Tesla Cybertruck v F-150 Raptor R: DRAG RACE

Pick-up truck fans let's goooooo!!

The is back once again, and it's going head-to-head versus one of the most effective pick-ups money can purchase – the R!

So let's take a look at how these 2 almighty makers compare. Starting with the Tesla, we've got our hands on the 'Cyberbeast' tri-motor edition, which can produce 845hp and 930Nm of torque. This power is sent to all 4 wheels, and if you're seeking to pick one up it'll cost you around $96,000. It's also quite damn heavy, tipping the scales at 3,084 kg!!

Then alongside it we have the F-150. This edition comes with a big 5.2-litre supercharged V8 under the bonnet that can put down 700hp and 870Nm of torque. This power is sent out to all four wheels by means of a 10-speed automated gearbox, and this truck likewise comes in lighter than the , weighing in at 2,703 kg. However, while it may be lighter, it comes with a heftier cost, costing around $109,000!

So will it be yet another win for the Cybertruck? Or could the all-American F-150 nab it? There's just one method to find out … LET'S RACE!


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  1. @thanos3772 Avatar

    Carwow has been killing content lately🏁

    1. @matthewnorman9803 Avatar

      If you get popular can you please change your comment to “we need a Hyundai Getz “

    2. @BelowAverage_0 Avatar

      @@matthewnorman9803 why would he do that?

    3. @matthewnorman9803 Avatar

      @@BelowAverage_0idk because it’s a good car

    4. @BelowAverage_0 Avatar

      @@matthewnorman9803 thats his comment

  2. @F_P_ Avatar

    I swear he literally stayed at the Tesla HQ and tested the Cyber Truck against every 4X4 KNOWN TO MAN LOL

    1. @infamouswan Avatar


    2. @matthewnorman9803 Avatar

      If you get popular can you please change your comment to “we need a Hyundai Getz “

    3. @jubertszn Avatar


    4. @nicksona877 Avatar

      Mat might end up shifting😂

    5. @Affana Avatar

      I just entered the comments just to see if anybody came with the same thought…

  3. @ilyamondrowski2649 Avatar

    Now all Matt needs to do is get Elon Musk himself to race him 😂

    1. @lemongavine Avatar

      Coming soon…..probably 😂

  4. @urs335i Avatar

    Sam is hilarious! You should do more races with him …

    1. @daveee82 Avatar

      We miss yanni! Where’s he?

    2. @54FLEX45 Avatar

      Yanni goes a little too far for me, I ain’t buying it. Sam all the way, plus he’s clearly a better driver.

    3. @daveee82 Avatar

      @@54FLEX45 It’s not about who’s the better driver, ofc he might go a little to far but Im watching carwow for like 2 years now and always the best and funniest duo for me was matt and yanni so many videos from them and they are really great friends so I miss yanni because I haven’t seen these two together for like I dont know..

    4. @arandomguynamedDylan Avatar

      @@daveee82he had a surgery last month and his most recent video he was in crutches

  5. @user-hj3rb1fs9x Avatar

    Tesla, please let this man out of the factory. He’s been there for a week

    1. @KAWTELENUH Avatar

      What if he did all these races in a day?

    2. @anhta31 Avatar

      Nah waiting for the Bugatti Chiron race

  6. @destinymatthew8515 Avatar

    First race 3:58
    Second 5:05
    Third 6:32
    Forth race 7:31
    Break test 8:50
    Last race 9:34

    1. @bradleyscarreviews Avatar

      Thats not it….

    2. @44dam4 Avatar

      Brake test 8:50

    3. @44dam4 Avatar

      Actual last 9:34

    4. @destinymatthew8515 Avatar

      ​@@44dam4thanks 👍

    5. @jjamespacbell Avatar

      Stats 2:43
      Media making the case that the CyberBeast is overpriced, all vehicles are now overpriced.

  7. @hyune7517 Avatar

    at first I thought cybertruck’s $99000 price tag is expensive but after seeing raptor R’s spec and price, that idea just gone

    1. @austin6514 Avatar

      @@fhesseti7976hmm well let’s see, the cybertruck can carry more, pull more, is faster, is heavier, can do the crab drive thing, and is bullet proof. What more do I need to say?

    2. @benpeters-brown5317 Avatar

      ​@fhesseti7976 tbf given where this trucks sold the bullet proof up too rifle rounds is a pretty good feature

    3. @f333g5 Avatar

      ​@@fhesseti7976most of the people don’t use trucks for truck things. Just statistics

    4. @bigballz4u Avatar

      @@fhesseti7976 who buys a fucking Raptor R to do work with?


    I didn’t expect the F150 to stand a chance after seeing what the Cybertruck did to that Urus

    1. @erickomondi007 Avatar

      Exactly my thoughts,no way any other truck’s gonna beat the Cyber Truck


      @@erickomondi007 💯 💯

    3. @rodeynsrene1007 Avatar

      They should have done a tag of war instead…

    4. @thanosvariant7875 Avatar

      What chance??? 😅

  9. @AlexanderGeorgiev-Marck Avatar

    Hat discipline, hat wearing drag races- so fun, so entertaining. Bravo to the cast 🙂 And let’s ask Matt to make more series with ….german accent, texan accent and of course italian …..please.

