New Mercedes E-Class: The most hi-tech Mercedes EVER!

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Here it is – the brand new E-Class!

has actually raised the veil on its competitor to the BMW 5 Series and Audi A6, and it's the longest & best E-Class ever made! However does that make it better than the previous generation? Let's take a more detailed look …

For starters, there won't be any mistaking the brand- for the holder designs from the outside. There's a taller, chunkier grille around the front, which is surrounded by a chrome border. There are two designs of grille depending on which trim you utilize – the AMG Line features a large Mercedes badge surrounded by mini 3-pointed stars, whereas the Special trim has a more-retro-inspired grille.

There are likewise new LED headlight designs, together with upgraded brake lights around the rear that are available in the shape of the Mercedes 3-pointed star.

Step within and you 'd be forgiven for thinking you were sitting in a top-of-the-range Merc! The substantial infotainment screen simulates the active screen discovered in an EQS, although in this instance it's called the 'Superscreen' as the size is a bit smaller sized. There's likewise the option extra to add a screen on the dash for the traveler, and there's an option of quality materials to contribute to the cabin for those wanting to personalize their E-Class.

There are a variety of gas, diesel and hybrid engine choices available for the . The entire variety comes with a 2-litre 4-cylinder engine, and all included a type of hybrid tech. Entry-level designs come with mild-hybrid technology, while there are likewise some plug-in hybrids offered. The range-topper is the E400 e, where the engine & motor combine to provide 381hp. This edition can also fly to 60mph in 5.3 seconds.

A flagship 6-cylinder is also in the works, which is likely to be the brand-new AMG E63. However since yet, we do not have information on when that will be launched.

The new E-Class is because of be released in Summertime 2023, and although Mercedes hasn't launched the rate yet, you can anticipate the range to begin with around ₤ 50,000. However will it be much better than the oh-so-impressive last gen? Stick with Mat to see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:22 Style
03:07 Infotainment
05:06 Engines
06:41 Efficiency
07:35 Chassis
08:14 Suspension
08:45 Interior
09:32 Driving
10:51 Innovation
12:23 Rate


65 responses to “New Mercedes E-Class: The most hi-tech Mercedes EVER!”

  1. carwow Avatar

    Which is best: Mercerdes E-Class, Audi A6 or BMW 5 Series? VOTE below!

    1. Tobias Wilke Avatar
      Tobias Wilke

      BMW 5 Series!

    2. Syed Huzaifa Avatar
      Syed Huzaifa

      Mercedes E class

    3. paiks fakaza Avatar
      paiks fakaza


    4. Vavan_ViL Grant Avatar
      Vavan_ViL Grant

      Benz easy pick

    5. Georgijs Griscenko Avatar
      Georgijs Griscenko

      BMW 5 series for me

  2. ‎ǝɹnƃᴉℲᴉ Avatar

    Not a fan of the lights, but compared the what I’ve been seeing from other manufacturers ( _cough_ _cough_ *BMW* ) it looks pretty good.

    1. Surya KEA Avatar
      Surya KEA

      Bmw will outsell this brand again

    2. DontKnowWhy Avatar

      ​@‎ǝɹnƃᴉℲᴉ Thing is though, the 5 series is one of the best selling models (to my eyes) and BMW knows that their design is very controversial so they can’t screw anything up.

    3. Vishal Singh Avatar
      Vishal Singh

      By lights if u mean headlights, BMW got better headlights

    4. DV Avatar

      replies on point. genuinely fear they’ll fk up the 5 series lmao.
      They took it easy on the 3 series so i have some hope

    5. Hassan Ger Avatar
      Hassan Ger

      The 5 Series is way better, more exotic and aggressive, and more sporty and not boring like this crap


    The 2017 model is still unbeatable for me.

    1. Daiyan Majid Avatar
      Daiyan Majid

      I agree 👍🏼

    2. El Trappo Sosa Avatar
      El Trappo Sosa

      Basically all previous generations are much better in general, they have ruined all their models with Tesla looking like interiors

    3. valxy_rie Avatar

      these taillights are disgusting

    4. WhizFizz ! Avatar
      WhizFizz !

      I agree. 🙌 New E Classes look like fat A class models. I can’t tell them apart on the road lately unless you take a VERY close look.

