2023 Hyundai Kona Review | NEW Standard Features Added!

In this video I'll choose a test drive & completely examine the NEW ! I'll test out acceleration, braking, guiding feel, cargo space, rear legroom, sound system, exhaust clip & much more!

Huge thanks to Jack Giambalvo in York, PA for allowing me to take a look at the NEW ! To learn more on their stock please feel free to check out their site below!


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23 responses to “2023 Hyundai Kona Review | NEW Standard Features Added!”

  1. Mohammed Algheryafi Avatar
    Mohammed Algheryafi

    A very good and reliable car, indeed.

  2. Tom Poturica Avatar
    Tom Poturica

    Nice review. I bought the 2020 Kona for my daughter, based on your review. Great, reliable car.

  3. John Avatar

    I’ve always liked these, thanks for the review. Anticipating the new 24 Kona!

  4. sam young Avatar
    sam young

    I like memory driver seat setting.

    A must for me.

  5. Carlene Alix Avatar
    Carlene Alix

    Love my 2022 KONA SEL

  6. Jan Pabico Avatar
    Jan Pabico

    I bought 2018 Kona, still pretty good. Hopefully they fixed the air noise while driving through highways.

  7. Exela Exela Avatar
    Exela Exela

    Just bought one today! Very happy with all the new standard features they added to the 2023.

  8. R C Avatar
    R C

    Have it, love it! Had for a month and a half. Last week it prompted an oil change with only 500km on it but the team over at Hyundai were able to check it out and reset it. So far so good

  9. Daniel Avatar

    2022 does have a rear USB charger. I have a 2022 Kona Limited and there’s one back there.

  10. Ulala_a * Avatar
    Ulala_a *

    Hi do you know if it has walk away auto lock? I just got a 2023 kona n line.

  11. Sandra Panico Avatar
    Sandra Panico

    I’ve got the 2022 SEL and I really love it. I even gave my Kona a name. Yes it’s my new four fender friend.

  12. Skilled Jack Avatar
    Skilled Jack

    Not sure about other people’s buying experience, but I had to order one (did in August this year) and it’s slated for production in Dec… So might get in by early January ’23. FYI… I ordered the SE version (basic model) and I live in Ontario, Canada.

    1. mmmarica00 Avatar

      I had to order my 2023 SE in August this year also (I live in Manitoba). The first email I got in September said that production would be in December, but 2 weeks ago I got another email saying that production will happen earlier than expected, sometime in October.

  13. LetTheWookieWin ! Avatar
    LetTheWookieWin !

    Love your videos and I dig the Kona! When lowering those rear seats, did you need to remove the headrests?

  14. Girly Pop Avatar
    Girly Pop

    Thank you for this review! Im a teenager who was lucky enough to get this as my first car in white. Your videos really helped weigh out our choices.

    And for anyone who is considering getting this vehicle:
    I really love it. I think it’d be great for new young drivers as it has a lot of safety features and useful technology. It is a beautiful car in my opinion, I never really liked flashy cars. The only thing I would say is the rear seats are small. The driver and passenger do make up most of the car. But overall, this car is wonderful.

    1. Destiny Vaughn Avatar
      Destiny Vaughn

      Thank you so much 😭

    2. That EV Chick  Avatar
      That EV Chick

      I feel lke this is a great car for a young adult!

  15. jacobrocks7 Avatar

    Thanks for great review..

  16. P P Avatar
    P P

    Is there a car starter ? – gets cold here

  17. America First Avatar
    America First

    Nice car wish I had one

  18. clifford sam Avatar
    clifford sam

    After being a long-term Honda owner I purchased the SEL in two-tone Metallic Red & /Blk with lt. grey seats…didn’t need the Turbo and dual-clutch on the upgraded Kona models. Although the Ultimate pkg. wasn’t available during the time of my purchase (same time this video was shot) it’s well worth it for the extra. At a similar price-point Hyundai included much more features for 2023. I upgraded the original wheels with 18″ Bridgestones and polished chromes.

  19. Shannon Harvey Avatar
    Shannon Harvey

    Noticed that price point too bro! Nice review 😀

  20. HD Gaming Zero Them Down Avatar
    HD Gaming Zero Them Down

    I’m still happy with my Hyundai Venue 2023.

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