2024 Volkswagen ID.7 First Look! The Long Range VW EV!

VW's ID7 is almost here! In early 2024 we'll be getting the 282 HP RWD version with an AWD dual-motor model likely coming at some point later. If you're looking for longer variety in a roomy sedan format, the ID.7 seems just what the medical professional ordered!

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32 responses to “2024 Volkswagen ID.7 First Look! The Long Range VW EV!”

  1. Right Lane Hog Avatar
    Right Lane Hog

    Sofyan, Welcome to Team EV Buyers Guide! 🤩

    1. swingkat Avatar

      Didn’t know Sofyan was collaborating on EVBG. Nice to see him on the show!

  2. geekdomo Avatar

    5:24 – No, I have owned an ID4 since they came out. Now on my 2nd one and I STILL hate the Rear toggle on the window switches. When reaching for the switch I always toggle to rear and roll the windows down in the back. It’s a real design flaw and along with the surface level panic button on the remote going off in my pocket. These flaws should have been fixed by now (got my first ID4 in spring 2021).

    1. E Money Avatar
      E Money

      Never used it, but I agree. Such a weird cost-cut…

    2. Bugs Avatar

      Really don’t have an issue with it, got used to it within a week of owning the car

  3. Inspector 413 Avatar
    Inspector 413

    Sweet! Better looking than the ID4 and I love it in the blue. Great review.

    1. Luis el Apòstol Feliz Avatar
      Luis el Apòstol Feliz

      Why can’t VW give all the specs at launch?

  4. squaresphere Avatar

    I think it’s intresting from a “first try” prespective but why 20″ tires? They could probably get a nice more chuck of range just by droping to a 19″

  5. future62 Avatar

    This thing looks massive. I would honestly rather just get an ID4. I wish the US got the ID3 or even the ID5

  6. mark u Avatar
    mark u

    Prefer the exterior of this one over the Ioniq 6. The Hyundai does have the significantly better looking interior though.

    Always nice to see Sofyan over here 🙂

    1. Bugs Avatar

      The Hyundai interiors feel cheaper than they look, IONIQ 6 and 5 have very underwhelming interior materials for the price

    2. Dave Berry Avatar
      Dave Berry

      It’s nice to see Redline Review and AoA working together. I like to hear both perspectives.

  7. S Userman Avatar
    S Userman

    I literally avoided buying an ID4 because of the power-window-toggle-button-money-saving-idiocy.

    1. Walter Payne Avatar
      Walter Payne

      Wow, talk about a first world gripe.

    2. Bugs Avatar

      Really ridiculous avoiding an entire car because of that lol

    3. Dennis Lyon Avatar
      Dennis Lyon

      As someone who frequently hits a rear window button when my intention is to open a front window, perhaps VW is onto something here?

    4. Dan Erickson Avatar
      Dan Erickson

      This was one of the reasons I decided to ‘pass’ when my reservation (finally) arrived. I don’t understand why companies like VW and Ford, who have access to such extensive parts catalogs, wouldn’t allow polarizing elements like this to be swapped for off-the-shelf alternatives.

    5. S Userman Avatar
      S Userman

      @Bugs What’s really ridiculous is placing 3 window buttons to control only 2 windows at a time. And even more ridiculous than that is a fanboy on the internet defending that ridiculous-ness.

  8. Simmer Pete Avatar
    Simmer Pete

    Looks way better then the Hyundai 6. Only thing I’d change is opening roof.

  9. soulside Avatar

    Always a pleasure to see Sofyan on here! VW isn’t bad either.

  10. Dean Allan Avatar
    Dean Allan

    Another 50K vehicle, how about something around 35k-40k. Great review.

  11. Marcus Brutus Avatar
    Marcus Brutus

    Enjoyed the review, but wish he would talk a little slower. Looks a good car, except for the ridiculous control for the dashboard vents. Like Rivian, this is downright dangerous. You need to be able to adjust your air vents quickly and simply, not poncing about with your infotainment system. No wonder so many more accidents are happening because people are not looking where they are going.

  12. T Gibbs Avatar
    T Gibbs

    Is Brian not in AoA/ EV Buyers Guide any longer? I’d like to know what size shoe the reviewers wear for better footwell visualization. Alex is likely a size 12 but Brian and Sofyan look like between size 8-9 US.

  13. Andy Kainz Avatar
    Andy Kainz

    I like how it looks, but I wonder how long it will be for the AWD and/or bigger battery. I really hope the HUD makes it across the pond.

  14. David Giles Avatar
    David Giles

    VW is slowly improving the infotainment and interior controls, but they still need to restore conventional buttons/knobs/switches for certain functions (like AC controls). Having said that, the US needs the larger battery pack with AWD for States that deal with snowy conditions (like CO).

  15. Bugs Avatar

    It looks good. Much better than the ugly blob of the IONIQ 6. Software looks very snappy, lift back too! Coming to the US as well, love seeing more BEV sedans.

  16. Jimmy Khokhar Avatar
    Jimmy Khokhar

    That was a nice collaboration with Redline!

  17. EV Buyers Guide Avatar
    EV Buyers Guide

    Thanks Sofyan for filming this! We couldn’t make it to NYC to see the ID7 but Sofyan from Redline was able to lend us a hand!

    1. Right Lane Hog Avatar
      Right Lane Hog


  18. J Avatar

    Hey Sofyan! Nicely done. As far as the car goes, not too bad. I had the opportunity to drive the iD.4 this weekend, and I liked it. This ain’t so bad, the taillight design is reminding me of the Ford Fusion and a bit of the latest generation Corolla, which is fine. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but why do the vents/air flow direction have to be digitized/ran electronically? Seems like more cash to make than its worth. And the driver’s window buttons? C’mon, VW! Did the money you saved on the plastic window openers go to the vents? Madness, I tell ya, madness! :-).

  19. David T Avatar
    David T

    Hope that Audi will electrify the S8 simply from an image perspective. Otherwise this looks like a good sedan.

  20. Ken L. Avatar
    Ken L.

    No mention of the wagon/shooting brake, hope it comes to the US

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