BMW M3 Touring v Audi RS6: DRAG RACE

It's time to discover the supreme efficiency estate of 2023!

We have actually got Mat in the New , and he's going head-to-head versus the almighty !

So let's see how the two compare. Starting with the , it's powered by a 3-litre twin-turbo straight-six that can produce 510hp and 650Nm of torque. It drives all 4 wheels, weighs in at 1,865 kg, and the cost starts from ₤ 85,000.

When it comes to the , it's loading a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 under the bonnet that benefits 600hp and 800Nm of torque. It's equipped with Quattro four-wheel drive, tips the scales at 2,075 kg, and the cost starts from ₤ 113,000.

So what do you believe – will the 's weight benefit suffice to nab the win? Or will Quattro AWD seal it in these moist conditions? There's only one method to discover … LET'S RACE!

Thanks to for lending us his !
Tuned hot hatch drag race:

Mat's useful quick automobile deal:


55 responses to “BMW M3 Touring v Audi RS6: DRAG RACE”

  1. carwow Avatar

    M3 Touring or RS6… Which are you choosing?

    1. Mark G Avatar
      Mark G


    2. Horror-ble Driver Avatar
      Horror-ble Driver

      RS6 despite these results

    3. /Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) Avatar
      /Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1)

      I love the super beefy looks of the Audi RS6.

    4. Zoran Milankovic Avatar
      Zoran Milankovic


    5. Mamoon S Avatar
      Mamoon S


  2. slickid rich Avatar
    slickid rich

    That BMW is an absolute animal. Get that on the dyno now!

    1. Jose Manuel Avatar
      Jose Manuel

      ​@Codd Ștefan don”t cry

    2. Jose Manuel Avatar
      Jose Manuel

      ​@Codd Ștefan jajajajajajajjaajajahajajja

    3. claudiu craciun Avatar
      claudiu craciun

      I would be curious to see the same race with the same rubber on both cars, that would seal the victory!

    4. TheEqualizer Avatar

      @BABBER ਸਿੰਘ ਲੋਹਬਾਣਾ the closest you’ll get to that is a M4 grand coupe

    5. TheEqualizer Avatar

      Just need the M5 comp touring now 😊

  3. Auditography Avatar

    Kudos to BMW. The new M3 Touring is an awesome car. The RS6 C8 just has too little power since day one.

    1. Ca idee productions Avatar
      Ca idee productions

      @Alby Only marginal from the cheaper lower class car with 100 less hp

    2. KAZ Avatar

      @Maza it should be faster tho haha, its a rs6 not a rs4

    3. Lirim Ahmeti Avatar
      Lirim Ahmeti

      @stra I swear, I’m a crazy Audi fan, but the truth is out there, regardless of how it is 👍

    4. Alby Avatar

      @Sir Sparco I should have made myself clearer: the RS6 still can compete despite being heavier and slower. A car that can’t compete would be something that is being completely embarrassed. No doubt I’m reading far too much into a few words to the person I responded to.

    5. Draggy654 Avatar

      @BOB Marleya software tune alone on 93octane pump gas gets the car to 819hp and 780 ft pounds of torque

  4. Vladislav Dimitrov Avatar
    Vladislav Dimitrov

    I loved how careful Mat was before announcing the winner.

    1. r_m1ahh Avatar

      @Razor Ramon mat legit discoed he was bein sarcastic

    2. Luis Miguel Avatar
      Luis Miguel

      There was a jump if you slow the video speed to lowest point you will see he took off before the hand moved down…. Just saying

    3. Scnottaken Avatar

      ​@Razor Ramon seems like someone is getting offended at people getting offended

    4. chankrum Avatar

      Ayyyy не думай

    5. Vladislav Dimitrov Avatar
      Vladislav Dimitrov

      @chankrum Бъзикат го, че е BMW fanboy и умишлено го направи 3 от 5, за да изглежда по-убедително.

  5. Matt Kendrick Avatar
    Matt Kendrick

    I want to see this again in the dry. They are just so close in performance. It seems to be whoever gets the most traction off the line who wins.

    1. GODLY NAME Avatar

      @mb san If it was the same conditions for the cars. Put the same wheel size tire size, the same place and if the BMW wins i will say its better than the quattro which is not.

