This car blew me away!

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This is the all- 3008!

Mat's got his hands on the all-electric version of 's family-friendly SUV, and he will find out if it can compete with essential rivals like the Tesla Model Y and Audi Q4 e-tron!

So let's start with a look at the design, and we have to say, it looks definitely fantastic! Around the back you've got a sloping roof line, a little spoiler and some cool tail lights, and it likewise features a two-tone roofing and a smart sculptured effect on the wheel arches. At the front it features popular scratched lion-style DRLs, and even though this car's electric, it includes a super-stylish substantial grille. It's a substantial improvement on the 3008s of the past!

Step inside and the cool style trend continues! Up top on the dash is a huge infotainment and digital dial screen, and there's a customisable screen in the centre of the dash where you can add shortcut buttons. The cabin is primarily filled with soft-touch products, and the centre console even comes with some physical buttons included. All-in-all, it's difficult to fault the quality of this interior.

When it concerns efficiency, there's presently a single petrol-powered car offered, which is powered by a 1.2-litre engine that drives the front-wheels and offered 158hp. As for the E-3008, it features a single electric motor that can provide 213hp. It's also equipped with a 72kWh battery which is good for a variety of as much as 327 miles.

There are a few other releases in the pipe-line, consisting of an E-3008 with a 98kWh battery and a range of 430 miles, as well as a double motor edition that will be able to produce 320hp. A plug-in hybrid is likewise due in the future, too.

When it pertains to cost, the petrol-powered 3008 starts from around ₤ 35,000. However if you remain in the market for an E-3008, you're taking a look at a beginning price of around ₤ 46,000! So is it better than the competitors? You'll require to stick with Mat and see for yourself!

00:00 Introduction
00:56 Design
02:44 Rate
04:26 Interior
07:49 Back Seats
11:07 Boot
13:35 Irritating Functions
15:15 Cool Functions
17:59 Engines, Batteries & Motors
19:09 Town Driving
23:23 Freeway Driving
24:07 Country Road Driving
25:03 0-60mph
25:33 Verdict


60 responses to “This car blew me away!”

  1. @dr-ok3sn Avatar

    put at least the name of the car in the title and not just that cringe every time
    also skip from 3:17 to 4:27 to not waste your time with that advertisement

    1. @NajeebGamer99 Avatar


    2. @musicnstuff2910 Avatar

      Ikr, but it’s to get more clicks lol

    3. @musicnstuff2910 Avatar

      U joined YouTube on my 4th birthday lol😅

    4. @Zariaz- Avatar

      Do you understand about “click bait” stuff ?

    5. @samwilson745 Avatar

      You get great content like this for free because they make money from advertising and putting those titles, can’t complain lol

  2. @creationalgamer2192 Avatar

    Interior is crazyyy sharp

  3. @ragading5377 Avatar

    Feels like Peugeot is trying to pull off a Volvo and push for being considered more premium

    1. @stevemurrell6167 Avatar

      When weren’t they? FFS.

    2. @generalcalamity Avatar

      I love that analogy “Pullin a Volvo”

      Perfect encapsulation of what they’re actually doing 😂😂😂😂

    3. @terryinozland Avatar

      I drive an old puggy and the extras it comes with is only now coming on line en masse. Its a great car.

    4. @yissibiiyte Avatar

      Meanwhile Volvo are becoming LESS premium

  4. @haseebraja6892 Avatar

    Oh my god, the interior 😮

    1. @senoow4215 Avatar

      tesla could never lol

  5. @okithdesilva129 Avatar

    The interior design definitely looks like a 2024 Spaceship!

    1. @CONNNE Avatar

      Too bad they keep putting bicycle engines inside.
      Paying $60,000 for a 1.2L barely 100hp engine is a joke. Design is out of this world!

  6. @cuprashoe Avatar

    You can always tell if he likes the car or not with the enthusiasm in which Mat says ” this is the new”

  7. @TheUncleGoat Avatar

    Jeez, near £50k for a Peugeot, How have we let things get this bad… 😞

    1. @davidoconnor3201 Avatar

      It’s absolutely hilarious 😂 they wouldn’t charge this much if people didn’t pay it. If you would pay £50k for a Peugeot you should be in a straight jacket.

    2. @mashpotato1799 Avatar

      I mean, if the car is good and worth the price, so what if it’s a peugeot? Looks alone it is way better than any of the eq series which starts at 50k-ish up to double, even triple the price. But opinion’s opinion ig

    3. @terryinozland Avatar

      Love the pug !

    4. @shanginadildo Avatar

      Because French cars have always had a reputation for being cheap and unreliable, especially their electronics​@@mashpotato1799

    5. @jagman999 Avatar

      I know I’m old, but I winced when an M5 cost 50k. Now a hunchback Peugeot costs that much!

  8. @lknanml Avatar

    Not a fan of the outside but the interior is amazing. And THANK YOU for figuring out how to float an infotainment screen that doesn’t look like someone forgot to design a space for one so they just slapped a tablet on the dash and called it a day. Also as a motorcycle rider screens in cars make them death machines. At least this one has the display up as high as it can be keeping the outside world closer to where people are looking. I really do like the interior.

