New Audi Q6 e-tron REVEALED!





47 responses to “New Audi Q6 e-tron REVEALED!”

  1. @Pastronomer69 Avatar

    Shows how much the car world sucks these days when another giant electric SUV is “crazy”

    1. @adityamessiah69 Avatar

      It is crazyy for a SUV tho

    2. @Luccydocc64839 Avatar

      Shut up!

    3. @GearUpind Avatar

      More like a luxury Sedan i think carmaker’s should’ve start calling Suv term for only 4×4 with Body on frames vehicles and Other Jacked up hatchbacks as Crossovers

    4. @_mvx_mvllvr_2733 Avatar

      *CRAZYYY 🤣

    5. @ElTastygatto Avatar

      Wow so crazy a couple LEDs are so futuristic and crazy

  2. @7bid Avatar

    Skoda superb 2024 review please

  3. @An4s_clips Avatar

    It’s like a spaceship

    1. @Matthew_Removeafterwashing Avatar

      more like a spaceship toy

  4. @mazzoni23 Avatar

    cool, another generic electric SUV that’ll be unusable in less than 10y due to battery issues

  5. @gusmlie Avatar

    Give you 50p for it in 6 months. Near verticle depreciation. Enjoy.

  6. @kendrick-yp2zf Avatar

    The LEDs are just so luxury i love it so much

    1. @deansmits006 Avatar

      Wow, didn’t think I’d meet someone in the wild who really loves it. Well, there it is

    2. @kendrick-yp2zf Avatar


    3. @mattweeks7142 Avatar

      All new cars are utter garbage.
      Bring back the buttons and gauges.
      Officer: you were on your phone while driving.
      Me: No I was on my 52” touch screen.
      We all think insurance is expensive now , wait until people start crashing these things.

    4. @festo8885 Avatar

      LEDs are dated and tacky

  7. @daBossTech602 Avatar

    Finally Audi won’t have interiors from the Jurassic era 😂

  8. @AgentSmith911 Avatar

    and it’s just £60 000 in options lol

    1. @JonathanDuddy-oq6nv Avatar

      Will be more than that…..

  9. @cumuIonimbus Avatar

    Me: damages a headlight in a minor crash
    Service: that’ll be $10000, sir

    1. @CB-sh9zz Avatar

      Car insurance companies do exist

    2. @Luccydocc64839 Avatar

      Unfunny and unoriginal

    3. @deansmits006 Avatar

      ​@@CB-sh9zz For sure….oh, there go my premiums up another 20%, awesome!

    4. @kendrick-yp2zf Avatar

      That’s straight fax

    5. @TenheadLife Avatar

      Definitely why if you get backed into and break a few parts of that it’ll be totaled out

  10. @GeisterFahrer2 Avatar

    We don’t want heavy SUVs

    1. @AlzhinSon Avatar

      Unfortunately you’re the minority.
      This is exactly what people want. Well, most people want a cheaper version than what this will cost but yea

    2. @Matthew_Removeafterwashing Avatar

      ​@@AlzhinSonexactly, who would buy small car if a neighbour have a H U G E S U V? That will make me look poor, I have less of a car

    3. @v.s.727 Avatar

      I’d keep driving old cars, because they drive much nicer then all this modern crap, but tbh I’m scared of getting hit by one of the many incompetent drivers who buy these tanks.

    4. @not_mamba Avatar

      well unlucky for you, that’s the big car manufacturer’s goals nowadays

  11. @ahmedhammam Avatar

    The best lighting system in the entire business Audi 💯

  12. @greathey1234 Avatar

    More gimmicks means less quality

  13. @karanpatade Avatar

    Audi is more lighting company than an automobile company

    1. @not_mamba Avatar

      you haven’t seen much of audi have you?

  14. @shortscortitos288 Avatar

    A mobile phone on tires = rubbish

  15. @Frydee123 Avatar

    Yaaaaaayyyy another electric crossover! We really needed one of those! Insaneeee! 😐

  16. @KelsiLittich Avatar

    How do you open the charging flap with a flat battery

    1. @Slazlo-Brovnik Avatar

      Probably the same way you do it with a TESLA: Jump the car.

    2. @almajd.k Avatar

      The same way you got opened

    3. @deeno9804 Avatar

      The low voltage cut-off will prevent you from driving but all important features will still work.

    4. @robertw.9779 Avatar

      Emergency release

    5. @sricharansurapaneni3592 Avatar

      You say “open sesame”

  17. @RichTallent Avatar

    Unfortunately, it’s still an Audi. You’d have to live with that.

    1. @noone7772 Avatar

      Whats the problem with Audi?

    2. @JonathanDuddy-oq6nv Avatar

      ​@@noone7772I’m guessing you either, don’t drive or own an Audi.

  18. @chrishb7074 Avatar

    It’s astounding how they’ve managed to make the simple task of trolleying your a** down the road into something so incredibly silly.

  19. @CermyAndroidGameplay Avatar

    The price: IT’S CRAZYYY! 🤯

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