EVBG Update – The Future of EVBG

It's been a difficult choice considering that EVBG has actually had strong development over the in 2015 but it appears like it makes good sense to merge it all back together. After feedback from viewers, etc we're going to try to take EVBG in a different instructions, making it more opinion/ podcast based. If you wish to help out, drop us a line!

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26 responses to “EVBG Update – The Future of EVBG”

  1. Hale Sneezer Avatar
    Hale Sneezer

    I’m a little upset on EV resale values . Polstar 2 dropped like a rock 1 year

    1. Patrick Linkous Avatar
      Patrick Linkous

      That’s the pain of being an early adopter

    2. Paul Ho Avatar
      Paul Ho

      Do you buy to sell?

    3. E Money Avatar
      E Money

      As a future Polestar 2 owner, I love it! Gonna get my $60k EV used for $20k in a few years

    4. Hale Sneezer Avatar
      Hale Sneezer

      @E Money u can find dual motor $54k for $39k now
      Ford Mach E or lightning pickup discounts now

    5. Hale Sneezer Avatar
      Hale Sneezer

      @Patrick Linkous it’s a forced rather that customers demand item

  2. Right Lane Hog Avatar
    Right Lane Hog

    Alex, The future is now!!!!!! 😁

  3. Cheaper Charlie Avatar
    Cheaper Charlie

    i concur with your decision to merge the channels. good luck on replacing brian.

    1. James Russo Avatar
      James Russo

      Yeah Nick seemed pretty stiff when he was on DSTV. Good luck to him though!

  4. James Egg Avatar
    James Egg

    I like the change. The video about being a small business and choosing the right Level 2 charger at a business parking lot is completely inapplicable to my life but super interesting. There’s a ton of non car review but EV related content that can be made, and who knows, people might even agree with you.

  5. Paul Ho Avatar
    Paul Ho

    Where do we recognize Nick from?

    1. James Russo Avatar
      James Russo

      Driving Sports TV

    2. RightYouAreKen Avatar

      Driving Sports TV

  6. Tom Mac——— Avatar
    Tom Mac———

    Great plan.

  7. Sat L Avatar
    Sat L

    Agreed with decision

  8. N C Avatar
    N C

    Having two separate channels was always confusing for the viewers, and extra work for you,

    But EVBG now needs to be renamed into something like EVF, EV Forum? To represent its new focus. Good luck with it.

  9. Tony A Avatar
    Tony A

    Makes sense to move your 38,000 subs to your channel with 500 🤣

    1. Tony A Avatar
      Tony A

      Making business decisions like this pretty much negates your auto opinions.

  10. Ti-NrS N Avatar
    Ti-NrS N

    Posted this before long ago.. but A0A was the first channel I subscribed to many years ago. appreciate all that you do and your my Favorite reviewer. Have not in 5 years missed one of your reviews. Thank you bud for all u do!

  11. Keiichi S Avatar
    Keiichi S

    Nice. I enjoy your non-review contents too. Please reach out other EV tubers and share some talks with us

  12. Tim Gurr Avatar
    Tim Gurr

    Can’t get your link to autobuyersguide to worK???

  13. future62 Avatar

    So glad you are merging the channels…. I never liked the split honestly, plenty of us are interested in both plus you have such a big audience at AoA.

  14. FuncleChuck Avatar


  15. Berrymouse Avatar

    A problem I see with moving the EV content to the main channel is that sometimes its hard to tell if a car is electric or not. Since I’m generally not interested in gas cars anymore (now that I have my own charger and everything), I liked keeping up with the latest EVs. But I might miss videos if they aren’t explicitly stated to be EVs in the thumbnail or title.

  16. N K Avatar
    N K

    I never liked the split!!!!!!! Change EV Buyers Guide to Vehicle buyers guide and make it a podcasting style channel. Bring on some guests and even viewers to discuss the challenges of today’s car market, new car suggestions and recommendations, as well as future and upcoming technology.

  17. Mike Avatar

    Is auto buyers guide podcast dead

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