And that’s why you buy Audi 😌


28 responses to “And that’s why you buy Audi 😌”

  1. @040brian Avatar

    Great awareness Matt!

  2. @Drenalin Avatar

    Available on my old 2012 Beetle 5C convertible… (R8 share the same cheap Electronic ? πŸ˜…)

  3. @harrycee656 Avatar

    The guy behind Matt thinks that R8 in front of him is a tool. πŸ˜‚

    1. @T-Bag13 Avatar

      We all do.

    2. @El_Negro2003 Avatar

      Isn’t that the camera car?

    3. @paulfrench7169 Avatar

      So basically you think he’s a tool but you haven’t got the balls to say it

    4. @not_mamba Avatar

      ​@@El_Negro2003yea it’s the camera car

    5. @slimshady3148 Avatar

      it’s His GT3 RS Bro 😹

  4. @murrynathan Avatar

    He just experienced a Matt Wow moment!

  5. @rumhell Avatar

    What a nice car to play kerosene on the stereo while the roof is down

  6. @snotwurfit Avatar

    It somehow learned?

    Err, you put the roof down and it knows the temperature outside. Hardly rocket science!

  7. @not_glad Avatar

    My 06 A4 cabriolet did this. It’s the car trying to maintain the set temperature, it would happen if you opened the windows.

  8. @jackduckworth1100 Avatar

    Mk3 TT roadster does it too.
    Also remembers different open and closed heater settings for the two separate remote keys.

    1. @zelaznysport9747 Avatar

      Rather RWD even without heating at all.

    2. @_lonath_ Avatar

      @@zelaznysport9747bro has a bimmer πŸ˜‚

  9. @nchmusic99 Avatar

    We know that Matt still love his R8 a lot despite being dissapointed in the drag race for having issues lauching against the lambo

  10. @pitecusH Avatar

    I’m not even sure the car “learned” anything. I think there are just two presets, depending on the roof position. Think of it as switching to sport or eco mode. Even older cars can synchronize personalized settings between different keys, hardly a big challenge to set an if statement to switch to the last “roof down” preset.
    Nevertheless, it’s a fun (and useful) little quirk.

  11. @ndautomotive Avatar

    That’s some German engineering for you

  12. @nHeroGo Avatar

    The 2005 S4 convertible did it too.

  13. @rohandyyusuf Avatar

    Excellent attention to detail … πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  14. @kendrick-yp2zf Avatar

    Even i did not notice this car had has this so amazing and plz do videos like this ❀

  15. @jasonh6799 Avatar

    My 2002 Saab 9-3 convertible does that too

    1. @Feedmezz Avatar

      Who wants to be noticed in that piece of junk.

      Keep the windows closed and hide!

  16. @adiohead Avatar

    My 2001 Ford Fiesta Zetec-S 1.6 in imperial blue did this.

  17. @JeffGoris Avatar

    “It somehow learnt…,” this feature must have required literal wizards to implement.

  18. @marklewin541 Avatar

    Don’t get too excited. The 2004 A4 convertible did that as well

  19. @rafaellastracom6411 Avatar

    Test it again on a warm day. I assume it will adjust the temperature and fan speed for different ambient conditions.

  20. @marcushinton772 Avatar

    I’ve got A5 convertible and yes it remembers the last temperature you set with hood down and switches back to other settings with hood up. Totally agree about hood down all the time

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