Are you a Ferrari or a McLaren person? 🤔





42 responses to “Are you a Ferrari or a McLaren person? 🤔”

  1. @myless789 Avatar

    Ohhh I love them both! McLaren for the exterior, Ferrari for the interior haha.

    1. @Rabid_monk Avatar

      Yeah definitely although that Ferrari is not far off. Would go McLaren everyday though just because it’s English

    2. @Jordan-du6fu Avatar

      ​​@@Rabid_monkMcLaren was founded by a kiwi so we claim it.

    3. @Rabid_monk Avatar

      @@Jordan-du6fu We founded Kiwis so you can get lost 😁

  2. @1ronEntertainment Avatar

    McLaren looks better but I would prefer the Ferrari for reliability reasons

    1. @DavidBrown-bs7gg Avatar

      It says alot about McLaren when a Ferrari is considered more reliable

    2. @duxmortis2121 Avatar

      This might be the only time I’ve heard someone say a ferrari being more reliable than the car being compared to. 😂

    3. @DaBrute Avatar

      “Ferrari for reliability reasons” is something I never thought I’d live to hear😂

    4. @marksapollo Avatar

      Wow, an Italian hand built car made by a manufacture owned by Fiat is more reliable? Heard it all now lol 😂

    5. @1ronEntertainment Avatar

      This is a reply to everyone above me. I’ve heard much worse about McLaren than Ferrari regarding problems and reliability issues. Not that Ferrari has great reliability, but McLarens is much worse

  3. @skylerhickman3646 Avatar

    296. I dont trust mclaren products and the 296 is probably faster anyways

    1. @austinsavage4390 Avatar

      Yes it is because it has 110hp more

    2. @MrMuz99 Avatar

      The Ferrari is the better car, but I honestly prefer the McLaren. Seems to excite me more, somehow.

    3. @skylerhickman3646 Avatar

      @@austinsavage4390 More horsepower isnt a garunteed win

    4. @ZZZ77- Avatar

      ​@@skylerhickman3646it’s faster than the 750s

    5. @skylerhickman3646 Avatar

      @@ZZZ77- Is it? I saw the 750s lost the first race on this channel but it beat the 296 on the 2 rounds after that

  4. @SavageListener Avatar

    296 over the 720s. But if it was a 750s or 765lt then mclaren.

    1. @maxmonaco Avatar

      765 🔥

  5. @FireFoxCosworth Avatar

    Ferrari all day every day.

    1. @davidfujkk8018 Avatar

      They should race sf90 regular vs 918 spyder vs revuelto it will be line up of the century by carwow

    2. @vladimirtsanov5157 Avatar

      296 ❤❤❤

  6. @theenlightenedone1283 Avatar

    Forza ferrari ❤

  7. @riqiko315 Avatar

    McLaren 100x more reliable

    1. @ericpisch2732 Avatar

      Except it’s not the 720s depreciates like a monster

  8. @Evil.Turkey Avatar

    Rari fo sho ❤

    1. @paulp8107 Avatar

      😅 it offers to translate your comment 😂

  9. @JohnRichardson718 Avatar

    Definitely the McLaren

  10. @alejandrojarquin6998 Avatar


  11. @Scott6794 Avatar

    Never turn down a Ferrari

    1. @Nick-1992-SRB Avatar

      Oh oh 98% of the world will definitely turn down both cars due to the extreme price tags 😂

  12. @user-uc1hs6go6z Avatar

    McLaren 100%

  13. @carloszelaya5359 Avatar

    Ferrari of course, classiest

  14. @ultimclaren Avatar

    Got to be the McLaren

  15. @rajtilaksengupta Avatar

    Ferrari 296 GTB for sure. It’s a beast.

  16. @markrozee Avatar

    Mclaren always❤

  17. @badboyx77 Avatar


  18. @peter8084 Avatar

    Ferrari for me, McLaren build quality is still suspect 🤔 !

    1. @conor7154 Avatar

      Everyone keeps saying that but it’s broken down multiple times in Carwow testing

    2. @peter8084 Avatar

      @@conor7154 what has ?

    3. @Sto79Be Avatar

      @@user-fj4xc8tj8e”A lot of my friends who owned a McLaren all sold it”. Well if you all keep buying “it” off each other implying it’s the same car, what do you expect? Or did you mean “them”?

  19. @agmonser Avatar

    McLaren – if I had money to choose between them, I would have money for eventual repairs too, so McLaren definitely.

  20. @pestl11 Avatar

    That organic shape of stearing wheel, love McLaren.

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