Mercedes Fanboys are pretty quiet right about now 😬





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  1. @EmilyRivasko Avatar

    Your content is like a mood I want to keep forever. Thanks for these moments of happiness!🍒🍒 ^ 🔺!

  2. @Jonh.Bmg. Avatar

    I am a Mercedes fanboy but i gotta admit that BMW are faster because BMW are more focused on performance and driving experience, while Mercedes is more focused on luxury and tech

    Note : I dont say that BMW dont have cool tech or luxury models

    1. @CarbonRP Avatar

      Well, BMW owns Roll Royce, so you can say they do have cool tech and luxury models

    2. @Jonh.Bmg. Avatar

      ​@@CarbonRP I agree

    3. @Jonh.Bmg. Avatar

      Also Mercedes is well known for decades for their luxury, but unfortunetly now many big car brand tend to go cheap on build quality and materials including some audi, Mercedes, BMW, VW etc.

    4. @lloydbonafide3398 Avatar

      ​@CarbonRP true and Mercedes has always focused on luxury and comfort with their everyday cars. When they actually focus on racing, they dominate. From formula 1 to the nurburgring.

    5. @davyvandenberg59 Avatar

      @@CarbonRPyeah but I mean following that logic, a VW is a hypercar just because vw owns bugatti.

  3. @sahityasarkar1742 Avatar

    Fact : Later in this Full video the BMW gets beaten by Mercedes. I’m a BMW fan but this video showed how powerful was E63S even back then. Please watch the full video in the Carwow channel.

  4. @emsione Avatar

    Cool jump tho.

    1. @nathangriswold3326 Avatar

      Another Mercedes fan delusional as always

    2. @emsione Avatar

      @@nathangriswold3326 Never owned one, just stated the obvous. If you want some matereal to b1tch about then I like Audis, Range rovers and EVs. Hard miss with that pathetic asumption.

    3. @nathangriswold3326 Avatar

      @@emsione yeah you also missed cause if you’d actually read I never said you owned one and I don’t care if you did he didn’t jump the start

    4. @emsione Avatar

      @@nathangriswold3326 Nice double downing. Shure can see the syndrome coming through.

  5. @Bhavik.179 Avatar

    Bots everywhere..

  6. @stefanjelic Avatar

    E63s is competition with RS6 not with M3.

    1. @haroonahmed2877 Avatar


    2. @vadwvea7153 Avatar

      @@haroonahmed2877 RS6 mainly. +especially not M3

  7. @splask252 Avatar

    I’m not a Mercedes fan, but isn’t the E63s a 2019 model while m3 is current year?

    1. @Jonh.Bmg. Avatar


    2. @vadwvea7153 Avatar


  8. @BSA-Airgun-Shooting Avatar


  9. @megarensmusic Avatar

    Sometimes it’s not the car, but the driver…I’ve beaten various cars in a mini….😂

  10. @CosminBinu Avatar

    U should compare the same model on the same year Matt , not M3 brand new against E63 old model that’s not fair 🤔

  11. @lloydbonafide3398 Avatar

    I rather be in a e class than a 3 series tho

    1. @vadwvea7153 Avatar


  12. @NikosKalantasTouKabourdirhTouK Avatar

    Also, VAG owners that get walked by civics

  13. @sirmingusdewiv8325 Avatar

    Both cars are lease only. Neither are built well. There’s is a reason the S Class and 7 series are worth 25 grand after 5 years. POS. Audi A8 too. None of their cars hold their value remotely. But they do let everyone know you have a small pee pee.

    1. @audiman7716 Avatar

      25k after 5 years for and S class or Audi A8? lol you’re delusional. Let me guess, you drive a Toyota

    2. @sirmingusdewiv8325 Avatar

      @audiman7716  You know what happens when you assume, correct? 2023 Golf R (leased for the same reason mentioned above) as a daily and a 2022 911 S4 Cabriolet with a manual, which I own, for fun on nice days.

    3. @vadwvea7153 Avatar

      The reason they depreciate isnt because they are built bad lmao. They depreciate because the owners are rich and just buy the new model when it comes out, nobody wants to buy a used older model for a 100 grand which causes prices to plummet. It is simple supply and demand you clearly cant understand, also they NEVER go to 25k in 5 yrs. For example the C63 from 2010 went from 80k to 25k and is now increasing in 2024 that is over 14 years to reach that price and the generation right after it is holding 40 comfortably and the one after that is at 50-60 grand (and it is around 5 yrs old)

  14. @MrJhonjhon4 Avatar

    By a wagon

  15. @henryochieng6892 Avatar

    Is Carwow a subsidiary of BMW AG?

  16. @worldinwords8179 Avatar

    We know what happend when Sam understandet the merc

  17. @thabihotboy9376 Avatar

    That M3 touring has more than claimed power. I swear it rven beat an M8

  18. @kensaintheuk3899 Avatar

    I see an average of 3 Mercedes per week on many British roads .Brits don’t buy crap😅

  19. @lawn2learn26 Avatar

    Tesla Model 3 Performance says hello
    Car Wow 😊

  20. @erykzuzaek7099 Avatar

    Using sad boston terrier should be straight to jail 😢

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