Genesis GV80 review: A budget Bentayga!

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It's a swank, luxurious 7-seater that is wanting to go toe-to-toe with market leaders such as the Mercedes GLS and Audi SQ7! The question is, can this Korean SUV display the German market leaders?

Well, let's have a look at what you get for your money. It definitely looks the part from the outside, with a clever split taillight design and roofing system spoiler around the back, through to a huge grille in advance. In fact, we're pretty sure the Genesis designers obtained a bit from the Bentley Bentayga … But then again, that's no bad thing!

The quality advances the inside, with soft-touch materials throughout the cabin. Premium designs such as the one we have here included wood impact trim also, which if anything reminds us of the BMW iX! It likewise features a set of digital dials, although the quality isn't that terrific.

One location where the is let down is the option of engines, where you only have one gas and one diesel to choose from. The gas's a 2.5-litre 4-cylinder turbo that can produce 304hp, so if you're trying to find a bit more power from a 7-seater, you might wish to look somewhere else.

The can be found in at ₤ 60,000, rising to around ₤ 78,000 for top-of-the-range designs. So what do you believe – is it worth it? Stick with Mat and see for yourself!

00:00 Introduction
00:38 Exterior Design
02:44 Interior
06:41 Back Seats
10:52 Boot
13:02 5 Annoying Things
14:51 5 Good Things
16:16 Engine
16:53 Town Driving
18:47 Freeway Driving
20:15 Twisty Road Driving
21:36 0-60mph
22:09 Verdict

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77 responses to “Genesis GV80 review: A budget Bentayga!”

  1. GyurMa Gyuri Avatar
    GyurMa Gyuri

    Genesis has some hidden gems in their lineup

    1. Sayua // さゆあ Avatar
      Sayua // さゆあ

      yeah, like _Jesus He knows me_ or _I cant dance_ 😎

    2. 김민수 Avatar

      @J H 그건 G90만이다

    3. Sleepy Joe Scumbag Avatar
      Sleepy Joe Scumbag


    4. Ricky P Avatar
      Ricky P

      @TheBonkarsGamer would be nice if they stick to the lower prices

    5. tropixx Avatar

      honestly their whole lineup is really good

  2. carwow Avatar

    Would you choose a Genesis over an Audi, BMW or Mercedes? 🤔

    1. Matthew Norman Avatar
      Matthew Norman

      We need a Hyundai Getz sx on this channel day 136

    2. Joe C. Avatar
      Joe C.

      yes without a doubt.

    3. bazoggy Avatar

      Err no

    4. instatravel iran Avatar
      instatravel iran


    5. PEANUT BUTTER Avatar


  3. Afrid Ashraf Avatar
    Afrid Ashraf

    Matt is the ryan reynolds in car community

    1. M uz Avatar
      M uz

      @brian stout – I’m a bit of a clown, too, doesn’t make me anything like Ryan Reynolds. 😅

    2. Paijo Avatar

      Deadpool vibe

    3. Bo Xoffisa Avatar
      Bo Xoffisa

      @M uz He watched movies.

    4. M uz Avatar
      M uz

      @Bo Xoffisa 👏 10/10 for observation.

    5. Florence Baendes Avatar
      Florence Baendes

      Matt is funnier than that clown. I can’t stand that pretentious mouth breathing mtfker

  4. Dave D'Video Maker Avatar
    Dave D’Video Maker

    I think Genesis should come to more European countries.

    And I should point out that there’s a 3.5-litre V6 for other markets with 380hp.

    1. Mark Arnold Avatar
      Mark Arnold

      The Emissions Police won’t like that engine……… but I would 😁

    2. Dave D'Video Maker Avatar
      Dave D’Video Maker

      @Mark Arnold The emissions regulations are just bullshit.
      I think it’s a shame that engine isn’t sold, considering that there are many vehicles sold in Europe that get worse gas mileage, and gas mileage is a factor for emissions.

    3. Mark Arnold Avatar
      Mark Arnold

      @Dave D’Video Maker agreed

  5. Lego man Avatar
    Lego man

    Fun little fact, the genesis gv80 was designed by the same person who designed the bentayga hence why it has so much ressemblance

    1. woody555kl Avatar

      Park it next to a bentayga and tell me it resembles one.

    2. Gene S Avatar
      Gene S

      @lonetrader1 Congrats lonetrader1…that’s by far, the dumbest comment I’ve read today.

    3. Gene S Avatar
      Gene S

      @woody555kl It does have some styling similarities – stance, some smaller details etc. But it is by no means a direct copy of the Bentayga

    4. glorf1234 Avatar

      Hyundai/Kia have amazing designs the past years!

    5. Jeremy Brown Avatar
      Jeremy Brown

      Where did you read that?

  6. Battery Powered  Avatar
    Battery Powered

    The Genesis offers so much for the price !!