  9. @kondeamani5106 Avatar

    I retired my 1999 mitsubishi lancer with 300k km on the odo and the sunroof was working flawlessly, never leaked

    1. @musicnstuff2910 Avatar


    2. @LordManhattan Avatar

      300km? Damn, that’s like a whole week worth of driving!

    3. @kondeamani5106 Avatar

      @@LordManhattan 300k km. My bad bro

    4. @ms-jl6dl Avatar

      You should’ve sold that sunroof for fortune on ebay.

    5. @HairyCheese Avatar

      I drive my EV 200 miles per day, that’s 73k mile per year ; by the time it’s 2050 I would have driven 1.8m miles! er, no-one cares…

  10. @reece005 Avatar

    0:12 never gets old 😂😂

  11. @mbdeephousevibessa Avatar

    The meme is back again.😂😂😂brother eewww 0:13

    1. @Sakosaga Avatar

      Yeah everyone is using it

    2. @shahanulhaque7086 Avatar

      Yes 😂😂😂 Mr hoblos

  12. @dronesayeview Avatar

    I’ve noticed car reviewers complain about how Stellantis EV brakes work but that is only because they don’t stick with the car for very long and are driving so many cars for their job.

    As someone that drives an e208, you get used to this braking very easily and it becomes REALLY GOOD for controlling which kind of braking you use, as it starts off with stronger to maximum regen before the discs kick in.

    1. @Manakuski Avatar

      Just no. Braking is supposed to feel linear. If it doesn’t, its awful, simple as that.

    2. @DeadlyDizzle-yn1vz Avatar

      @@Manakuskiwrong, most brakes are progressive meaning they increase in response based on driver pressure. Brakes on most electric cars take some getting used to but after a small adjustment period they are really smooth. Well at least the case in the Etron and iX I’ve had

    3. @Manakuski Avatar

      @@DeadlyDizzle-yn1vz yes sorry, i meant progressive. Just english ain’t my native language. What i meant is that you want the force to grow in a linear curve.

  13. @anony-mousex Avatar

    Saw a new e208 the other day and I do agree the exterior design is actually decent – especially when you compare to what BMW are doing with their recent releases

  14. @marioharris5944 Avatar

    Every vehicle with this rear design instantly reminds me of the Pontiac Aztec. That car was a monstrosity. Hard to get past

    1. @danam0228 Avatar

      All vehicles nowadays are unfortunately just slight variations of the Aztek. Look at the RAV4. When I first saw latest generation on the road I did a double take, and despite hatred of Aztek back in the day most people now drive one

  15. @carwow Avatar

    Sell your car for free with Carwow:

    1. @FuryEntity Avatar

      Can u pls do a review on the Ford mustang cs850gt


      Do a review or a race with a fiat multipa

    3. @kurdeeldereaux4140 Avatar

      Do the new Suzuki grand vitara please mat

  16. @leesmith9299 Avatar

    car designers are absolutely bafflingly stupid. what on earth makes them think we want a crevice on the window that crap can fill. and then they highlight it to reviewers like it’s a good thing.

    1. @lolitapitpong3826 Avatar

      It is a French car tbf

    2. @spsmith45 Avatar

      Yes, neater lines, but then they have old-school door handles. Inconsistent?

    3. @mystical3022 Avatar

      Crap, crap , crap…lol😂

  17. @yusufs.3797 Avatar

    0:12 brother Hoblos back again😂😂

    1. @marieaudreyduchamp8839 Avatar

      The brother huuh works for this one too, not just the first gen

  18. @OlaDoering Avatar

    Love the Peugeot brand and their cars until the 90s but they really lost it since. The latest designs have become so complicated and desperately looking for a strong identity. There must be 2000 lines and creases … *Plus the engine ranges have become sooo boring*

    1. @TerbrugZondolop Avatar

      Spot on. This one is missing another 50000 creases.

    2. @pipefield4581 Avatar

      The only downside to this are the engines. Modern cars prefer modern design and interiors over powerful engines. And for that price tag i’m atleast expecting a 200+ Horsepower engine.

    3. @BrateTebra123 Avatar

      I don’t get what are you talking about. I have 2022 Peugeot 208 and is littetaly the best car in the class !! (I owned 2019 Polo previously) It has great materials, premium sound insulation and door closing sound, refined ride and very very good design. No wonder it became car of the year. Peugeot literally has the best lineup then ever did. No need for the hate

  19. @casaxtreme2952 Avatar

    “sorry for reviewing the electric version” 😂 I am actually more interested in the electric version than the petrol one.

    1. @markbennett6658 Avatar

      Yes a super futuristic looking machine like this that’s quite large isn’t going to be well suited to a 1.2 petrol even if it’s half a tonne lighter. Our e2008 feels plenty quick enough to 60 and is super smooth with instant grunt.

    2. @ch4.hayabusa Avatar

      He’s a motoring enthusiast… Most E cars that are not Tesla’s are boring to drive, or marked up 300% by dealerships. I’m with you, but I understand his lack of enthusiasm.

    3. @charanb5026 Avatar

      Brother ewwww

  20. @peacem8574 Avatar

    Damn the interior is so dramatic. It is so detailed, looks way better than most other brands.

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