Nissan R34 v Toyota JZX100: DRAG RACE

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JDM fans, we've got you with this one!

We've got our hands on a Chaser & a Nissan , and they're both going head-to-head in a drag race!

Both these cars and trucks have been greatly modified and generally invest the majority of their time wandering, but Mat and Yianni wanted to see how they compared when they went head-to-head in a straight-line race!

First up we have actually got the Chaser . Generally its 2.5-litre inline 6 would produce 276hp and 377Nm, but naturally, it's been increased, and it now produces 500hp and 678Nm! Power is sent out to the rear wheels only by means of a 5-speed manual, and the overall cost of the automobile including the upgrades is ₤ 50,000.

Next up we have the GT-R . Typically it would 'just' produce 155hp and 186Nm, however this has actually been dialled way already produce 550hp and 746Nm! Much like the Chaser it's RWD, and the total expense consisting of all upgrades is around ₤ 100,000!

The question is, who will manage the manual shifts much better – Mat or Yianni? There's just one way to discover … LET'S RACE!

Thanks to everyone who lent us their cars:
– Toyota Chaser:


65 responses to “Nissan R34 v Toyota JZX100: DRAG RACE”

  1. @koryhardy9594 Avatar

    Never clicked so fast

  2. @Y14nny Avatar

    Yeah baby I’m back!

    1. @shaziabegum3515 Avatar

      Shut up

    2. @SpionHefeGamingHD Avatar


    3. @Bangaol0001 Avatar

      NICE YIANNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. @RoadsterAlex Avatar

      Tbh I would race your R34 with my TT 😂

    5. @shaziabegum3515 Avatar

      Shut up

  3. @yiannimize Avatar

    Manual baby!!!! Let’s Race 💨

    1. @sufianshahid3690 Avatar


    2. @felixginting_manik Avatar


    3. @OutlawRobot Avatar

      4:16 Yanni’s Face when he heard we winning right??? 🤣🤣🤣

    4. @shadowleader2723 Avatar

      Naughty Yiannie 🤣🤣

    5. @Reppintimefitness Avatar


  4. @yiannimize Avatar

    My facial expressions 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    1. @MKHS. Avatar


    2. @de_stroyed Avatar

      lots of love, Yianni!

    3. @c3vzn Avatar

      Looked like an FF character. Manual JDM suits you!

    4. @markevans3488 Avatar

      Lots of breath being held 😂😂

    5. @mediocreman2 Avatar

      You’re born that way

  5. @BBk20z3 Avatar

    That guy in the Chaser is a blast to watch, love his energy. Would like to see more of him

    1. @ahsanhamim7293 Avatar

      Same i also loved it want watch more of him 🔥

    2. @Bally46 Avatar

      Probably my favourite guest. Enthusiastic about everything without being fake

    3. @jamley12345 Avatar

      Came to the comments for this. He was very good on camera & Happy to lead the conversation which was great.

    4. @halko1 Avatar

      Great guy. Genuine. 100% car guy. Wants the car to be driven, not babied. ❤

    5. @Jameesjourneys Avatar

      His channel is Geo by Luke

  6. @shubh3641 Avatar

    I never saw anyone want their car abused by anyone other then themselves. If I want to abuse my car, I’d definitely abuse it myself. Luke’s a legend

    1. @4ndrossi Avatar

      Bam bam bam bam – pull the magic wand. Easy.

    2. @franklyncap4691 Avatar

      that’s how these videos get made lol & for test runs why not to get a accurate test

    3. @eamh2002 Avatar

      We need Affi to rip this car 🕶

    4. @module79l28 Avatar

      *their 😉

    5. @porkkanaraaste6692 Avatar

      Other than*.

  7. @robust456 Avatar

    hands down, best video ever. Cars were fun. Glad to be a 90s kid. Just gotta love how unpredictable the boost is at every gear change.