    1. FBI Avatar

      @John Keffner @S.M. this making me reconsider a Kia Soul I’ve heard problems about oil consumption but didn’t know it was that widespread 😳

    2. FRAGGERSOULZ Avatar

      @S. M. you must trash the car all the time and whatnot. My brother owns a kia seltos and my dad has a stinger gt and has literally no issues with the cars. Maybe occasional service is required compared to other cars but kia also provides good warranty

    3. ABHM Avatar

      @S. M. I’d take Toyota/Honda but that’s just my opinion

    4. romanian countryball Avatar
      romanian countryball

      @FRAGGERSOULZ idk I heard the hyundais and kias made in US are worse then the Korean made ones

    5. Kovacs Filip Avatar
      Kovacs Filip

      @John Keffner you should change the oil on every 15k miles,not on how it’s manufacturer its saying,because being an automatic,and doesnt change gear so good as a manual…

  7. CrashAlley Avatar

    The reason this car looks like a Bentayga is that the same guy designed both the Bentayga and the GV80. (fun fact: he also designed the C6 Z06.

    1. Imran Ali Avatar
      Imran Ali

      @moncler if them cars was next to each other there’s no way on earth anyone could say it looks the same, and there’s no way at a distance you could confuse the GV80 for a Bentayga, if you could confuse one car for another then fair enough but that’s not the case, at a distance you could confuse the logo but that’s about it

    2. moncler Avatar

      @Imran Ali ofc ofc u can differentiate the two with ease, i believe its more the body lines, but thats just what i think because there’s a majority here that believe it looks similar to a bentayga. Personally i dont think they look too alike maybe a detail here and there, but if the majority says it then what can we do

    3. Imran Ali Avatar
      Imran Ali

      @moncler yh I agree with you and everyone is entitled to there opinions, there’s maybe 1 or 2 subtle similarities but most cars share subtle similarities, car manufacturers can’t make every little detail different, there’s only so many things that can be different.
      I’ll give you a example of a suv that do look similar, if you look at a yellow Lamborghini Urus and a yellow Lotus Eletre, them are 2 suvs at a distance you can say look like each other.
      China are the king of clones, they’ve got cars you can barely tell the difference if the cars was next to each other, they take it that far that some the logo is basically the same, the Zotye SR8 looks like Porsche Macan, the Shanghuan Noble looks like the smart car, Landwind X7 looks like the Evoque, the Weikerui V7 is as good as the exact same car as VW UP, they even stole the logo on that car and every detail is the same


      How about we all agree that it looks closest to the Bentayga than any other SUV….

    5. TORO Avatar

      SangYup Lee

  8. joytech22 Avatar

    I love separate HVAC controls and rear seat HVAC controls, and thankfully we get the 3.5 Turbo in Australia. I don’t think the 4cyl is a bad option at all, but I would probably go the TD or 3.5T.

    1. Josh Bacon Avatar
      Josh Bacon

      We don’t get the 3.5T V6 where I live in the UK – I wonder why?

    2. benrgrogan Avatar

      @Josh Bacon Probably emissions related. Genesis won’t want to pay fines for not meeting the UK fleet averages

    3. Mahad Avatar

      @Josh Bacon not brish but probably u guys have some emissions law restricting that… 🙂

    4. FRAGGERSOULZ Avatar

      with a speed limit of 110 or 100 kph world wide except germany autobahn, I dont think I would need a car with 6+ cylinders ever. yes, its fun to drive with roaring v8s and good sounding v6’s but, if i want fun, i will get a sports car, not a suv when the most I’m doing is going to coles and costco for weekly shopping and office trips. I think a 2.5 Turbo 4cl with a suv is a great choice since you get all the luxury features of a suv with a mileage of a small hatchback (theoritically)

    5. Ryan Palmer Avatar
      Ryan Palmer

      We get the 3.5T in the U.S. too!

  9. AoToGo Avatar

    What a stunning looking car, the interior is drop dead gorgeous, very well done Genesis 👏👍😀

  10. Ibrahim Beg Avatar
    Ibrahim Beg

    Saw these in Abu Dhabi and they are really gorgeous and high quality. Really puts some of the other luxury brands to shame on a value for money perspective.

    1. DEADLY SNIPER Avatar

      One of my neighbors here in Abu Dhabi has one, and it’s green, looks amazing

    2. Sleepy Joe Scumbag Avatar
      Sleepy Joe Scumbag

      Lol it’s a Hyundai

    3. Sheriff Abubakar Avatar
      Sheriff Abubakar

      @Sleepy Joe Scumbag what’s your point

    4. Uhm  Avatar

      I’m considering getting one soon, Hyundai always impress me with their high quality cars & reliability, with the best price in the market for what you get, it’s putting major brands to real shame, Also there are many amazing Chinese cars that blew everyone out so much with the quality improvement & how well made they’ve been making their cars

    5. Andrei Georgesco Avatar
      Andrei Georgesco

      @Sleepy Joe Scumbag Just like audi & bentley are VWs. Or maybe there’s more to a brand than who owns the company… who knows?!

