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This is the greatest drag race you will ever see!

We've got our hands on 8 incredible SUVs, and they're all going head-to-head versus each other over the quarter-mile!

We have actually got Mat in the Ferrari Purosangue, and along with him, there's a Cayenne Coupe Turbo, , Urus Performance, X6M, Range Rover Sport SV, and a Land Rover Defender V8!

So let's dig into the stats. The Purosangue is powered by a 6.5-litre V12 that can put down 725hp and 716Nm, and this power is sent out to all four wheels via an 8-speed automated gearbox. It weighs in at 2,033 kg, and it costs around ₤ 313,000. The Porsche is equipped with a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 and an electric motor, and these combine to produce 739hp and 960Nm. It has an 8-speed vehicle gearbox, weighs in at 2,495 kg, and costs from ₤ 165,000.

The brand new Aston Martin likewise has a 4-litre twin-turbo V8, and in this circumstances, it puts down 707hp and 900Nm. Power is sent to all four wheels through a 9-speed auto, it weighs 2,245 kg, and it costs just shy of ₤ 200k, can be found in at ₤ 195,000.

There's yet another 4-litre twin-turbo V8 in the Urus, in this case producing 666hp and 850Nm. It features all-wheel drive, an 8-speed gearbox, and it weighs 2,150 kg. From brand-new, the Lambo expenses from ₤ 209,000.

Both the X6M and the Range Rover Sport SV are equipped with the very same 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8. Nevertheless, whereas the makes 625hp and 750Nm, the Variety Rover produces 635hp and 750Nm! They weigh 2,445 kg and 2,560 kg respectively, and while the costs ₤ 131,000, the Variety Rover is available in at ₤ 171,000.

The penultimate vehicle is the , which rolls up with a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 that puts down 585hp and 850Nm. Its 9-speed gearbox sends this power to all 4 wheels, it weighs 2,550 kg, and it costs from ₤ 172,000.

Then finally we have the Defender. It's real estate a 5-litre supercharged V8 under the bonnet, and it produces the least power here, putting down 525hp and 625hp. It's the heaviest vehicle here, at around 2,600 kg, and it's likewise the most affordable vehicle, costing around ₤ 120,000.

So we have 8 incredible unbelievable cars and trucks, but just ONE can win! So which will it be? There's only one method to find out for sure … LET'S RACE!

Thanks to everyone who lent us vehicles for this video:
– Ferrari:
– Porsche:
– Variety Rover SV: @DrivenPlus
– AMG G63:
– Land Rover Defender: @QuickSilverExhausts


78 responses to “Ultimate SUV DRAG RACE”

  1. @zno3177 Avatar

    Fun fact: you can double tap a comment to like it.

    1. @neosoviet502 Avatar

      I used that to like ur comment

    2. @scalways Avatar

      It worked on your mom too!!!

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      Fun fact: This is the third comment l see like this today. Lame.

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  2. @KIlbrady Avatar

    Missing the Bentley Bentayga S, great line up tho

    1. @shahangilani Avatar

      Also the hybrid urus

    2. @kingsgarage938 Avatar

      @@shahangilanithe hybrid urus only just got revealed so deliveries probably haven’t started yet

    3. @RailsOfTheWorld Avatar

      @@shahangilani Hybrid Urus isnt in production yet, none have been delivered

    4. @lennartschmidt5385 Avatar

      @@shahangilaniThe First one will deliverd end of 2024.

    5. @alanhadipulungan Avatar

      Teackhawk, Model X plaid perhaps

  3. @athoofahamed5183 Avatar

    Kids – 8 SUVs
    Men – 5 Engines

    Listen kids

    Toyota V35A-FTS 3.4L TT V6
    – Land Cruiser GR Sport
    – Lexus LX 600 F Sport

    Nissan VK56VD 5.6L NA V8
    – Patrol nismo

    Ferrari F140 IA 6.5L NA V12
    – Purosangue
    Ferrari F154 AQ 3.8L TT V8
    – Lavante trofeo

    Alfa Romeo 690T 2.9L TT V6
    – Stelvio Quadrifoglio

    BMW S63B44T4 4.4L TT V8
    – X5 M
    – X6 M
    – Range Rover Sport SV
    BMW S68 4.4L TT V8
    – BMW XM
    BMW N74B68 6.75L TT V12
    – Cullinan Black Badge

