Tesla Cybertruck DRAG RACE

Mat has gone back to the Tesla Gigafactory in Austin Texas, and he's got his hands on the brand new ! So obviously, you know what that indicates … It's drag race time!

Naturally, there was only one rival that we needed to compare this all-electric pick-up to – the EV! The question is, which will come out on top?

Well, let's check out the statistics. Starting with the , it rolls up geared up with three electric motors, and they combine to produce 845hp and 930Nm of torque. The beginning rate of the dual-motor edition is around $49,000, but for this tri-motor Cyberbeast edition, it'll cost you around $96,000! In terms of weight, the suggestions the scales at just over 3 tonnes.

Think that's heavy? Well, that's absolutely nothing compared to the , which is available in at 4,110 kg!! Similar to the Tesla, the is geared up with 3 motors, but it's likewise up on power, producing 1,014 hp and 1,485 Nm! The cost is likewise somewhat higher than the Cybertruck, being available in at around ₤ 109,000.

So how will this one play out? Will the extra tonne of weight show definitive? There's just one way to find out … LET'S RACE!


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  1. @Bigmacsauce-hc2ov Avatar

    carwow never fails to deliver

    1. @tesla_models Avatar


    2. @JP_A3 Avatar

      npc comment

    3. @iHaveTheDocuments Avatar

      Bot? 🤖

    4. @kubeanie18 Avatar

      Hagerty did it sooner and better

  2. @imsoeji Avatar

    It’s been 1 day and he’s already able to drag race this 😂

    1. @runzexu9902 Avatar

      No car could escape from this fate. lol

    2. @enrikboxing Avatar

      La domótica por fin llegó a los coches, el frigorífico se puede conducir…

    3. @01addis Avatar

      Top class Matt at it again ❤

    4. @cameronlotter1392 Avatar

      ​@@enrikboxingCorrect, Hummer is a refrigerator.

    5. @vigilant4220 Avatar

      Hagerty did it the same day as the reveal. He also raced it against the revian and f-150 lightning

  3. @mkbhd Avatar

    9000 pound hummer winning the brake test is… concerning

    1. @Rahulgandhigay Avatar

      Mkbhd here😮

    2. @axumitedessalegn3549 Avatar

      Tires. The hummer’s tires are road tires and the cyber truck has all terrain tires which are horrible when it comes to braking. If they both had the same tires the cyber truck would win by several meters.

    3. @homele576 Avatar


    4. @abdulgafur6986 Avatar

      Man you are here!

    5. @GoldenCroc Avatar

      No, not really. Difference is very small, well within the margin of error, and the braking distances at 70mph is mostly dictated by tire friction.

      Most modern cars (as they are known in the UK), have relatively similar braking distances despite weight differences. This was quite within expectation and what is normal.

  4. @Charlotte__Single__again Avatar

    Matt will always find a way to drag race every single popular or new car, it’s his destiny…

    1. @Blake_87 Avatar

      That’s his job

    2. @tomryner5830 Avatar

      There’s one car in this video and then there’s an ugly wedge shape Tesla.

    3. @redbuIIracing Avatar

      ​@@tomryner5830yet that ‘ugly wedge shape Tesla’ beat the car in every category 🤣

    4. @bxi1547 Avatar

      @@tomryner5830Still better than anything you own.

    5. @trumpssleepparalysisdemon8569 Avatar


  5. @Sayin42 Avatar

    That Hummer is quite amazing considering its weight, I don’t like Hummers but that ev version is not bad

    1. @sylvainlaurence1554 Avatar

      Better than the cyber thing

  6. @richimclaren4889 Avatar

    Crazy how Matt can make our day 10x times better just by picking the right cars to drag race at the perfect time

    1. @purwantiallan5089 Avatar

      RB18 to Cybertruck: Hold my red bull.😅

    2. @milinddixit6583 Avatar

      You mean crazy that Tesla invited a bunch of press and YouTubers to their factory to do YouTube and press things with their car. Crazy…

    3. @Peenpapu34932 Avatar

      hate to break it to you buddy but i dont think Matt chooses any of the cars for carwow videos