  11. Fa 'Le Avatar
    Fa ‘Le

    GV80 comes with a 6 cylinder Turbo, just not in UK apparently

  12. Dan Latham Avatar
    Dan Latham

    I reviewed one of these recently and was super impressed with it! It looks like a Bentley but has all the kia/hyundai quality of life features that make it great to live with. The audio system blew me away too and I had so many compliments driving it. I think the colour is spot on too. Great review Mat!

    1. M uz Avatar
      M uz

      @Dan Latham – Great, thanks!

    2. Carm Carm Avatar
      Carm Carm

      What about the riding quality and sound insulation compared with the bentayga?

    3. Carm Carm Avatar
      Carm Carm

      @Dan Latham What about the riding quality and sound insulation compared with the bentayga?

    4. Dan Latham Avatar
      Dan Latham

      @Carm Carm definitely not as good as a bentley but at around half the price I wouldn’t expect it to be. I’d still call it a luxury experience. You can optionally get double glazing and active noise cancelling which definitely makes a big difference also. It’s quieter and more plush than an X5 or a Q7.

    5. lllj lll Avatar
      lllj lll

      I’m korean and don’t buy this rubbish~
      It has many serious issues in korea now. Just buy the bmw or mercedes.
      Hyundai has far way to go yet.

  13. Shannon Linnan Avatar
    Shannon Linnan

    Would have bought one on our last new car purchase 12 months ago – great car, couldn’t get what we wanted before EOFY! Funnily enough, our neighbour bought one at the same time (complete coincidence) and they live theirs… The only 7 seater we could find on short notice was the Kodiaq RS, so went that way with all the options, a tune and money leftover. Happy enough, but the Genesis was a standout!

    1. te,legram👉@real_carwow101 Avatar

      Thanks 👆👆☝️for watching and commenting, you have won
      Kindly message on TELEGRAM to claim your prize 🎁🎉🎉🎉🎁

  14. Ariel Francis Leathem Avatar
    Ariel Francis Leathem

    Love the GV80 and another great review from you Matt. On the engine choices the diesel would always be my pick but it’s a shame the UK doesn’t get the other petrol that we do here in Australia and the USA also gets. Its a twin-turbo 3.5 petrol 6 pot and it’s stellar, decent on the fuel economy and has great performance.

    1. te,legram👉@real_carwow1 Avatar

      Congratulations lucky winner you have been selected among shortlisted winners Dm on TELEGRAM to claim your prize 🎁🎁🎁🎁

    2. FRAGGERSOULZ Avatar

      probably because of emission regulations and EU rules.

    3. DEADLY SNIPER Avatar

      Even here in the Middle East, it comes with the TT V6 engine

  15. Kian Grey Avatar
    Kian Grey

    In the UK it’s only maybe those options for engine but in the U.S. we do get 6 Cyl engine which probably has a higher towing capacity too

    1. te,legram👉@real_carwow1 Avatar

      Congratulations lucky winner you have been selected among shortlisted winners Dm on TELEGRAM to claim your prize 🎁🎁🎁🎁

  16. Ahn James Avatar
    Ahn James

    i’m not a big fan of hyundai cars…
    but my niece recently bought this car and i rode in it one day…
    i was actually very impressed.

  17. Stan Avatar

    Hey Mat. As far as I know the digital drivers display on the GV80 is a 3D setup. So the dials should have been floating midair for you and they clearly were not. Instead you saw low res graphics. I reckon it means the previous driver switched the 3D off which would have left you with half the actual display resolution. Cheers:)

  18. Tony Kim Avatar
    Tony Kim

    Genesis is just a hidden gem in the luxury car segment, and I’m glad Hyundai has been able to pour a lot of money into the brand to ensure that it’s really competitive with the German brands~ They’ve just been killing it~

    1. Sleepy Joe Scumbag Avatar
      Sleepy Joe Scumbag


    2. iamaydon Avatar

      @Sleepy Joe Scumbag ur laughing but he’s right 💀

  19. Mr. CarGuy Avatar
    Mr. CarGuy

    Had the chance to sit in a few genesis models in Goodwood this year and I have to say that the interior quality is incredible! Really does hold up against the Germans!

    1. DM ON TELE-GRAM- Via👉@The_carwow Avatar
      DM ON TELE-GRAM- Via👉@The_carwow

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  20. merv stone Avatar
    merv stone

    I just bought the GV70 advance trim in the same color combination (Cardiff green ! = almost British Racing Green 😂). 19 inch wheels cuts the road noise and 0-60 with same engine circa 5.6 seconds. Not quite so many features as your GV80 and obviously smaller but at $54,000 a great value luxury proposition. Think of the brand Genesis as equivalent to Lexus, Acura and Infinity but as the new kid on the block has to earn its reputation which takes time .. In the USA, the drivetrain warranty is 10 years ! So far I am very happy with the first 1000 miles .

    1. DM ON TELE-GRAM- Via👉@The_carwow Avatar
      DM ON TELE-GRAM- Via👉@The_carwow

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