BMW M3 Touring v Audi RS4: DRAG RACE

We've got the new going head-to-head versus on paper its closest competitor – the . Believe this a forgone conclusion? Reconsider. This is a with a difference.

So let's see how the two compare. Beginning with the , it's powered by a 3-litre twin-turbo straight-six that can produce 510hp and 650Nm of torque. It drives all four wheels, weighs in at 1,865 kg, and the price begins with ₤ 85,000.

Then we have the . It's packing a 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6 under the bonnet, which produces 450hp and 600Nm of torque. However while the BMW has the licked for power and torque, the RS4 is lighter, weighing in at 1,745 kg. It's less expensive too – costing ₤ 70,000.

So what do you believe – easy win for the BMW or does Mat have something up his sleeve to offer the Audi the benefit? There's only one method to discover … LET'S RACE!


64 responses to “BMW M3 Touring v Audi RS4: DRAG RACE”

  1. CJ Avatar

    the race we’ve all been waiting for

    1. SpookyReaper Avatar

      @stichupman that’s true but only if you’re turning it up to stage 3+.. Audi know people will buy their cars to say they drive a fancy Audi so they don’t really care about performance anymore. If they did they’d have developed this 2.9 a bit more so that it could handle a lot more power easily like the 2.5 in the rs3 and the 4.0 in the rs6-7. Hell even the r8s v10 can handle boost and a lot of power with no problems before needing to get built

    2. Ayan Rahman Avatar
      Ayan Rahman


    3. Ayan Rahman Avatar
      Ayan Rahman

      @zewrusyeah 💀cuz if matt drove the m3 u best believe that rs4 is gonna be miles behind

    4. stichupman Avatar

      @SpookyReaper to be fair with an exhaust this v6 sounds sick. Still cant beat beat b7 generation rs4.

    5. SpookyReaper Avatar

      @stichupman 💯

  2. nick Simmonds Avatar
    nick Simmonds

    The side profile and rear end of the bmw is superb

    1. Ayan Rahman Avatar
      Ayan Rahman

      @Lxka.back? No side? maybe front? yes

    2. Ayan Rahman Avatar
      Ayan Rahman

      @gtx332you must be blind then

    3. Christian A Avatar
      Christian A

      Audi is usually better looking… but bmws are usually faster lol

    4. Bag of Sunshine Avatar
      Bag of Sunshine

      Yeah, just a shame the front looks like a pair of giant lungs.

    5. E53 Avatar

      @Cengiz the audi looks nicer

  3. Kareem Sawan Avatar
    Kareem Sawan

    We all knew BMW would win, we just wanted to know by how much

    1. VikiN Norway Avatar
      VikiN Norway

      @Luke m5 competition dyno at 650

    2. Noah Avatar

      @MrBartek audi is just bad…

    3. Arno Db Avatar
      Arno Db

      @MrBartek There’s alot more to it, don’t forget the M3 also clapped the audi RS6 which has more than 60 horsepower over the m3.

    4. Benjamin Sookwa Avatar
      Benjamin Sookwa

      bmw Fan boy of the year you are…

    5. Carl Avatar

      Thanks for spoiling the video

  4. Dzon Travolta Avatar
    Dzon Travolta

    The weight actually helped Yianni launch better . 🤣

    1. John Smith Avatar
      John Smith

      thats not how physics work

    2. Str8 Profit Avatar
      Str8 Profit

      Yianni is actually normal Matt is skinny 🤷🏻‍♂️

    3. Pieter Dannaux Avatar
      Pieter Dannaux

      @Str8 Profit matt is skinny for todays standards, he has a healthy weight tho. Yianni is fat.

    4. John Shaw Avatar
      John Shaw

      ​@Mini Giant this is yannis burner account

    5. Mini Giant Avatar
      Mini Giant

      @manilove2pwn he’s not fat he’s well nourished.

  5. Sai Gaikwad Avatar
    Sai Gaikwad

    I knew the M3 was gonna win but holy crap, winning with 4 people in it is just mental!
    And glad to see Yianni loved the car too 😂

    1. L B Avatar
      L B

      @Eryk Are you really defending Audi by saying it has 700 instead of 650 when BMW has 3 extra passenger’s in the car who probably weigh around 600 pounds extra with Yanni who weighs a lot more then matt.

    2. Eryk Avatar

      @L B Dyno says M3 have also much more power.

    3. L B Avatar
      L B

      @Eryk I know but even if the bmw makes 100hp more it shouldn’t win with 4 big people in the car. People race by taking out spare tires from the trunk to save weight but here they put 3 extra people in the car and it still won. It couldn’t have been more fair. Not to mention the bmw already weighs much more without anyone inside.

    4. MediocreMan Avatar

      Yeah it’s almost like it has a better power to weight ratio.