  8. @PK_-xh7xd Avatar

    Seeing the Guy in the chaser being that Happy when mat drifted the Car Just Made my whole week🫶😂

  9. @MatWatsonCars Avatar

    Luke’s a legend – he’s the car version of a SWINGER because he gets thrills from someone else smashing his ride 😂

    1. @stringswmilad4766 Avatar

      Hi mat love your content

    2. @de_stroyed Avatar

      bro your facial expressions were SO FUNNY right from the start

    3. @nastystew6942 Avatar

      See what you did there 😅😅

    4. @TiptronicSS Avatar

      I noticed that too 😅😅😅😂😂

    5. @van_trippin5260 Avatar

      If he’d have lost i doubt he’d care. Can’t say the same for the other bloke that took his ball home

  10. @chrisgeorge84 Avatar

    These aren’t the fastest cars they’ve ever raced by far but you can see the excitement that crazy Manual cars can give people judging by their reactions. Much more animated and you can see the adrenaline is much more intense

    1. @Traxxmaciek Avatar

      On a roll these cars would probably walk some cars that you don’t expect.
      Adam LZ has a Chaser, and he has said that it pull on his tuned 911 Turbo S on the top end

  11. @Monki101 Avatar

    Yani complaining about Lukes jump start when his jump was by far worse, hilarious!

  12. @JDMGarage-UK Avatar

    Glad we can continue to help Luke out with his build, such a legend and what a car! 👍

    1. @DazzaBimmerM3 Avatar

      We will have to bring the JDM garage fleet up and convert Matt over to the JDM side

    2. @de_stroyed Avatar

      You guys helped with his car? That’s awesome! Great work, guys.

      Although I’m not gonna lie, it seems like a giant death trap. 😂

  13. @GeoByLuke Avatar

    Thanks for having me guys! Was so much fun. Really enjoyed making this video!

    1. @leobats14 Avatar

      You got definitely got skillz. Well played.

    2. @Ro-ie9ic Avatar

      You’re the man bro

    3. @hassanalsharifi3187 Avatar


    4. @twotidoce Avatar

      King 🙌

    5. @alexandertsanga Avatar

      i have seen you on “Officially Gassed ” Killing it. love your Rides , watchin’ from – Ontario Canada

  14. @MaxFiveGames Avatar

    Matt a car reviewer does not get the limiter…
    Bro you bang it off the limiter until you see speed is not climbing anymore, then you insta shift it.
    Or even better do a test run and look at what speed you hit the limiter and shift at that time.. 😀
    The car is literally stuck at 70 km/h and he still bagging of the limiter for like 5 sec… cmon Matt 🤦

    1. @rolandbrazzers7786 Avatar

      I was looking for this comment 😂😂 like God damn that was brutal to watch haha

    2. @ArchiveAmerica Avatar

      Literally scrolled 100 comments before a single person even mentioned this! Ive never seen ANYONE not know that sound means shift! He must be deaf as a post not to hear it.

    3. @sdluke Avatar

      well that’s because he’s used to the no skill drag race of automatic transmissions. he should do more manual launches to learn proper

    4. @Traxxmaciek Avatar

      Mat is used to hold the brake and throttle. Let go of the brake before the hands go down and that’s it
      You could see in this episode that yianny is a better driver than him. He understands cars more

  15. @isaac5amuel Avatar

    Out of the many many many drag races that I see on this channel this one put the widest smile on my face. Sheeshh nothing like proper JDMs and of course the affordable and mod liberty category! Thanks CarWow

  16. @01gtbdaily30 Avatar

    Former JZX110 Mark II owner. Man I miss that car but I don’t miss looking for parts that aren’t performance related. Fricking rear passenger window regulator was $500 imported from Japan and 4 week wait.

  17. @Shenal_Pererira Avatar

    I’m A R-34 guy but in this one I routed for the chaser. There’s something special about that car man! I love it!. Proper JDM stuff!

    1. @MoakeyDoke Avatar

      I’m with you here, I’m 1000% an RB guy, but that chaser is special. It sounds amazing

  18. @MikkiLGalloway Avatar

    Luke added soo much excitement to this episode. I couldnt help but smile the whole time at his energy. He defintely needs to be a permanent guest

    1. @dramen Avatar


  19. @LeeviLuv Avatar

    This is like one of the best races, where you have some real awesome cars and you need some skill. No launch control, no abs, no anything, just raw power ans skill.

    1. @dramen Avatar


  20. @LeeviLuv Avatar

    That Luke guy is a legend, you should invite him but more to do races with you, such interesting character, positive vibe and TV face.

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