2024 Kia EV 9 In Person First Look | Holy 3rd Row Batman!

Kia assured their new three row crossover would have a substantial backseat, but I really didn't expect it to be this big. Not just do we get more headroom than Telluride, we get more headroom than Pilot, Highlander, and even a Honda Odyssey. Legroom specs are hard to talk about, bear in mind the second and very first row relocation, but I presume even if it is better to Highlander than Telluride, this is one big interior. While we wait for pricing information, take a look at everything else we discovered at the New york city vehicle program.

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25 responses to “2024 Kia EV 9 In Person First Look | Holy 3rd Row Batman!”

  1. Mike Farrington Avatar
    Mike Farrington

    I always love your content Alex. What did you think of the 2nd-row swivel seats? Those were shown off in the white model at the auto show. For some reason, I have my doubts that will be offered to US customers.

  2. Nischint Ramesh Avatar
    Nischint Ramesh

    Finally, someone spoke about the interior roominess of the EV9! Thanks Alex!

    I’m very interested in the EV9. I was going to buy a XC90 Recharge as I’m in the market for a 3 row mid size SUV. I even have a deposit down for EX-90.

    1. Olle Borgström Avatar
      Olle Borgström

      Just a quick heads up. I’ve been inside the ex90 (at the reveal in sweden last year) and it felt much bigger than this looks

    2. Olle Borgström Avatar
      Olle Borgström

      Oh and keep in mind that the Volvo is more premium and luxurious vehicle. Here in Scandinavia we have tons of EVs and I’ve ben fortunate to drive almost all available and the ex90 is in the same Leauge as the Mercedes eqe suv or bmw ix

    3. Olle Borgström Avatar
      Olle Borgström

      And the ex90 will be eligible for the tax credit

    4. Nischint Ramesh Avatar
      Nischint Ramesh

      Thank you. Yes, I wanted a Volvo for the luxury feel, but if EV9 is coming to the shores faster, I might just choose to get that. I’m sure Kia will figure out a way to pass the EV tax credit to the buyer (lease) after the initial craze dies down. Who knows, this might be the new Telluride which is always in demand.

  3. Xiao Zhang Avatar
    Xiao Zhang

    I like both brands. The Volvo EX90 may face a tough competition against Kia EV9.

    1. Sharon Braselton Avatar
      Sharon Braselton

      volvo 90 ex is what campier drives

  4. Gary Clark Avatar
    Gary Clark

    A free for all 50 state model is at least one step in the right direction. Not ordering it does limit customer choices but on a limited availability product that’s a mute point. I would have thought the 3rd row would’ve been a bit more spacious but it looks great for growing families. Nice info bites throughout. Looking forward to the review. 11:37

  5. mrgdr4810 Avatar

    Thanks for the preview, Alex. Great job as usual. Kudos to KIA for ditching interior piano black; on the exterior, not so much. Slathered absolutely everywhere that it will get maximum abuse, it’ll look terrible within a few months of normal use and maintenance. Designers apparently continue to prefer style over practicality.

  6. Heidi Wilks Avatar
    Heidi Wilks

    I love the styling, reminds me a lot of my Soul EV, just a huge (and no doubt much more expensive) version of it. But I do prefer the upright styling that translates so well to practicality and roominess — no claustrophobic interior here!

  7. RC18 Avatar

    Nice review as usual Alex, calm mature smooth thoroughly informative info delivery. 👍🏻
    What’s your favorite new for 2023 ev btw? And have any new ones been added to the must buy list? 🤔

  8. David Cuccia Avatar
    David Cuccia

    Would be hard to commit on a vehicle this big with just six seats. Interested to learn how the trim levels shake out, and if a 7-seat version will be available with most bells and whistles.

  9. Joe isawesome Avatar
    Joe isawesome

    I love the design and hope to buy it 😀

  10. Cranfk Tubner Avatar
    Cranfk Tubner

    Great review again 👍i just don’t understand why the passenger doesn’t get the same seat as the driver 🤔i.e. massage, configuration. Same issue as the Telluride. Also i wonder if they have the Wireless CarPlay working this time. Compared to the EV6

  11. Cheaper Charlie Avatar
    Cheaper Charlie

    great first look

  12. Shawn Hunt Avatar
    Shawn Hunt

    Will this be the first kia with wireless AA and carplay?

  13. AA Avatar

    Judging by the km and soc on screen, this one could be the standard range at 237 mi range vehicle

  14. revving_four Avatar

    8:35 That button in the middle is the new hands free cruise control
    8:46 That button all the way on top is the relaxation button, it automatically reclines the seat and extends the ottoman so no need to do it manually
    Kia has invested over 1.3b in a new battery plant here in the states making this car eligible for a full $7500 tax credit in the near future

  15. Simmer Pete Avatar
    Simmer Pete

    This would fit a tall guy like me but it’s outta my budget. Crazy expensive plus probably dealer markup like the Telluride.

  16. carlos A Avatar
    carlos A

    Very impressive by Kia. The Korean companies are giving everything they got during this EV transition. Can’t wait to see what the automotive landscape looks like by 2030 in the US

  17. Christoph Beckh Avatar
    Christoph Beckh

    Great review. Awesome looking vehicle. Kia really promotes the EV9’s towing ability of up to 5000lbs on their website. Should be interesting to see if Kia will include any towing specific features to improve range, such as extra heavy regenerative braking integrated with the trailer brake controller settings.

  18. Same to you  Avatar
    Same to you

    Great review!! Very exciting!!
    I can’t stand Volvo’s infotainment and more expensive than need to be!!

  19. Will Chan Avatar
    Will Chan

    Looks super nice.. does it have rear window wiper hidden under the spoiler?


    I’m glad they tucked the rear wiper under the roof spoiler so as not to ruin the rear. Plenty of clean lines. This looks sharp and distinctive.

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