New AMG C63 vs BMW M3 vs Audi RS4: DRAG RACE

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It's the one you fans have been waiting on!

We have actually lastly got our hands on the brand- S Estate, and it's going head-to-head against its closest competitors – the M3 Touring and the Competitors!

So let's have a look at how the 3 compare. Starting with the , it's done the unimaginable and swapped the V8 for a 2-litre 4-cylinder turbo! This can produce 476hp, but fear not – there's likewise an electrical motor fitted to the rear axel that can produce 204hp, so as an outcome the brand-new C63 produces 680hp and a colossal 1,020 Nm! It's geared up with a 9-speed automatic gearbox, it weighs in at a substantial 2,190 kg, and it costs around ₤ 99,750.

As for the , it's packing the same 3-litre twin-turbo straight-six as discovered in the saloon. This puts down 510hp and 650Nm, sends power to all 4 wheels by means of an 8-speed automatic transmission, and it pointers the scales at just 1,865 kg. It's also a fair bit cheaper than the AMG, coming in at ₤ 88,800.

Then lastly we have the limited-edition Competition. It has the very same 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6 as the regular automobile, and it still produces 450hp and 600Nm. Power is sent to all four wheels through an 8-speed automated gearbox, and it's both the lightest & most affordable automobile here, can be found in at 1,745 kg & ₤ 84,600 respectively.

So undoubtedly it has to be a walkover for the AMG, right? There's just one method to find out … LET'S RACE!


93 responses to “New AMG C63 vs BMW M3 vs Audi RS4: DRAG RACE”

  1. @richieduck67 Avatar

    Moment of silence for the V8 in the Mercedes

    1. @SM-1010 Avatar

      CLE63 AmG is getting a v8. The bullying worker so there’s a chance they may revert this decision

    2. @rayukk Avatar

      @@SM-1010They have to achieve CO2 targets because of EU regulations and V8 engines are obviously terrible at that

    3. @enviro_400_life Avatar

      @@rayukkthe only reason why bmw have no much difficulty to build and release some V8s and no soft limiters like that is because they paying them fines before cars going for sale and they confident to get their money back cuz everyone loves bmw models

    4. @fcmancos884 Avatar

      @@rayukk DEP USA Market with the 4 cilinder. They could make a 4.0 liter v8, disconnect banks almost all the time in the EU and keep the electric thing. Or change the name entirely like C6E

    5. @fcmancos884 Avatar

      @@rayukk EU stupid regulations, we have 448 millions of people with very low emisions and we sell all the GARBAGE to third world countries to “recycle” into the rivers, sea and land without control. No mention to all the garbage and polution of all the Asia countries with ten times de population.

  2. @josephashipala6249 Avatar

    AMG u broke my heart with ur 4 cylinder 😢

    1. @venurm1286 Avatar

      You’re not the only one. Sales of the 4 cylinder C63 have tanked to the point that Mercedes has reverted to a V8 for the upcoming CLE63 coupé.

    2. @josephashipala6249 Avatar

      @@venurm1286 what where they thinking we also want it on the c63 and the e63

    3. @khayman9574 Avatar

      @@venurm1286 I can’t really understand what possessed MB to come up with what’s, arguably, the most stupid idea in automotive history but it serves them right.

    4. @Sonarus-lx Avatar

      do swap v8 or v12

    5. @NguyenNhanQKhanh Avatar

      A45s stilll the best 4 cylinder engine, but C63 S E is bad!

  3. @carwow Avatar

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    1. @ro-hit-man-45 Avatar

      Audi lover ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    2. @jarredtremain4644 Avatar

      Heavy hybrids or electric cars aren’t built for corners. Roads aren’t straight

    3. @vijayatk3776 Avatar

      Please do drag race between lexus rcf vs bmw m3 🥺 please do

    4. @AMAPIANO_FADE Avatar

      Next video plz bring a stage 1 BMW M3 that is not how you disrespect BMW

    5. @Rocky-hh3yg Avatar

      Can we talk about the M3s wheels. Jesus Christ have they been attacked by an angle grinder?

  4. @tebogomahlaba6145 Avatar

    The Maggs on the m3 look like it’s been hitting curbs for days.