    5. jkliao648 Avatar

      @L B Why? If it makes 100 hp more than the audi, you can calculate the power to weight ratio and they will be pretty close in that department when BMW have 4 people in the car. Not to mention when you are at speed, you are working against the drag and that term has nothing to do with your weight. It’s not that complicated to figure out. BMW is a faster car because it has more power. It’s just physics doing physics stuff.

  6. Hassan Ger Avatar
    Hassan Ger

    Everything about this M3 is gorgeous. Including the grill!.
    Just another masterpiece from BMW!

    1. Pastronomer Avatar

      Grille looks alright in person on the estate. Looks like arse on the M4 though.

    2. Jake Smith Avatar
      Jake Smith

      No bmw is ugly

    3. JamBear786 Avatar

      @sean siew sad times when you have to choose from two shitters

    4. GockartzŹ Avatar

      anyone who says the grill has grown on themm are lying. you have just accepted that ugly isnt that ugly anymore cuz every car that comes out now is ugly

    5. Luke Avatar

      @Matěj Kusnierz “you cannot say this thing ins’t a masterpiece” wtf… Lmfao

  7. Kolorado 72 Avatar
    Kolorado 72

    Audi guy through and through. Love estates, especially the fast ones. Did I know the RS4 was going to lose? Yes. Did I know it would lose comprehensively? Yes. Did I hope it wouldn’t lose? Yes. RS for life, but that M3 Touring is so good looking. I pray they dont make an M5 Touring, otherwise my beloved RS6 will be in trouble.

    1. EuroSpec Avatar

      @Kolorado 72 you should go take a look, the m3 touring honestly destroyed the rs6 in some damp weather as well

    2. Octavian Alexandru Melicescu Avatar
      Octavian Alexandru Melicescu

      @Scott they raced them on this channel 2 and 3 years ago with different generations, i don’t know if something changed

    3. Zyraar Avatar

      @Jezza 394 it really is. Look at the M5 put the RS6 into reverse when they race.

    4. Paris Malaspinas Avatar
      Paris Malaspinas

      ​@D Woolwichpoly yup I’m not sure why they are holding back

    5. Keledek Avatar

      ​@Mika Joe Achilles actually tested M3 Touring against an RS6 and it lose, slightly…

  8. heyzooz Avatar

    Yanni is back. Always a great addition. Nice race fellas.

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Yanni is a lovely guy.


    Quality race, Both beautiful cars and of course Yianni has to be here to turn it UP 👍 🎉

    1. Purwanti Allan Avatar
      Purwanti Allan

      Amin. 👍

  10. Jason Bernard Avatar
    Jason Bernard

    Yianni the only one who knows Mat always jumps and doesn’t let him get away with it

    1. Immanuel O. Avatar
      Immanuel O.

      😂😂😂😂Truly. He doesn’t even say it sometimes, he just jumps exactly like Matt😂

  11. Nijabudeen Mohammed N Avatar
    Nijabudeen Mohammed N

    M3 touring what a beauty with insane performance
    kudos to BMW for making such a fabulous machine😍🤩

  12. LYF Avatar

    Yianni’s face whenever he does the break test… priceless 😂🤕

  13. Dawelio Avatar

    Don’t know why, but absolutely love how Yianni and Mat manages to launch at the exact same moment in their drag races.

    1. John HB Avatar
      John HB

      The launches looked so good!

    2. Little Light is a Once Avatar
      Little Light is a Once

      Exactly its not frustrating to watch !

    3. Gimi Gimi Avatar
      Gimi Gimi

      It takes a good few tries..

  14. Josh Camps Avatar
    Josh Camps

    Even with passengers that M3 is a monster 😂 M Power all day every day, awesome video guys!

  15. alvaro crespo Avatar
    alvaro crespo

    Mat with the RS4: let´s do 45 launches
    Mat with his GR Yaris: 1 launch is enough

  16. De Sante Avatar
    De Sante

    Still waiting to see Matt and Yianni do some bicycle racing, can’t wait to laugh my head off 😅😅

  17. Jullia Capybara Avatar
    Jullia Capybara

    Yanni’s face when he’s braking though

    1. Jim Beam Avatar
      Jim Beam

      My face when looking at your profile pic…

    2. Review Bros Avatar
      Review Bros

      He did the stanky face 😒😂😂

    3. WaveMaster Avatar

      That face always kills me 😂😂😂😂😂

  18. B Scooter Avatar
    B Scooter

    Both very nice cars. The M3 is a magnificent piece of engineering. That model of RS4 does seem to have been around though for quite a number of years though to be fair so as you would expect things move on. Think it must be due a replacement model very soon

  19. David Hong Avatar
    David Hong

    Simultaneously entertaining and informative! Never really seen the effects of weight in such a way. Good job carwow!

  20. Chris Sadd Avatar
    Chris Sadd

    So nice to see Yanni back,normality and fun resumed 😅

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