    5. kevin ali Avatar
      kevin ali

      @Turah big faxx

  4. Yissi Biiyte Avatar
    Yissi Biiyte

    Those weird lights actually make it look slightly unique. Not like the A-class, C-class and S-class which all look identical

    1. Bob Bowie Avatar
      Bob Bowie

      These are just evolving design exercises . Each model having unique characteristics are gone pretty much.

    2. TechPassion Avatar

      ​@Yissi Biiyte First of all, I totally agree! The headlights on the new E-class are a nice touch to differentiate it from the other models!

      That being said, the C-class and S-class have more differences besides just size! A quick Google image search for “C-class vs S-class” already shows a different front face and rear end. Similar yes, but not the same!

      It’s not even something new, if you search up 1995 C-Class, E-Class, and S-Class, their designs are very, VERY similar. Maybe car guys like us can spot the difference, but the average person might not even realize they’re different models at first glance.

      Personally I don’t mind. If the design language ain’t broke then there’s no need to change it. And if I feel like I don’t want that, I’ve got alternative options from other brands too, no harm done 👍🏻

    3. Yissi Biiyte Avatar
      Yissi Biiyte

      @TechPassion well I consider myself a devout car guy who can differentiate many cars the average person probably couldn’t. But I personally can hardly tell apart a C and S class from the front/rear alone.

    4. Karanveer Singh Avatar
      Karanveer Singh

      I thought they’re inspired by a certain old 3 series bmw… What’s happening here 😢😢😢

    5. Tică Lastone Avatar
      Tică Lastone

      wait till the new versions come out

  5. Nismo The Gamer Avatar
    Nismo The Gamer

    I feel this new design looks better than the previous one especially at the front, Even the grill shape looks much better, kinda reminds me of the 2015 – 2018 design. Kudos for the hyper screen update as well Mercedes 🙂

  6. Bionic Rusty Avatar
    Bionic Rusty

    I own the facelift W212 and for me, it is perfect. The looks, the comfort and the room inside make it a perfect retirement car. 👍

    1. Bionic Rusty Avatar
      Bionic Rusty

      @Henri Cela I had an E350 Coupe.
      I admit my funds have never stretched to some ‘mega’ cars that are available but I still maintain it was the best car that I’ve ever owned.
      And you’re spot on. They just aren’t ageing. They still look awesome.

    2. The Guy Avatar
      The Guy

      ​@Hardocore mine is 2007. No headaches.. that’s prefacelifted models. But the drivetrain are awesome in 2002-2006 models. 3.2L V6 is unbeatable.

    3. Hardocore Avatar

      @The Guy Maxbe not with yours, but the 211s have more problems than the 212

    4. 51 Avatar

      I have the W211 facelift bought it from my uncle.

  7. Edwin Avatar

    I remember the previous one when it was released back in 2016. It was a beauty and I had no idea how they could make it even better until today

    1. Koay Keng fai Avatar
      Koay Keng fai

      Now this new want looks so off 💀💀💀

    2. Lee Avatar

      i still like the 2017-2020 ish ones, but i drive a base model GLA soon to own a glb

    3. Ibn Ehsan Avatar
      Ibn Ehsan

      @Lee noo not that car, the glb is probably the most unrelaieble cars mercedes has made in the present

    4. DV Avatar

      Same. That was the peak in terms of Merc sedan design, C, E and S all look better then than now. Carried way more exterior presence.
      Could be worse though. BMW tryna be too different with their updates and really fked up some of their flagship cars

  8. Fenrir Slip Avatar
    Fenrir Slip

    I’m not too sure about the design of the headlights. They kind of remind me of BMW headlights from the early 2000s, but they’re slightly angled upwards, and the bottom portion of the housing just looks too “wave-like” if that makes any sense. It’s more noticeable on a brightly colored spec as you see at the beginning of the video, as opposed to a spec that’s black or dark blue. I’d obviously have to see it in person to make a better judgment.

    I would also like it if there were more physical buttons in the cabin. Of course, you don’t want to go overboard with the buttons like in the Aston Martin Vantage, but having a few tactile buttons makes the interior feel more premium in my opinion. I bet the super screen and hyper screen are amazing pieces of technology, but they’re a bit too excessive if you ask me. xD

    1. VFB_1893 Avatar

      Yeah i don’t understand how they can use touch buttons on the steering wheel. Physical buttons are much better.

  9. Mark Cain Avatar
    Mark Cain

    I prefer the much older, much less techy ones, tech and me don’t really mix to well lol 😁

  10. iPhoenix8 Avatar

    There’s something charmingly nostalgic about these headlights, reminding me of w210, w211 and w212. Anyway a great looking car, subtle and confident design completing some visual innuendos of its closest predecessor. Can’t wait to see it on the road, especially AMG’s take.

