Hands On With The 2024 RAM REV

Does the RAM REV appearance as excellent face to face as it does in pictures? Yep, it does.

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17 responses to “Hands On With The 2024 RAM REV”

  1. ano T Avatar
    ano T

    Price is probably way way high and it won’t be available for over a year. Hard to get excited.

    1. Bill Waterhouse Avatar
      Bill Waterhouse

      💯 % long wait lists, dealer mark ups, only the most luxurious trucks available/sold initially, nothing for average buyers. To your point, hard to get excited

  2. Bill Waterhouse Avatar
    Bill Waterhouse

    No courtesy when filming I see…

  3. Jason Zhang Avatar
    Jason Zhang

    Overall, I believe it’s at least 12 month late to the party. With that being said, it’s still an impressive EV truck nonetheless.

    500 Miles range
    Benchmark interior design
    Range Extender for Towing (IMO the only feasible solution at the moment to the EV Tow issue)
    Optional Klipsch Audio (minus the awkward looking center speaker on the front seats) , Klipsch will do wonder.
    Nice side bed storage
    800V DC Charge as standard

    Late to the game , if it’s purely based on the existing Ram platform, I fail to see why it takes this long.
    Far stretch from the impressive EV Concept we saw earlier
    230 KWh battery, I mean really ? It’s going to be heavy and bulky.
    How much it’s going to cost again ? I wouldn’t be surprised the flagship trim going to cost over $125K (just give me a Diesel Ram + Hellcat)
    Impressive spec, but nothing really revolutionary compare to F150L or the upcoming Silverado EV.
    It’s going to be slower and most likely worse handling compare to other EV trucks. (All those weight added for the bigger battery)
    Hummer EV with slightly smaller battery weights more than 4 and half tons, this might be the first 5 tons non super duty truck ever.

    Ultimately, who is this thing for again?

    1. RC18 Avatar

      It’ll prob be about 7,000-7,500# for the 168kwh version and maybe 8,000# empty for the 229kwh version. Hence 8 lug wheels.

      Think rivian r1t with quad motors and 131kwh pack is 6,800-7,000# which btw is also exactly the ram trx when fueled on 35s territory.
      Don’t forget a maxed out supercab platinum 130kwh lightnings right at 6,800# also. But the base truck is just 6,000# awd supercab 0-60mph in 4s 98kwh pack.😀

      So ad another 800-1,000# for another 100kwhs of cells over the rivian. But much better weight savings elsewhere due to 2 motors not 4 and ram/stellantis knows how to build full size truck’s vs rivian who has at least 300-400# extra in the r1t design per the munro live guys.

    2. Henry Babcock Avatar
      Henry Babcock

      It shouldn’t be more than ~8500lbs for the big battery version based on what we’re seeing.

  4. LakeLake123 Avatar

    “It’s gonna go right on sale right about the same time as the unibody trucks from General Motors”. Is that accurate? I thought Silverado EV W/T deliveries start this Spring and RST model this fall?

  5. Noah_E Avatar

    If it aint broke, don’t fix it. This is how EVs should be done. No flush door handles that are hard to use in winter, gimmicky steering wheel, gaudy LED overload, full piano black interior, or overuse of screens vs buttons/dials, etc like so many EVs. I like it. Hopefully dealers won’t add $20k ontop of the MSRP like Ford dealers are to Lightnings.

    1. Henry Babcock Avatar
      Henry Babcock

      Check out Rivian. Other than maybe the door handles.

  6. T J Avatar
    T J

    audio level crazy low

  7. David WS Avatar
    David WS

    Cybertruck/Tesla better make sure the inside interior is real nice and plush. Needs lots of goodies to keep new buyers.
    Mine has been on order since 2019.

    1. Henry Babcock Avatar
      Henry Babcock

      Dude sorry but forget the CT. It’s a joke.

    2. David WS Avatar
      David WS

      @Henry Babcock  Henry, I bet they will be really nice and sell hundreds of thousands of them. Tesla needs the vehicle to grid and vehicle to Load. They need to add back the self opening doors and make the seats very plush.

  8. Michael Kovalsky Avatar
    Michael Kovalsky

    Imagine showing this to someone who bought a Ram truck in the 80s because they were literally the cheapest of the big 3. I swear, a significant majority of truck owners genuinely never use their bed more than once a season.

  9. Henry Babcock Avatar
    Henry Babcock

    This could make a good dedicated tow vehicle/truck with the huge battery, but I expect it to be over $100k and I’d still want a car as well. So overall as a single vehicle solution Rivian still beats it even though this is arriving 2-3 years later. I’ll hold on to my REV reservation for now only as a backup option to my Max Pack Rivian order.

  10. Henry Babcock Avatar
    Henry Babcock

    Vegan leather?

  11. Joe Tacchino Avatar
    Joe Tacchino

    DAFUQ 230 kWh battery pack? Do people understand how freaking long that will take to charge? Sheesh, you have a dedicated 100 A charging circuit giving you 80 A – 19.2 kW charging. That’s 12 full freaking hours. At 19.2 kW. Don’t have that? I have a 50 A breaker for my charging, which gives me, you guessed it, 9.6kW. If I had to charge that monster, even from say 20 to 80%, it would take me…..14.3 hours! YIKES!

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