Rate these digital dial graphics…

Perk points if you can name the car …





30 responses to “Rate these digital dial graphics…”

  1. HiipEz Sky Avatar
    HiipEz Sky

    I kinda like the animation tho

  2. Comp Avatar

    freaking awesome!

  3. AustrianBua Avatar

    looks like one of the racegames youd play on old phones

    1. BlueMech Avatar

      I remember the car game on my grandma’s phone, it was almost just like this bro

    2. Edmund Avatar

      @girlsdrinkfeck 🤓🤓🤓🤓

    3. Nobey Avatar

      ​@BlueMech let me guess? Pixel Car Racing. 😅

    4. BlueMech Avatar

      @Nobey no, it was callled nos racer or smth, it was an old Nokia phone

    5. Derek Miles Avatar
      Derek Miles

      Serbian OS games

  4. Preston P. Avatar
    Preston P.

    The perfect loop doesn’t exs-
    That is pretty decent for a Suzuki.

  5. Syncs Avatar

    Tell me it’s a Japanese car without telling me it’s a Japanese car

    1. girlsdrinkfeck Avatar

      explains the crappy music

    2. Livi70590 Avatar

      @girlsdrinkfeck Korean song

    3. Mihai Tudor Avatar
      Mihai Tudor

      S Cross or Vitara

  6. Logan Pinner Avatar
    Logan Pinner

    Expect more in 2023.. almost every gm product has a massive screen..

  7. halil aydın Avatar
    halil aydın

    she has style

  8. TinySwarm Avatar

    I assume this is a Japanese car lol wouldn’t be surprised they have some tech in them!

  9. Redline Avatar

    I prefer real dials to digital ones, feels more premium to me than a cheap screen.

  10. Febby Jacob Avatar
    Febby Jacob

    Suzuki still gives us beautiful analog dials❤

  11. scoobywoo Avatar

    I really like the new suzukis, their version of the corolla, they’re cool because they won’t hold the value as well, which means I can get one faster 🙂

  12. Dastan Ormanov Avatar
    Dastan Ormanov

    Maybe the graph looks old, but man, Suzuki knows how to make inexpensive, long lasting cars ✊🏻 And 42 mpg for a 4 wheel drive car. That’s awesome! ✌️

  13. Manuel Avatar

    Vitara is a suv for €20.000,- so it‘s absolut ok 👍

  14. Paul Finnan Avatar
    Paul Finnan

    Superb! As a vitara owner, love them, no gimicks, does the trick and probably more reliable long term

  15. ASHISH PAWAR Avatar

    I think Matt is planning to go to Korea 🇰🇷 for the next video session. 😅😂

  16. Seraphim Valkyrin Avatar
    Seraphim Valkyrin

    Unless the dials are simulating reflections and shadows, those aren’t digital…They are real. The display screen is digital though.

  17. Olwethu Fumba Avatar
    Olwethu Fumba

    The analogue dials give serious Mercedes Benz vibes

  18. Dallyn Maurice Du Plooy Avatar
    Dallyn Maurice Du Plooy

    I’m more worried about the Engine light on 😂

  19. Masked3112 Avatar

    We need to appreciate how Carwow uses trending songs 😂

  20. apekatt2007 Avatar

    The UI team designing this needs to go!

    1. Arda Akbulut Avatar
      Arda Akbulut


    2. apekatt2007 Avatar

      @Arda Akbulut It looks horrible and serves no purpose

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