include things like pulling up too close to a post or wall when parking.

  15. E M1 Avatar
    E M1

    Not sure if the color or perhaps even the shape will age well.

  16. robert e Avatar
    robert e

    Are there any EVs with more than one charge port location? Seems like a divisive issue with a logical solution–either multiple ports or multiple location options for a single one. It would add cost, no doubt, but for higher priced cars it might be worth it. ETA: On second thought, the additional weight is probably a more significant penalty.

  17. Egan Fo Avatar
    Egan Fo

    It looks great to me. The price is attractive

  18. Javierm0n0 Avatar

    I’ve always preferred the look of the kona so this is a nice update.

  19. Jean Cornillon Avatar
    Jean Cornillon

    Well I like everything coming out of Korea – this is no exception but slow charging sucks if you have a trip on your mind. Simply put, I don’t know why Hyundai/KIA haven’t opened a 100% EV factory in the US so that they can COMPETE with other US made cars. This makes my head explode – and really they should put 800v systems in all their vehicles and SOFTWARE that actually is usable on road trips – ie Tesla like. Otherwise they compete well with the best produced here. 400 mile range would be good to.

  20. Sat L Avatar
    Sat L

    Audio too low volume

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