    1. @timkinley1779 Avatar

      That wasn’t a Texas accent. Sounded more like a 13-year old school girl giggling.

  10. @mowgli8185 Avatar

    That tarmac vs dirt race was insane. The Cybertruck is a beast!

    1. @paakwaci Avatar

      I agree

    2. @giorgiom2803 Avatar

      seeing as that’s the only test of it we’ve actually seen i assume it’s pretty bad at most other things

    3. @hui975 Avatar

      ​@@giorgiom2803then you need to see more videos. And stop being a hater

    4. @supersaabclaire Avatar

      That’s not a good thing

  11. @The_Crazy_Monkey75 Avatar

    Mat Watson really making the most of his time in Texas! That dirt road vs. tarmac race was hilarious! LOL! I love it!

    1. @tuantr2001 Avatar

      CT way too cheap in comparison!

  12. @FitGuyBriGuy Avatar

    What’s crazy is that even though the Raptor R lost, it hit a 12.4 sec 1/4 mile. Think about the cars in that range. They’re making everything so fast nowadays.

    1. @JFlint.02 Avatar

      …and so unattainably expensive for normal people :/

    2. @luisacuna3078 Avatar

      But that Raptor R needs some proper brakes, tho

    3. @JV-py3lg Avatar

      Model y LR runs 12s

    4. @mornet1 Avatar

      Who cares?

    5. @dvrchweesse1frfdozemkaanai594 Avatar

      Most of the non-sport cars with a lot of powerhorses can do that
      I don’t what why are you so suprised

  13. @7ghalib Avatar

    Mat: This is actually really good…

    Cybertruck: Hold my horsepower

  14. @tozzasque Avatar

    It’s astonishing how, AS SOON AS the Raptor switches gear and losses boost, the CT jumps way ahead 🤯

    1. @Shadeys Avatar

      So the Tesla cyber truck is still better lol what’s your point with this comment

    2. @bennyl7224 Avatar

      It’s not really a surprise though, is it

    3. @k3mikal Avatar

      You don’t how how boost works on a supercharger

    4. @gabbymcgibson984 Avatar

      @@Shadeys I think we need to give Ford 5 billion more in tax dollars to get a quicker kick, another 2k RPMs…forget daily driving, throw in 100-200 more HP up the torque to 10,300ftlb, shape it like an egg…. OR trash the lightening, license FSD,, license Telsa hardware/software because this crap is from the 90’s and doesn’t work. Anybody in Reno area in the market for a Lightening? Under 5k miles, no damage. Been in dealership so outside is a bit dusty but inside is brand new.

  15. @Duallusion Avatar

    The more I see it, the more I love Cybertruck’s design. To quote the great Mr. Wayne: “Does it come in black?”

    1. @supertemplar3340 Avatar

      You probably liked your painting when you were 5 then

    2. @Saph.Thatcher Avatar

      ​@@supertemplar3340their painting by that age is probably better than Cybertruck.

    3. @eternalthread7846 Avatar

      I’m glad I don’t have your eyes

    4. @Astro_78 Avatar

      You must be fun at parties

    5. @angryrabbitproductions1690 Avatar

      Agreed, it’s awesome. The haters are just in denial.

  16. @okemefulachidera5440 Avatar

    Mat really love this cyber truck

    He is taking his time to know more about the truck and even comparing it with other vehicles

    1. @supertemplar3340 Avatar

      He’s obviously being sponsored by tesla, look where he is

    2. @angryrabbitproductions1690 Avatar

      So @supertemplar3340 What are you suggesting?… You believe the Ford is really faster?

    3. @supertemplar3340 Avatar

      @@angryrabbitproductions1690 No, but he’s putting the tesla against cars that we all obviously know that will lose, why not put against a turbo s, audi r8, M5

    4. @anthonypelchat Avatar

      @@supertemplar3340 It’s been mostly put against other trucks. And some of the fastest ones available. Do you know of another truck faster than CT? Seriously, if he’s at Tesla, he could pit it against the 3, X, or S and it would lose. We all know that. But putting it against something similar to it isn’t “being sponsored” by Tesla. And some reviewers (pretty sure CarWow too) have given their negative opinions on it.

  17. @EyeQuestionEverything Avatar

    Matt 😂 you’re the man. Been riding with you from the beginning! Wish you all the continued success.

  18. @markjames2338 Avatar

    Now we know what the steam roller was doing. Prepping the dirt track for the big race.

    One of your best races ever Matt. Well done.

  19. @Unkn0wnC0mmand Avatar

    Love these cybertruck videos!

    Wish you guys would incorporate a tug-of-war section to trucks since they’re designed to pull! Would love to see how cybertruck stacks up against other trucks pulling!

  20. @gstar5956 Avatar

    Sam is the best guest you’ve had on the channel. Excellent driver and dude has such a good vibe. KEEP HIM ON THE CHANNEL!!

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