    2. Mhlengi Siphosihle Avatar
      Mhlengi Siphosihle

      @Matt Kendrick IT CAN’T BE

    3. Joseph Ma Avatar
      Joseph Ma

      What’s the point when you take the rs6 against a lower class bmw? Get a M5 and rs6 will be toasted

    4. js002003 Avatar

      @jbg _ Correct… having owned a bmw M3 xdrive and driven all the RS models (except for the rs7), definitely can confirm the BMW is faster. Its faster than all the Audis except for the R8 and RS e tron gt.

  6. wordpress Avatar

    Considering the power to weight ratio and both 4 wheel drive, the results are expected. I am more interested can m3 beat m5?

  7. kawailauaelani Avatar

    Both cars look so clean. Love it

    1. Smokin_D3ad Avatar

      audi fan mad?😂

    2. kawailauaelani Avatar

      @Smokin_D3ad i own both and love what they offer. I have an M2 and an Audi S5. Both solid cars

    3. FANCY OCTOPUS Avatar

      ​@Smokin_D3ad he complimented both cars and that’s what you got out of that you clown??? 🤡🤡

  8. fixxfixx Avatar

    Nice race! I thought I would like the M3 Touring more. But the sideview just aint purty 😅 Nice front and rear though! Man, would an M5 Touring be badass!

    1. DeeJay Avatar

      Thdy’ve got it in mill works M5 touring next gen!!

    2. AME Avatar

      i’m a big bmw fan and would still get the m3 touring, but the audi does look better. i have an x3m and while i love it, the rsq’s on audi’s side look so much better and more aggressive, and less mini-van like. curious how both cars would do with just an ecu flash and nothing else. i know the m3’s hit 10’s without issue with flash tune, but i’m curious how the rs6 does?

  9. TheHybridRules Avatar

    I still wanna see a comparison with this and an Alpina B3 estate.

    Make it happen Carwow!

    1. LaHaine01 Avatar

      Alpina is trash

  10. 67tomcat Avatar

    Best ever! The foggy conditions added to the whole feel of this video. Love both and long live super-wagons!

  11. jason21jburg Avatar

    Now I have watched a few times. Given the conditions I’m even more surprised about the from the line results. Would be worse in the dry, they have defo underplayed power figures on both cars I think. I’m an rs6 lover, but also glad the m3 touring finally exists.

  12. B Zilla Avatar
    B Zilla

    As a lover of BMW and estates, that M3 truly is a bucket list car, wow I’m seriously impressed.

  13. Manjot Singh Bassi Avatar
    Manjot Singh Bassi

    The guest had a great passion and energetic tone. It would be nice to see him in more videos. He made the video quite exciting along with Matt.

    1. Gus the Goose Avatar
      Gus the Goose

      I may be wrong but I think he’s a long running member of the carwow staff, but we usually just hear him- I remember his voice from an EV Range Test

    2. Zackee21 Avatar

      He’s a staff of the channel.

    3. Ross Carlson Avatar
      Ross Carlson

      He’s been in a TON of videos already – he fills in when Yani isn’t here or they need another.

    4. Reinulf Avatar

      He put the car into “Comfort” in the race with the “most sportiest setting” and lost.

  14. ciclídeos de tanganica Avatar
    ciclídeos de tanganica

    Caraca! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    Finalmente a BMW construiu a rival perfeita pra linha RS avant!

  15. Joseph Bliskowski Avatar
    Joseph Bliskowski

    Even on performance, whoever got the start won the race 🏁

  16. E.F. CLARK Avatar
    E.F. CLARK

    That has got to be terrifying racing into the fog. But as an Audi fan boy…these race results do not surprise me🤨😎

  17. Lvett Avatar

    Is there anything more beautiful than seeing an estate squat so much under full acceleration? Need to see again in the dry.

  18. DeeJay Avatar

    Awesome race Matt one of the best yet was waiting for this one from time! ..can’t wait til BMW releases their new M5 touring for their next gen 5er I’m antsy like a lil child right now so ready 👏🏽😁🔥

  19. SwedishHouseFifa Avatar

    The angle of that RS6 when accelerating is mental… I’d take the M3 Touring though as that’s literally my dream car

  20. Jona Avatar

    Traction and reaction time, that’s all there is between these two

    1. P K Avatar
      P K

      Yep, the RS6 is the class above though. The M5 munches it.

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