China’s MOST ADVANCED Battery Will Destroy The EV Industry!

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12 responses to “China’s MOST ADVANCED Battery Will Destroy The EV Industry!”

  1. Kadu Oliveira Avatar
    Kadu Oliveira





  2. 河邊的小草 Avatar

    just another Chinese scanned project, don’t worry.

    1. emilio agudelo Avatar
      emilio agudelo

      not at all , LFP battery in next Tesla cars and the best CATL long range and durability in the cybertruck . And new chinese cars too, like Zeekr 001 of Geely . For us in Colombia BYD with Blade battery .. Poor americans with explosive ion lithium battery HAHAHA you’re lost and .. fired 😅

    2. Joe Zhang Avatar
      Joe Zhang

      Why on earth can you not celebrate a good invention from others?

  3. William Gary Avatar
    William Gary

    With a higher gas

  4. Solid Lou 2 Avatar
    Solid Lou 2

    This. I’m not sure why some people were treating lithium batteries as the end all be all of “green energy” and are in such a rush to replace everything with it.

    1. John Slugger Avatar
      John Slugger

      Your right. Lithium is so rare that there is only enough to make electric cars for 1 Billion people and by that point a cell phone and Camera battery will cost $200.00 – We need to save the Lithium for all the small hand-held gadgets first and foremost. Soon they will discover that the interpolation of Hydrogen ions “H-ion battery” is much more powerful and all that is needed is Carbon, Manganese and Silicon to build a cheap 650KWH battery. It will be discovered soon.*

  5. ל ק Avatar
    ל ק

    Tofu Drag…

  6. Tomas Borromeo Avatar
    Tomas Borromeo

    I am not sure why some people were treating E.V.s as the ‘Future of Automobiles’ when there are :
    1. Synthetic (Green) Fuels being developed and actually used today. Scaling up this technology is ongoing.
    2. Hydrogen (H2) I.C.E.s are targeted by both Toyota & Hyundai as future vehicles.
    3. The tried and tested (venerable) Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology, with the mere limitations
    are only in it’s H2 infrastructure and manufacturing to scale.
    4. & just like Power Generation realities, it is always a MIX of Nuclear, Coal-Fossil Fuel, Hydro, Geothermal & finally ‘renewables’ Wind/Solar/Battery.
    5. Climate Change is normal, AND NEVER A “WOKE RELIGION.”

  7. mikmorpheus Avatar

    Yet still , China has a massiv quality problem. I dont think they will fiix any time soon. This technoloogie needs to be delivered to other Companies outside China to be sucessfull

  8. mikmorpheus Avatar

    The Cobalt mines will disapear …Cobalt is used for tooo many applications and the demand will rise even if it is noto used in EV´s ….

  9. j.a vee Avatar
    j.a vee


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