Porsche: rate this interior!


23 responses to “Porsche: rate this interior!”

  1. @Chris-Pringle Avatar

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have Jeremy Clarkson drag race Mr Watson

  2. @itisallaboutspeed Avatar

    as a car content creator i approve this video

  3. @No_nay Avatar

    I give this a solid 4/10

  4. @Macedonia270 Avatar

    My dream spec is a silver GT# with a prussian blue interior….

  5. @apekatt2007 Avatar

    🎉 Perfect for a 70 year! 🎉

    1. @werewolf195 Avatar

      I’m 70 and it’s a NO from me 😂😂

    2. @apekatt2007 Avatar

      @@werewolf195 😳

    3. @porschecarreras992cabriole8 Avatar

      Perfect for 90 year old! I got mine in red leather split with black on dashboard which is much better

  6. @apersunthathasaridiculousl1890 Avatar

    These bots are wild though 💀💀💀

  7. @SamsungGalaxy5G Avatar

    3/10 garbage waste of money

  8. @Finn959 Avatar

    Heritage is 🤌

  9. @LukeTheNukeRC Avatar

    Brown leather with the plaid is *mint* 💯

  10. @eroche913 Avatar

    The only choice with a grey Porsche is the red over black interior. Whatever this crap is only matches green or a heritage blue

  11. @wandereroftheinternet Avatar

    I love me a brown interior, but idk about this one

  12. @Abbos0925 Avatar

    This pooooosh have a good interior

  13. @thbgruen Avatar

    7,5/ 10

  14. @chokletkumar Avatar

    Brown food, brown drink, calories!

  15. @hami_1012 Avatar

    The fact this is a special hand manufactured 20k option 💀

  16. @shivapillai1681 Avatar

    blue just like my life 😉

  17. @AurelSer Avatar

    Without the black and white squares it would be so much better.

  18. @eyads7298 Avatar

    any Porsche interior is 10/10

  19. @dylanevans957 Avatar

    I would kill for this interior. 11/10

  20. @user-dg1xd6ul6s Avatar

    Tell Mat that I don’t like, but I can revive it 😅

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