    4. @SteveMiguel Avatar

      Marry him then

    5. @unsolicitedadvice2803 Avatar

      Your life must be nothing if Matt can 10x it

  7. @gheorghiualex Avatar

    I was wondering how others had the chance to test it and Matt was a simple journalist at the launch. But he doesn’t disappoint and actually goes for the part the whole internet was waiting for

  8. @tonyspiegel6771 Avatar

    That was one of the funnest car clips I have watched in a while. Looks like there will be alot of fine tuning to the software over the coming years. I use to find this car polarising but can now say I like what I am seeing. By the time it becomes available in Australia it should be a polished product and I am looking forward to testing driving it. These are going to sell well and will improve even if you purchase the first gen. Software updates make a difference.

  9. @philippestrickler3461 Avatar

    Thank you MAT for these races . The performances of the CYBERTRUCK are impressive . 11.5 sec for a truck of 3 tons, it is incredible. Well done.

    1. @2020_Hyundai_Prophecy_Concept Avatar


    2. @user-my4xu4gf1z Avatar

      The hummer ev is way better looking espicially in black or orange. Higher payload towing, more RANGE, better offroading with extract mode, and better interior. It does everything a truck is for better. While also weighing 9,600 lbs and going 0-60 in 3 Seconds. 😂 unless u get the beast mode cyber truck its faster but still not even close to as good for a TRUCK

    3. @philippestrickler3461 Avatar

      @@user-my4xu4gf1z I am pleased to know the performances and main quality of the HUMMER. In black or orange the HUMMER look even better. Thank you for you appreciated help.

    4. @2020_Hyundai_Prophecy_Concept Avatar

      @@user-my4xu4gf1z the hummer ev looks ugly and like it will fall over at any point of time. never heard of it having great specs only some useless features like crab mode! must be some made up rumor.

    5. @user-my4xu4gf1z Avatar

      @@2020_Hyundai_Prophecy_Concept it’s hilarious if the cybertruck had crab mode u guys would going crazy. It really is insanity.

  10. @airheart1 Avatar

    very impressive that you guys convinced Tesla to let you do all this a day after release.

    1. @clubman5887 Avatar

      what do you mean? They have over 8 million subscribers. i saw a few youtubers already testing this truck. This is free advertising and it helps the channels cause its gonna get views. its a win for tesla and the content creator.

    2. @t3sl4f4ngay Avatar

      I’m pretty sure it’s the other way round where Tesla convinced carwow to do this lmao

    3. @zes7215 Avatar


    4. @GeorgeOrwell-tp8dw Avatar

      Shot months before release. Uploaded on release day, like the other 30 videos that all came out

    5. @theadventureinsider Avatar

      @@t3sl4f4ngay but seemingly forgot they were running the wrong software

  11. @KevinVenturePhilippines Avatar

    No way the Hummer would beat the CT, but that Hummer was super impressive as well! Wasn’t expecting that at all.

    1. @user-my4xu4gf1z Avatar

      The hummer ev is way better looking espicially in black or orange. Higher payload towing, more RANGE, better offroading with extract mode, and better interior. It does everything a truck is for better. While also weighing 9,600 lbs and going 0-60 in 3 Seconds. 😂 unless u get the beast mode cyber truck its faster but still not even close to as good AT BEING A TRUCK

    2. @2020_Hyundai_Prophecy_Concept Avatar

      @@user-my4xu4gf1z bleh is that real. then why are you the only one saying this? must be some myth by a hummer fan!

    3. @Amuse_TV Avatar

      ​@@2020_Hyundai_Prophecy_Conceptman the Hummer is 1000 kg heavier. Let that sink in. Add 1000 kg to cyber truck and let’s see. It won’t be too different in top speed. It might still win because of the aerodynamics but I’ll go for Hummer. Looks way better

    4. @2020_Hyundai_Prophecy_Concept Avatar

      @@Amuse_TV the hummer looks way uglier thats for sure, excuse me the grille! its 1000 hp and still can’t do anything. its basically “terribly inefficient” according to engineer Haggerty! still decent though.