    1. Yabby Gideon Avatar
      Yabby Gideon

      That’s very true and it’s very clear they want us to reminisce to the 210, 211, ans 212, even tho I hate the interior and (maybe) the tail lights and headlights, I can’t really hate the car cause at least they tried to finally make the E class unique again😒

  11. Sushi slays stuff Avatar
    Sushi slays stuff

    ah yes, the “we removed 80% of the buttons and replaced them with this absolutely massive screen and called it luxury”

    1. DontKnowWhy Avatar

      It’s such a problem that modern luxury cars don’t look grand or special, everything is becoming too minimalistic and digital.

    2. Karanveer Singh Avatar
      Karanveer Singh

      Yes… Finally… We’re all talking abt it… It’s like a cost cutting gimic… The only German manufacturer still using buttons esp for the ac is porsche… That’s priorities

    3. JT1989 Avatar

      Purely money saving. Tesla started it, now everyone has followed. I couldn’t imagine having this amount of money to spend on a car and not be able to get some fecking buttons….

    4. L B Avatar
      L B

      @Karanveer Singh My M340 still has it

    5. a n Avatar
      a n

      @JT1989 Not true. Its what the market demands

  12. JayFla Avatar

    W211 was the best looking IMO. Quad headlights, sleek styling. And there is no way to get it confused with a C class like the newer models. I hate that they make all their sedans look alike now.

    1. Henri Cela Avatar
      Henri Cela

      W212 beats it

    2. CPT_ROB Avatar

      Agree. To this day I still think of a light blue w211 with panoramic sunroof that I walked past every day on my way to college in 2006. The car oozed class and quality. The new ones are more tech than anything else. I wish these premium brands would do more basic but high quality cars like the w211 again.

    3. SDav21 Avatar

      @CPT_ROB Haha I feel the same and love the exact same E Class you describe. My friend’s parents got one back in 2003 and it was the most beautiful car ever to me.

  13. Desmond Lesetedi Avatar
    Desmond Lesetedi

    I like it. A lot. The curving rear glass reminds me of the CL…if anybody remembers that. It was a gorgeous hunk of a machine that. Honestly, this is a good looking Merc. Different from anything currently offered by the company.

  14. its_jimmy_696 Avatar

    another great vid Mat, always excited when i get a Carwow notification. Plus I still think the 2017 e class is more iconic

  15. András Balázs Avatar
    András Balázs

    W213 pre-facelift was the peak of all the E-Classes for exterior design, that front light was so cool, liked the 3-stripe taillights too. Interior? Same. I already MISS them buttons, switches, knobs….

    1. SWENWAR Avatar

      Yep. Which is good for me. I can enjoy my pre-facelift w213 without wanting to change it with w214. 🙂 IMO w213 pre-facelift looks better inside and outside. I am not a fan of that all touchscreen madness. There is enough of technology put in w213 already.

  16. Jullia Capybara Avatar
    Jullia Capybara

    MB designer: How many 3 spokes do you want on the new E class?
    MB: yes

    1. Andrey Avatar

      You just copied Faris’ comment word for word and he posted his an hour before you did.

    2. DontKnowWhy Avatar

      ​@Andrey it’s the bots

  17. Celeb Story. Avatar
    Celeb Story.

    0:00 – Intro
    0:24 – design
    3:06 – Infotainment
    5:06 – Engines
    6:42 – Performance
    7:35 – Practicality
    8:14 – Suspension
    8:45 – Interior
    10:50 – Technology
    12:23 – Price
    12:52 – Outro


    1. MR Vapes Avatar
      MR Vapes

    2. Rohan Borah Avatar
      Rohan Borah

      Thx 🙏🏻

    3. Karabo Moyo Avatar
      Karabo Moyo

      Nah, thank you

  18. An.N. Avatar

    Very good design and excellent proportions !
    For me the exclusive line looks far more classy, coherent and understated than the AMG line, which is neither fish nor flesh to me.

    1. SWENWAR Avatar

      I prefer the exclusive line too. The AMG line looks too much EQS.

  19. Adeel Iqbal Avatar
    Adeel Iqbal

    Love the design, a wonderful update to the previous model.

  20. twola Avatar

    the exclusive trim just looks amazing…it just transforms the E class for what it is compared to the AMG line

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