44 Mile Range + 52 MPG! | Toyota’s 2024 Prius Prime Over Delivers

Toyota has actually recently been under-promising and over-delivering. All of us presumed the 2023 Prius Prime would be a modest improvement on the outbound design, but instead they took out all the stops. 0-60? Faster than a Civic Si. MPG? Over 50! Variety? 44 miles all-! The only issue? Given that it's not made in America, it won't get a tax credit. (Sad trombone).

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29 responses to “44 Mile Range + 52 MPG! | Toyota’s 2024 Prius Prime Over Delivers”

  1. John Pepin Avatar
    John Pepin

    As an owner of a Honda Clarity that can get over 50 miles of summer range with a similarly sized battery pack, I bet the Prius Prime will absolutely overperform the 44 mile range estimate.

    1. Holly Park Avatar
      Holly Park

      the clarity is a 17kw battery, this prime is 13.6kw. so i wouldnt say its a similar size. What is more impressive is how much more efficient the prius is over the clarity even in the previous generation considering it is likely the prime can get 50miles on a smaller pack.

    2. Ryan Peters Avatar
      Ryan Peters

      ​@Holly Park the Clarity only has about 13 kilowatts usable as the rest is held for hybrid mode use.

  2. Malifestro Avatar

    Pretty disappointing that it only has a 3.3kw charger. The 4xe has a 7 and it makes a huge difference. The added benefit being that it can go 44 miles, so that is much nicer then the 22 with the 4xe. My 4xe can easily get those 40+ per day by charging. Give or take I guess.

    1. N K Avatar
      N K

      Doesn’t really matter. Most people park it when they get home and plug it in. Charge overnight and then unplug in the morning when they leave for work. Sure you can get some charge when you’re shopping at the mall, but those stalls are always full these days.

    2. Malifestro Avatar

      @N K True. I don’t commute to work. So mine are all from just driving around town and stopping in when I get back home.

    3. David Tsang Avatar
      David Tsang

      @N K It matters as there’s a lot of free public J1772 chargers that could take 7kw and up. If this PP has an option for 6.6kw charger just like RAV4 Prime you would get more miles from free chargers sooner.

    4. N K Avatar
      N K

      @David TsangThe prius prime has a 13.6kwh battery. At 17cents per kwh, you save $2.30 if you were completely empty. Thats not worth my time if I were to go to the mall 2-3 times a month.

  3. Malifestro Avatar

    Alex can you compare this to the 2017 Volt? In that vehicle the you can floor it and it will give you all of the EV HP/TQ. It’s much more like a electric vehicle with a motor generator, that can also link up and blend if needed during a long mount climb on a completely depleted battery.

  4. Right Lane Hog Avatar
    Right Lane Hog

    Alex, I hope to see this outstanding new powertrain find its way into a truly practical Toyota vehicle sooner rather than later.

    1. E Money Avatar
      E Money

      Like the Sienna? Curious what your definition of truly practical is.

    2. naveenthemachine Avatar

      @E Money I think he meant more headroom and legroom

  5. scootercrossking Avatar

    OMG that has to be the best screen implementation ever in a car for Android auto/Apple CarPlay 🤩

  6. scootercrossking Avatar

    If they would have just made this a full on EV it’d be a strong consideration for many I imagine

  7. Michael Le Avatar
    Michael Le

    The markups on this will be legendary.

    1. dmmmwerd Avatar

      I’m glad I bought a car/phev before all this unavailability and markup nonsense started.

  8. Jared Peterson Avatar
    Jared Peterson

    It’s not quite the same but it’s a lot like the volt has been revived again and that makes me very happy 🙂

  9. Richey Avatar

    Hey alex, how many videos are we dropping today?

    Alex: Yes.

  10. Mgoblagulkablong Avatar

    OTD price after financing: $80k+

  11. mark u Avatar
    mark u

    New Prius is a homerun! 💯

  12. amill1563 Avatar

    I would love this as my daily.

  13. John McCauley Avatar
    John McCauley

    I wonder how that over-the-wheel display is for people with presbyopia and who wear progressive glasses. Will that display be in the medium vision zone or in the distance zone meaning I’d have to tip my head back to get it in the right focus zone.

  14. Ryan Peters Avatar
    Ryan Peters

    The only shame is no high speed charging.

  15. Sat L Avatar
    Sat L

    How’s cat converter theft on these new ones?

  16. Vincent Y Avatar
    Vincent Y

    Question is how many will Toyota actually make? And what’s the mark up?

  17. Jacob Dileo Avatar
    Jacob Dileo

    Finally a worthy successor to the Volt.

  18. Rich Rigney Avatar
    Rich Rigney

    Started watching but then I remembered I won’t be buying another new Toyota vehicle as they have decided that subscriptions for features in their vehicles is a good sales idea. It’s a good way to sour customers to your entire brand!

  19. Reuben Ag Avatar
    Reuben Ag

    Toyota should just pause production of the bz
    4x and give us more prius prime and rav 4 primes

  20. Keiichi S Avatar
    Keiichi S

    Alex’s voice is one of the best in this industry.

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