    1. @kinimod3670 Avatar

      its lube for changing tires…

    2. @ishemarizani6321 Avatar

      Looks like the tyres where changed just fythis😅

    3. @LoganBRK1 Avatar

      @@kinimod3670 yeah i had no idea what i was looking at, but it couldn’t be damages, that’d have been insane haha

    4. @kylespencer8338 Avatar

      @tebogomahlaba6145 Mos Mags, I found a South African

    5. @broken12367 Avatar

      That’s exactly my first thought when I saw the side view

  5. @whotf888 Avatar

    I don’t care how fast it is. The W206 C63 is a disgrace to the “63” nameplate.

    1. @joebee1558 Avatar

      I have yet to see one of those mercs ever win a drag race

    2. @oscarlee8318 Avatar

      AMG C20s

    3. @scousedave1917 Avatar

      RIP to that glorious noise the 63 used to have.

    4. @janestreetentertainment9552 Avatar

      No I have a b250 2016 amg, it’s peppy ❤

    5. @Hammerpink Avatar

      It’s the price to pay to avoid the 60k€ ecotaxes i guess, so in a sense it’s the cheapest of the 3

  6. @h.u.l.k.7072 Avatar

    C63 with a 2 liter engine? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Waiting for the new Brabus C63 with a 100 mL engine with 600 BHP. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. @infamouswan Avatar


    2. @jasonpoole6284 Avatar

      Heh RC engine

    3. @h.u.l.k.7072 Avatar

      @@jasonpoole6284 Yes, Mercedes wants to really go down the drain. They ended up dumb copycators from innovators and trendsetters. It’s really a shame.

    4. @user-cz5lv8mm4q Avatar

      Brabus 0.5L

    5. @LDN_BOX Avatar

      That will be called the C63 Trolley

  7. @sergiode5336 Avatar

    This is one of the 10 C63s that were ever sold 😂

    1. @alexsimon9032 Avatar

      Wrong, this was lent by the dealer 😂 they couldn’t find anyone who owns one to use their car 💀😂

    2. @Kuku-et8hw Avatar


    3. @TheEloim_ Avatar


    4. @aminur14 Avatar


    5. @Jke253 Avatar

      😂😂😂😂 not surprised. this c63 is complete garbage

  8. @sweatyfootenjoyer Avatar

    This just in, a 700hp car is faster in a straight line than a car with 450hp or 500hp.

    1. @Dokepredator Avatar

      It’s not 680hp idc why Mercedes is telling that. You can’t just add up the electric prower on top of the engines Power.

    2. @jozefjozefczyk3936 Avatar

      What about weight?

    3. @tonyhall1040 Avatar

      @@Dokepredator Horsepower is additive. So if both engine and motor can apply their peak power at the same time, it will be as advertised.


      Awww bmw fan boy 🤣🤣 the merc weighs 335 kilos more than the bmw and still slapped it. And we all know that bmw is pushing more then 510 as bmw always say less!!
      And remember I’m an Amg fan and don’t like the 2 cylinder setup but I know 100% the v6 in that will make a come back as per the leaked images of that car has been seen.
      Imagine that f1 hybrid system set up in that v6 👀

    5. @jozefjozefczyk3936 Avatar

      @@GRAYCURRYKITTENS bmw have 150hp less XD

  9. @franki68 Avatar

    £100k for a four cylinder engine and 2.2 tonnes ? You have to be insane to buy one .

    1. @dwaynejohnson6644 Avatar

      and it kinda looks like an A series. imo atleast

    2. @apollospindel Avatar

      well he just gapped the shitm3

    3. @xIcarus227 Avatar

      And as testament to your claim, it sold very poorly. Serves them right for not understanding their customers.

    4. @insayn7995 Avatar

      @@apollospindelNo one really seems to care about that, people don’t want it and it’s not selling. And you know what the m3 is capable of with just a tune.

    5. @cuee4753 Avatar

      @@apollospindel tune the m3 to the same hp as the c63 and we see who will win monkey

  10. @mauripekkarinen1 Avatar

    AMG forgot that hp isn’t everything, 2200kg for a compact wagon is awful, and it will handle much worse than the BMW and Audi.

    1. @flipmo9579 Avatar

      It has faster laptimes than both. And every car journalist is saying the same that the car has an insane amount grip. But it’s still missing the v8

    2. @Mehlon-xc5kt Avatar

      ⁠@@flipmo9579agreed even a 6 banger would be great but Merc did a good job with the engineering tho

    3. @DavoDavo630 Avatar

      @@flipmo9579 it may be fast but it sounds rubbish 🤣

    4. @flipmo9579 Avatar

      @@DavoDavo630 2026 comes the V8 version do why complain, if we getting it

    5. @MichaelJoseph-ut3md Avatar

      Have you seen it on the ‘Ring?

