Charging A Toyota At A Tesla Supercharger Isn’t All Sunshine And Roses

Tesla opening their charging network to other EVs does NOT confer a "Tesla-like charging experience" to other EVs, it merely enables you to have a typical CCS experience at a station with a Tesla logo design and you do not need a Ford to try it.

If you're fortunate enough to have a "Magic Dock" area near you, you can charge any with a CCS port (pretty much everything other than a Leaf). But … It does not always go according to plan. Here's what I found when I charged a 2023 BZ4X

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27 responses to “Charging A Toyota At A Tesla Supercharger Isn’t All Sunshine And Roses”

  1. Mike Farrington Avatar
    Mike Farrington

    This is a nice split-view widescreen thing you’ve got going. It somehow looks better than is has before, so whatever you’re doing — good job.

  2. Mike Farrington Avatar
    Mike Farrington

    Was that other guy with the camera with you? I wonder if we’re going to see a post online with someone saying “Look at this jerk with a BZ4X taking up two parking spots!!!”

    1. naveenthemachine Avatar

      I bet that other guy was thinking “look at that hideous bz4x.😂 My Tesla has nothing to worry about”

    2. N C Avatar
      N C


      Fanboys are too busy praying to Elon to notice other vehicles 😉

  3. Jarmel Avatar


  4. Eian Prohl Avatar
    Eian Prohl

    I connected to Scotts Valley charger 4D last weekend, with ID4 backed in, handshake was extremely fast first try (faster than EA)

  5. D Munro Avatar
    D Munro

    I understand that there’s a BZ4X firmware update coming that will boost charging and range. Also the BZ4X charge rate isn’t that bad and is much better than a Bolt/Bolt EUV, Kona/Niro EV and about the same as the base Mach-E and ID-4.

    1. Wolfgang Preier Avatar
      Wolfgang Preier

      Firmware Update? OTA of course. Very well!

  6. ameri kaaskop Avatar
    ameri kaaskop

    did you record this with the insta360 camera?

  7. Marco Avatar

    Probably the only way the other ccs services make maintenance on their own chargers. BTW that “abyss” between the steering wheel and the small screen is huge.

  8. W Rags Avatar
    W Rags

    Great video. Ugh…. why can’t they standardize this. Also if I had to sit there for an hour+ to charge up, I would not be a happy camper.

    1. D Munro Avatar
      D Munro

      You typically charge at home and when using a DCFC you only charge long enough to get to the next charger and/or your destination.

  9. frank de Boer Avatar
    frank de Boer

    If I had to do that even once I’d get rid of the car; what a horrendous process. This is a major roadblock to EV adaptation.

    1. D Munro Avatar
      D Munro

      For a Tesla owner, you back in, plugin and ~10 seconds later you’re charging, and your CC on file is billed; It’s easier than using a gas pump. Most other charging stations allow the use of an RFID card to start the charge after you plug in or they can be set up to use plug and charge which is similar to how Tesla does it for Tesla cars.

  10. W Gemini Avatar
    W Gemini

    Man, isn’t that faster than a tesla?

    1. Bald is Aerodynamic Avatar
      Bald is Aerodynamic

      no. def not

  11. AB18 Avatar

    Easy to see what e-cars continue to have acceptance challenges when on the road charging is so slow and “buggy”.

  12. Right Lane Hog Avatar
    Right Lane Hog

    Alex, Do you ever ask yourself whether subscribers can handle the whole, unvarnished, possibly ugly truth before you confront us with it? 🤔😉😂

  13. Pasa335d Avatar

    If they think the majority of the motoring world is going to deal with this parking/cable arrangement and app-based charging format then they haven’t spent enough time watching the line of cars fill up at Costco; most people are incapable of even that simple task.

    1. Tim Gurr Avatar
      Tim Gurr

      I totally agree. It takes longer to charge an EV than an regular “fuel” car. If one has problems interfacing with the charging equipment (only to find out that they are incompatible), acceptance of EV’s is going to be minimal.

  14. Daniel Gross Avatar
    Daniel Gross

    Informative video Alex. Is Toyota being excessively conservative with charging speed on the “Busy Forks” to prevent battery degradation issues from surfacing, thus improving durability of the battery pack? 😮

  15. Lalo Ajuria Avatar
    Lalo Ajuria

    3:41 fyi through the adapter the sc is limited to 350A however, so 140kw ish.

  16. N C Avatar
    N C

    Thanks for showing Ford EV owners, the great experience they can look forward to…..

  17. Kristian Murin Avatar
    Kristian Murin

    great content as always!

  18. TONY ROCK Avatar

    How much did it cost to charge?

  19. Tim Gurr Avatar
    Tim Gurr

    As a retired engineer that worked with designing generators that go onto generator sets, I don’t relish being around such higher power input into an EV. The amount of energy in 50 kW is phenomenal. Now kW charging levels are pushing 350 kW up to 1000 kW. I am really concerned about a catastrophe failure at an EV charging station. It would be nice to know what agency is regulating the safety requirements (if any) for these EV charging stations. As usual, great video.

  20. Peter Wright Avatar
    Peter Wright

    Wish I had known the Scotts Valley Supercharger site had the magic dock. I was just there on Tuesday with my new EV6 and would have given it a try. I drive down to Scotts Valley from Palo Alto from time to time to visit Ashby’s Confections for their amazing chocolates. We’ll worth the drive.

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