    AMG M177 4.0L TT V8
    – G63
    – GLC63
    – GLE63
    – GLS63
    – DBX

    Volkswagen EA825TT(4.0 TFSI) 4.0L TT V8
    – Audi SQ7
    – Audi SQ8
    – Audi RSQ8
    – Bentayga Speed
    – Cayenne turbo
    – Urus

    Some electric motor (DK)
    – Eletre R

    Jaguar P525(AJ133) 5.0L SC V8
    – F-pace SVR
    – Defender V8

    SRT Hemi Hellcat 6.2L SC V8
    – Grand Cheroke Trackhawk
    – Durango SRT Hellcat

    GM LT4 6.2L SC V8
    – Escalade V

    Tesla 760kW motor 100kWh lithium Ion
    – Model X Plaid

    1. @kingsgarage938 Avatar

      5 engines to be exact

    2. @mtnvalley9298 Avatar

      and You! one Mo

    3. @Tommy-cq7uo Avatar

      Can you explain what that means

    4. @ogabchemseddine1654 Avatar

      Tell me more, which cars are sharing the same engines??

    5. @mrsomeonewhoplaysgames Avatar

      8 cars

  4. @sumirat6888 Avatar

    Bro that G wagon with aerodynamics of Fridge 💀 🙏🏻

    1. @farbey3459 Avatar

      They should have raced the GLE 63 instead

    2. @namename1 Avatar

      ​@@farbey3459even jag fpace svr ..

    3. @sumirat6888 Avatar

      @@namename1 jag that’s what i thought and also the bentley was missing and rolls and the list goes on 😂

    4. @theunitrader4051 Avatar

      @@farbey3459g wagon doesn’t have launch either GLE does

    5. @aakashchoudhuri Avatar

      3 off-road 4WD titans racing with AWD jacked up supercars. That ain’t apples to apples comparo.

  5. @arianrashidzz Avatar

    Mom why are 8 houses racing each other on the road?

    1. @Ivan-ld5zh Avatar


    2. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      12 SUV also.

    3. @CyAn-S Avatar

      Rich knob race. It increased local pollution by 50% that day

    4. @BenG1874 Avatar

      Today, you win the internet!😂

    5. @slobodanradosavljevc Avatar


  6. @afon_s Avatar

    Naturally aspirated 6.5l V12 😎

    1. @youseftarek9396 Avatar

      Don’t forget the new Lamborghini urus se when it comes out😊

    2. @AB-80X Avatar

      Irrelevant car by comparison. I have owned the Urus S and now Puro, and there’s nothing to compare. The Urus is utterly boring by comparison.

    3. @youseftarek9396 Avatar

      @@AB-80X firstly, sorry that my English is not good.If you watched the Lamborghini urus performante and the Ferrari purosangue video, the Ferrari was victorious over the Lamborghini by a slight difference, despite the fact that the Ferrari engine is more powerful than the Lamborghini, so what about the new Lamborghini urus se?

    4. @AB-80X Avatar

      No problem.
      What I said, has nothing to do with the speed of the car, i.e how quick it is. What I’m talking about, is the fact that he Urus has little to nothing going for it, that makes it feel special. It feels like so many other nice SUV’s, but that’s about it.
      Whether or not the SE will be quicker than the Puro, is hard to say. It really depends on weight etc.

  7. @Micheline30 Avatar

    Ferrari being the only one without a Turbocharger but still beating everyone is an absolute Boss move

    1. @oogaboogacute Avatar

      big engine though

    2. @WawaMarvel Avatar

      Well the Porsche driver is failing that machine.

    3. @ProMosab Avatar

      lol, no turbo, but you forgot to mention it has 4 cylinders more.

    4. @Jacobk66 Avatar

      in a stoplight race it loses to a 1/3 cost BMW though.

    5. @SIRafael98 Avatar

      2.1 more liters and still struggled with the x6m and way less weight…

  8. @MichaelJohnson876 Avatar

    Mat: What will win between…
    Me: The car Mat is in.

  9. @KK.Madikizela Avatar

    Considering that so many cars didn’t get a representative launch off the line, you definitely should’ve run the drag race again.

    1. @APE029 Avatar

      Yeah I was thinking best out of three

    2. @heiner71 Avatar

      @@APE029 Matt won the first, so that’s good enough. It’s 2 out of 3 if he loses the first one.

    3. @BirdiesGoCherp Avatar

      @@heiner71 That’s not true, loads of other races he’d win the first race and repeat them. Especially with Yianny.

