How to justify paying £117k for a Defender!


28 responses to “How to justify paying £117k for a Defender!”

  1. @DarthV4d3r Avatar

    They won’t be too happy when it breaks down 😂

    1. @PersonalMaster Avatar


    2. @oliverparker7585 Avatar

      Or when it gets stolen

  2. @Jehoofd3 Avatar

    Better shift into 4×4 mode and lower your tire pressure next time. This is so dangerous.

    1. @apersunthathasaridiculousl1890 Avatar

      FR! I also think he needs to reenforce his undercarriage

    2. @fairygodbrother Avatar

      And fit a snorkel did you see how big that puddle was?

    3. @tripled1600 Avatar

      😂😂😂 nice one

  3. @B1UK Avatar

    Except half of them can’t even manage a grass banking without getting stuck and need pulling out 😂

  4. @b82fn Avatar

    This short was better than the usual crap 😀

  5. @poppylatief2554 Avatar

    Living life on the edge

  6. @poppylatief2554 Avatar

    Doesn’t leak oil cause it doesn’t have any in it

  7. @BleachDemon99 Avatar

    90% of them I mot have dangerously bald tyres…….it’s as if the owners can’t afford to run them

  8. @sherman4970 Avatar

    No way is this worth that amount of money. Never ever !!!!
    They STILL break down.
    Brand new ones .
    £100,000 plus.
    What people are buying these??

  9. @stwg32 Avatar

    We have a saying here. If you want to go to the bush, take the Land Rover. If you want to go to the bush and make it back again, take the Land Cruiser. 😉

    1. @Tana_Fas_kurd Avatar

      We in iraq drive land curser more than all other car brands , but the reality is land cruiser after 2020 no more better than land rover

    2. @beam1261 Avatar

      @@Tana_Fas_kurdland crusur pash 2020 xrapa ya3ni ? 😂😂

    3. @juffurey Avatar

      @@Tana_Fas_kurd good thing they make other cars

  10. @westwest3460 Avatar

    BMW can’t do this 😂

  11. @AgentSmith911 Avatar

    You forgot to raise the air suspension

  12. @2595220 Avatar

    And breaks down all time too 😂😂

  13. @soulasssassin Avatar

    ***check engine light comes on…

  14. @superdylan803 Avatar

    not me doing that on my e scooter

  15. @pl2027 Avatar

    Still better than a Range in such situations 😂

  16. @Manchler Avatar

    Off-roading at its peak

  17. @danielvivor9449 Avatar

    This and the GTA shorts are the best.

  18. @user-vk4vd7vr5t Avatar

    Every dualcab ute owner is like this too

  19. @mook16v Avatar

    That’s more than my mortgage 😅

  20. @johnkraft6053 Avatar

    “Bumper to bumper extended warranty…”

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