Who can relate?


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  1. @MonikaCobbini Avatar

    Ein weiteres Meisterwerk auf diesem Kanal! Unglaublich, wie die Autoren es schaffen, jedes Mal zu überraschen. Was ist dein Lieblingsmoment aus diesem Video? 💬🎨😆😆 ? 🤣.

  2. @Roderica_Doelling84 Avatar

    Vielen Dank für dieses umfangreiche Video, ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, wie viel Aufwand Sie dafür benötigt haben🧡🧡

  3. @svjHCR2 Avatar

    They definitely ran out of content …

    1. @thenorthballer Avatar


    2. @supaG-1.0 Avatar

      I’d rather have this than that bloody Porsche Cayenne video they keep pushing.

    3. @JonathanDuddy-oq6nv Avatar

      ​@supaG-1.0 yeah what’s with that dang cayenne vid

    4. @AntowQa Avatar

      ​@@supaG-1.0 i hate it

    5. @beinjar5634 Avatar


  4. @augustas122333 Avatar

    100% bot comments, lmao… wow…

    1. @catacata2946 Avatar

      Why so many bots? It s a trend now? Ho controls them?

    2. @huncito573 Avatar

      @@catacata2946chinese spy -.-

    3. @guytansbariva2295 Avatar

      ​@@catacata2946Most bots come from C h I n a , and they’re also spying on you

    4. @augustas122333 Avatar

      @@catacata2946 idk what is their purpose, but bots just target some channels. I had the same thing happen to me on instagram.

  5. @StuffFilmedHere Avatar

    this comment is the 3rd non-bot comment on this video 💀

  6. @Ride-Drive Avatar

    Me at 29: wife, two kids, work etc
    Also me: I need a 1000hp van

  7. @VeilsideSkyline Avatar

    Lets talk about those atrocious mallets 😭

    1. @Cyborg_Auto Avatar

      Mallets ?

    2. @Basssnake Avatar

      Mullets 😂😂😂

  8. @thabihotboy9376 Avatar

    Look at Baby Matthew

  9. @STREAM-JIMMY Avatar

    7th non bot comment let’s go🗣️🗣️

  10. @lungelozulu13 Avatar

    Little Mathew 😅

  11. @AntowQa Avatar

    true story bro

  12. @beinjar5634 Avatar

    Is Mat giving up reviewing cars?

  13. @beinjar5634 Avatar

    LOL! Baby Mat hasn’t changed honestly. Mat you exactly look like your mom and dad

  14. @krs4976 Avatar

    😂 no way is that Matt , that has to be a American family unless they were preparing him for Mullets Mullet with Timmy Mullet

    1. @Basssnake Avatar

      no we had hair dos like that in the uk too 😂😂

  15. @Jacy-up Avatar

    Seriously, many young people today will never be able to afford anything other than to rent a small flat, thanks to globalism and outsourcing good paying, simple jobs overseas and AI. Having kids is also very expensive. When it comes to passing regulations of diesel cars with deleted DPF, EGR or similar systems, they probably wont be detected. And if you have these systems and are wondering if it’s worth deleting them, an alternative is to use fuel additives in order to get a clean combustion.

    1. @AgentSmith911 Avatar

      Hey, you stole my comment lol, that’s lazy

    2. @Cocky.Rooster Avatar


  16. @nitramh24 Avatar

    Haha😂😂 That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen from you guys since Chris rode the off road Gixxer through the pond!!

  17. @davidwong4821 Avatar

    Look at all those mullets.

  18. @stevenlawson6140 Avatar

    Is the work experience wallah providing the content here nowdays?

  19. @Basssnake Avatar

    I know man that can sort that Matt 👍🏽

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