  11. @mrnicktoyou Avatar

    The year, 2034. For sale: 10 year old AMG C63S. Has engine light on, 203 error codes. Might take a few months to diagnose, but it was fast when it was new. Just $2000, a steal!

    1. @bokiNYC Avatar


    2. @avishkarsingh744 Avatar


    3. @esthetics4512 Avatar


    4. @danlee8090 Avatar


    5. @miguelfigueiredo3910 Avatar

      Mate all that will show up in the first 6 months! It wouldn’t last 10 years 😅

  12. @ReeceT20 Avatar

    Outcome doesn’t matter because the M3 is the only one I’d actually buy

  13. @jesseperrella Avatar

    15:00 killed me lmfao..

    “Rori I don’t care, cause you’re gonna lose anyway”

    1. @-2face-723 Avatar



    You know brands are fucking up when the audi sounds the best.

    1. @daytonrom4453 Avatar

      If it weren’t for the soft limiters that audis have, most of the time, the audis would sound better. unpopular opinion but, most modern BMWs sound pretty bad. The Audi R8 v10 needs no introduction, the 2.5 5 cyl sounds fantastic, and this 2.9 V6 definitely sounds better at open throttle than the BMW (and obviously the Merc lol). Back then, however, AMG engines had glorious sounds.

    2. @suhrab7192 Avatar

      @@daytonrom4453 no

    3. @bottomtext6558 Avatar

      audi been always sounding good especially the 5cys and mercedes fucked up when they went hybrid and killed the glorious v8

    4. @VICIOUSLYFAST Avatar

      @@daytonrom4453 correct.

    5. @VICIOUSLYFAST Avatar

      @@bottomtext6558 agreed

  15. @mohammadremeity5884 Avatar

    You should’ve brought the lci updated M3 it got extra 30 HP

    1. @iMortalHQ Avatar

      Then you need to wait until end of this year for b10 RS4/5.

      Bear in mind this engine of Audis been since 2017……….

    2. @scherpebocht Avatar

      @@iMortalHQbmw’s engine too since x3m..

    3. @chadvehiclesourcing9696 Avatar

      Typical bmw fan boy comment🤣🤣

    4. @exzoduss3089 Avatar

      it’s not out yet only the m4, tho it was revealed a few days ago

  16. @DFENS-dx1ns Avatar

    breaking news: 680PS win against 510PS and 450PS. Audi still holding up pretty good against the M3 and the hybrid abomination

    1. @Divine_Serpent_Geh Avatar

      Very good actually. Obviously being severely underpowered I knew it would lose, but it held its own incredibly well.

    2. @tolgaerol007 Avatar

      680 ps 2,2 tonner gewinnt gegen 510 ps 1,9 tonner (lustig wie jeder vergisst das gewicht mit ein zu beziehen)

    3. @DISPIQERI Avatar

      Don’t like the new c63 at all but it’s 400kg more than m3 and rs4 so stop crying about hp

    4. @richardcarlssonraa1201 Avatar


    5. @user-my4xu4gf1z Avatar

      The audi shouldn’t of beat the m3 touring if it was in peak shape. Something was wrong with it. It’s never been an 11.6 quarter mile car. It’s been shown countless time to be an 11.3. It beat the rs6 performance on carwow in damp conditions and ran an 11.3 .. the m3 beat the rs5 on carwow and gapped it by 3 bus lengths. Now all the sudden the rs4 is neck and neck with the m3? Makes no sense.

  17. @RSXengineering Avatar

    Those wheels on the RS4 are legendary

  18. @bussterdouglas Avatar

    Crazy how the fastest, best looking C63 of all time is also the least desirable lol I would’ve even been happy with a V6😂

  19. @druideka99 Avatar

    The Audio is so perfect in this video! You can here the aggresive Gearshifts. Perfection!

  20. @R_301.1 Avatar

    RS4 with just 450hp and it is making such performance, imagine what adding 30-50hp out of a higher pressurized turbos would do, just like the rs6 and rs7

    1. @takaradope Avatar

      They just released an rs4 with 470ps

    2. @Def13. Avatar

      Upgrade to 500hp and will win…30minutes job….

    3. @martinsvensson6884 Avatar

      @@Def13. No it wont lol

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