BMW 4.4-litre V8… In a Range Rover?! 😮





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  1. @mohammedashfaakranderee7036 Avatar

    So basically an x5m.

    1. @tsaki_titan Avatar

      X5M CS*

    2. @hassanger8128 Avatar

      ​@@tsaki_titanthe X5 M does 0-60 in 3.1 seconds according to Car and Driver

  2. @itisallaboutspeed Avatar

    as a car content creator i approve this video

  3. @tsaki_titan Avatar

    Technically they made an X5M CS

    1. @TheV8Pumpkin Avatar

      No… i work at land rover and my brother owns a bmw m4 comp, the NEW land rovers are one level above benz, bmw, and maybe even Porsche.

    2. @tsaki_titan Avatar

      @@TheV8Pumpkin you’re comparing a full blown Sports car with a luxury car that so happens to have a V8… if Land rover is so much better, why are they using the BMW engine??
      Oh and just give the Rover 2 months, the dealership is waiting.

    3. @BrownSofaGamer Avatar

      @@tsaki_titanBenz and BMW maybe, but Porsche? No. A Cayenne Turbo or Turbo GT would run circles around this Range Rover. Still really cool they got the M5 CS engine in it though, although the old supercharged 5L was pretty cool it had those JLR issues.

    4. @Thecommentator-hc1fz Avatar

      @@TheV8PumpkinStill complete trash. As usual with rover.

    5. @MohammedAli-te2ho Avatar

      ​@TheV8Pumpkin you plank. How you compare an m4 to x5m Cs what brain do you have?
      I drive an BMW Xm hybrid this is the only competitor to the SV silly Billy.

  4. @liveAiming Avatar

    That’s what a useless, oversized Landship needs, not.

  5. @aidancwr Avatar

    How can one not love the Germans. To this day they’ll stuff just about any engine in any car and say f*ck it we ball

    1. @inertia179 Avatar

      They are not as durable and cost efficient as the Japanese cars. My uncle who works at a body shop said he hates fixing German cars, and they tend to break down at around 100,000 miles

    2. @hassanger8128 Avatar

      Life is too short to own a crappy boring Japanese car

    3. @aidancwr Avatar

      @@inertia179 I disagree it really depends on what car. That goes both ways I’ve worked on a lot of jap crap I wish I hadn’t. Generalizing the entire group of euro cars is such an oversimplified stereotype.

    4. @majorpain3293 Avatar

      @@inertia179tell that to my e39 540 with 229k miles 🥱

  6. @xrockinronniex9004 Avatar


  7. @CarlosSajiun Avatar

    Reliability is coming to Range Rover

    1. @e.o9470 Avatar

      I doubt it!

    2. @rance783 Avatar


  8. @raajkumaar16 Avatar

    Jaaag is one of those companies that makes beautiful and fairly reliable cars but doesn’t understand the market.

    1. @Mahim.91 Avatar

      Jaguar and reliability do not belong in the same sentence.

    2. @Thecommentator-hc1fz Avatar

      Haven’t come across a reliable jag. Same as Maserati, looks great but it’s just asking for trouble.

  9. @user-qu5rd6kn5j Avatar

    My god this is a absolute monster competition sport m5 engine

  10. @tlotlojasonletsholo1917 Avatar

    It’s fast, but sounds terrible

  11. @TirakyneTripleA Avatar

    At least the BMW engine will help with the reliability a little bit lol
    As a Land Rover fan myself, I do hope the reliability gets better

  12. @Thecommentator-hc1fz Avatar

    A rover with a reliable engine ! Wow.

  13. @FirelordTwinkyz Avatar

    M5 you say? we like that

  14. @Slaeowulf Avatar

    As a BMW fanboy of the highest order, you can’t beat a 5.0l v8.

  15. @TheCbrowning Avatar

    Nice BMW

  16. @jamiulhussain4950 Avatar

    Anyone else think it was w2s from the thumbnail

  17. @VLdose-cc9do Avatar

    Why does it sound like a V6. 😂

  18. @dwightschrute2892 Avatar

    Could have went to Dodge and got hellcat engines….

    1. @hassanger8128 Avatar

      No one wants that garbage

  19. @ydid687 Avatar

    i wish LFA team or one of the old F1 teams from the 80s or 90s would’ve made an engine for this

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