    4. @mohammedal9436 Avatar

      In this one they didn’t want to repeat its becaus the new ferrari won and its publicity they that have used the original turbo gt not the hybrid one and the porche has won porche where this video was specifically made to show the new cars power compared to the other we all know the answer to that question its the thurbo gt beats all of them some how here the urus and porche had a “failed” launch just to give more light to the new car kinda sad tbh

    5. @massimohack4747 Avatar

      ​@@heiner71ofc its good enougf cuz he won, if he lost he would redo it 20 times

  10. @gaara4667 Avatar

    X6M doing X6M things 🤝
    Best value for money in that lineup.

    1. @larrypage1480 Avatar

      It’s absolutely amazing what BMW does with its engines nowadays. S58 and S63 are just crazy fast stock already, but there’s so much more to get out of these engines.

    2. @lucasaubin1661 Avatar

      @@larrypage1480Fr, was just gonna say that that the tuning potential is just as amazing! S58’s run 9s with just a dp and a tune 🤯🤯

    3. @tonci5672 Avatar

      and diffrence in weight, bmw 2.5 and ferrari 2.1

    4. @2_hotty Avatar

      @@larrypage1480 They’ve been doing it for a while, and they’re great at it. My M4 has an S55 in it. Bone stock it supposedly only has 425hp at the crank (although it dyno’d at 415rwhp). With a DP and tune, mine has 515 at the wheel. Its so easy to squeeze power out of these engines.

  11. @natekenny7106 Avatar

    G Wagon was 20 feet behind everyone else when the brake test started lol

  12. @ramongonzalez9497 Avatar

    That g wagon started braking way before the line 😂😂😂

    1. @amarildo988idrizai6 Avatar

      The guy driving it sounds like a total idiot lol

  13. @sid1852 Avatar

    The satisfaction of having the specs side by side screen is amazing. Yes I am the poll guy 😀

  14. @DarksouIjah Avatar

    Out of every drag race. This is when you only do one? That’s craziness. Half the SUVs had poor starts.

    1. @S8ER Avatar

      Yeah half of them were easily half a second slower than expected. Crazy they didn’t redo it.

  15. @queengeorgina317 Avatar

    Ferrari would like to have a word with you about including their car in a SUV drag race. Theyre currently loading pasta into their guns, I thought we told you old man, THAT car is NOT an SUV!!!!

    1. @PureRythm Avatar

      True. Also, the worst looking Ferrari probably ever…

    2. @foxxstain Avatar

      ​@@PureRythmyo blind fo sho

    3. @PureRythm Avatar

      @@foxxstain what of that thing tells you it’s even average looking? Even the X6M looks better than that…

    4. @ilovetoeat2242 Avatar

      @@PureRythmI think it looks good, but doesn’t look like a Ferrari for some reason

    5. @BatkoNashBandera774 Avatar

      great foto, even better comment.

  16. @katlegomoremi1485 Avatar

    Turbo GT would’ve been a different story

    1. @michaellewis2419 Avatar

      This is so unfair, they knew what would happen if there was a turbo gt

    2. @sowrymeit1582 Avatar

      This Porches launch was awful anyway, he braked right after the launch

    3. @Bug4life Avatar

      Not exactly the way you think.

  17. @initialeparis2506 Avatar

    Matt, huge respect to you for slowing down when the hare ran by.

  18. @OrnaSwanson Avatar

    on todays episode of carwow, “we slow down earth’s rotation by emergency breaking some of the heaviest super vehicles man can buy”.

    1. @othmaniv9951 Avatar


  19. @bradsn8 Avatar

    That Aston Martin is serious business.

  20. @GladysFuston Avatar

    Why was a normal cayenne turbo used and not the turbo gt ?

    1. @chirealjordan2298 Avatar

      Every porsche fan in the world is asking this question. Feels intentional.

    2. @ajosanchez1 Avatar

      Because there is no such thing as the Turbo GT anymore, at least in the European and UK markets (due to emissions regulations). The best we can get is the Turbo e-hybrid with the GT Package. Carwow used what you can buy brand new right now.

    3. @cranialnerv Avatar

      Only markets outside of Europe, get the real turbo GT anymore. That one runs consistent 11.1 quarter-mile and destroys all the competition.

    4. @cranialnerv Avatar

      Only markets outside of Europe, get the real turbo GT anymore. That one runs consistent 11.1 quarter-mile and destroys all the competition. Fortunately, the real turbo GT is still available everywhere else in the world. I am so glad I bought a ‘23 before the new ‘24 changes.

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