    5. @user-my4xu4gf1z Avatar

      @@2020_Hyundai_Prophecy_Concept terribly unefficient? Then why does it have more range then the cyber truck 350>300. And the hummer is the 2nd or 3rd fastest truck on the planet while weighing the most.. and alot of people have said it ur just on the tesla side of things. Look up the stats. No one is talking about what makes a truck a truck other then doing stupid drag races.

      If u actually think the cybertruck looks better ur in the minority. I saw a news article of people not in the car world on here and all 400 comments were clowning it. It’s on the youtube ABC News

  12. @REPLY-GAME---JEWS-ARE Avatar

    Never watched these guys before and at first I was thinking just get to it, but after hearing this delightful banter I had to just slow down, get a cup of Earl Gray tea and enjoy the whole show, and I’m a bloody American!

  13. @mtallan Avatar

    Love to see side by side 4WD capabilities to see how much of a truck the cybertruck is.

    1. @user-ht8cw3mc1x Avatar

      Or, it was recorded long before reveal and agreed to only release it after the reveal

  14. @TheRealLink Avatar

    This is the kind of Cybertruck content we came for and Mat didn’t disappoint! Thank you for a silly video ;).

    1. @2020_Hyundai_Prophecy_Concept Avatar

      reality too not some promotion video!

    2. @Nick-ei6em Avatar

      Agreed! It seems like a huge fast tank that looks like crap and will prob do 400km max! And I mean max! And imagine being seen in such a plonker 😂 maybe I’ll buy my MIL one so I can laugh at her everyday

    3. @carholic-sz3qv Avatar

      What kind of content!? It’s trucks racing then is totally pointless! Show them working in the harschest environments on earth for decades like Toyota hilux and I’ll be impressed!

    4. @Nick-ei6em Avatar

      @@carholic-sz3qv but wait, didn’t they break a control arm last time they tried to take this car off-road? 🤫

    5. @ingedesaspa5060 Avatar


  15. @ilkererol1986 Avatar

    Knowing lightning fast and ridiculously heavy things on the road while people drive their Toyota yaris must be terrifying 😊

    1. @Glenhh Avatar

      They’re quick not fast.

    2. @Guccione1 Avatar

      @@Glenhh doesent matter if anything heavy like the cybertruck quickly got to 100km/h and hit u ur probably dead its like being hit by a trash truck at 50km/h

    3. @v.s.727 Avatar

      If the cybertank hits you in your small eco box, your car is flat and you’re dead! Hopefully this trend of electric tanks won’t take off!

    4. @Guccione1 Avatar

      @@v.s.727 well if everyone had these then they woudent be so dangerous but that cant happen unfortunetly

    5. @v.s.727 Avatar

      @@Guccione1 Also cyclists and pedestrians would still be terrified.

  16. @NylzTube Avatar

    I did expect the Cybertruck to win easily but I must say I’m still kind of impressed with how fast the 4k kg competition machine got of it’s place.

  17. @kelevra9725 Avatar

    Is it me, or does the Cyber Beast sound like a jet plane? 😅

    Awesome video Matt, as always and what a star for being able to drag race a pre-production Tesla just a day after its presentation 🎉

    1. @2020_Hyundai_Prophecy_Concept Avatar

      I guess it does!

  18. @rustyman8716 Avatar

    As much as I love the entertainment Matt creates, I would dearly love to see these two insane beasts actually either tow, test payload or even better do some serious off roading. You know something they at least were designed to do!!

    1. @12ealDealOfficial Avatar

      Pulling a trailer uphill seems like a great way to cnovert either one into a high yield explosive device. With a sid eof extra crispy occupants.

    2. @tiranor Avatar

      Weren’t they designed to shout “look at me, i’m an attention wh*re” ?

  19. @Currtz_. Avatar

    I’m an aviation fan and this car literally sounds perfect, i must by this 💀

  20. @julian.kollataj Avatar

    It’s always useful to have side-by-side comparison data to get a sense of the car landscape, so, thank you for putting them up. What I think you can do differently/better in your videos, is to add a length bar as a percentage of the benchmark, to show what is higher or lower than the other (like when they do tennis player match statistics) like at 2:40, which is a more intuitive way of making sense of the data at a first glance without having to look at numbers just yet. When you have the floating numbers above the cars, put them in them in a percentage-of-a-circle, like at 2:43?

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