This mini BRABUS packs a serious punch! 👊

Woah, it's a hypercar beater!





29 responses to “This mini BRABUS packs a serious punch! 👊”

  1. Monika Caseys Avatar
    Monika Caseys

    Lass uns einfach mal schätzen wie viel Zeit und liebe in sein Video steckt
    💖💖 ) 🤝

  2. Techno Gravity Avatar
    Techno Gravity

    Tata punch ✊❤

  3. Monika Caseys Avatar
    Monika Caseys

    Danke für deine Videos
    🍑🍑🍑 # ⛹️

  4. Maria Forman Avatar
    Maria Forman

    this video touched me very much😻🦾🪝

  5. BLKT12 Avatar

    LOL your face at the end 😂😂

  6. Pablo Rodriguez Avatar
    Pablo Rodriguez

    Jesus I’m having a hard time picking an eye, to keep eye contact

  7. Georgi Gospodinov Avatar
    Georgi Gospodinov

    What’s impressive about that , it’s a toaster , toasters make power easy . If it had an engine it would have been impressive

    1. MrAbletospeak Avatar

      You should get a horse.

  8. Danny Seville Avatar
    Danny Seville

    Problem is it being an electric mini, you have just used all the range up.

    1. Elias V. Avatar
      Elias V.

      Still impressive that it can do a better 0-60 than a Zenvo

    2. Danny Seville Avatar
      Danny Seville

      ​@Elias_V maybe but when you look at all that car they have and then the range they give it, a bottom end city car would be embarrassed by that range the mini has. Hopefully yhr next gen ones have a range worthy of the rest of the car.

  9. Joe Avatar

    Ruins all the launches of faster cars and says they are slower. Ok hero

  10. Señor Bruce Bogtrotter Avatar
    Señor Bruce Bogtrotter

    Handy for escaping situations where someone saw you driving that hideous thing, probs not so handy if your destination is more than a couple of miles away

    1. apekatt2007 Avatar

      Stop living in the past! Several electric cars have over 600 km of real-world range. Way more than I can ever do in one run without stopping

    2. Iggi Avatar

      @apekatt2007I used to be an EV evangelist. One of the first to buy one in the UK. I hate them now. Their values are tanking faster than the Titanic and there’s no infrastructure if you want to go on a serious road trip without wasting half your holiday charging.

    3. apekatt2007 Avatar

      @Iggi Wrong car, or underdeveloped country. I pass a minimum of 300 chargers for every 200 kilometers driven here in Norway. 99.9% of my charging is while I sleep. My public charging has only been done when driving 400+ km distances and there is no destination charger available for charging over night

    4. Señor Bruce Bogtrotter Avatar
      Señor Bruce Bogtrotter

      @apekatt2007 lol why, the future looks pretty bleak with electric cars being pushed that arent affordable or convenient to own for many, have huge glaring issues with the feasibility of everyone “moving away from ICE” into, as the infrastructure required to run that volume of electric cars doesnt exist anywhere on earth and currently we have no means of implementing. The raw materials needed alone for building a grid able to supply that amount of electricity is staggering. Then to top it all off electric cars are not even green anyway, the last thing that springs to mind when i consider a green mode of transport is lithium and cobalt mining, huge amounts of logistics for refining and manufacture, then running that electric car end product on not particularly green electricity from national grids. Oh and the built in redundancy from the expensive proprietary batteries wearing out eventually writing an electric car off is a cherry on top 👌

  11. Wobble Pasta Avatar
    Wobble Pasta

    Still… i wouldnt drive that crap 😂

  12. Ihsaan Husain Avatar
    Ihsaan Husain

    Try 60 to 120 kmph

  13. Kiss Gergő Avatar
    Kiss Gergő

    Yeah, I would prefer any of those ICE cars over the Mini…

  14. Peter Cruze Avatar
    Peter Cruze

    Electric 😂 wow no

  15. C Avatar

    So Brabus says 0-100 km/h in 3.9s. 100 km/h is equal to 62 mph, not 60 mph.

    1. Elmo Avatar

      So it is spot on with 0-60 in 3,78s

  16. Anonim Adam Avatar
    Anonim Adam

    The biggest challenge of all brands; The person who goes first will pee first.

  17. JAhmed Avatar

    I’d still have a petrol car all day long

  18. A K Avatar
    A K

    There will always be a difference because launching ICE cars can be a hit or miss. Depending on the driver.
    Even a kid can launch the electric toy.

  19. TEE BLAST Avatar

    Of course the first car to pop up is my dream car. Maaaaaan

  20. Matthew Norman Avatar
    Matthew Norman

    We need a Hyundai Getz on carwow day 287

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