NEW Range Rover Velar review – bargain luxury SUV?! | What Car?

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In this brand-new we discuss how this comfy, practical and glamorous SUV might also be excellent worth also.

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Video chapters:
0:00 Changes to the Velar
1:04 New tech
2:31 Interior evaluation
3:39 Rear seats
4:17 Boot area
5:34 Trim levels
6:06 Optional additionals
7:43 Engine options
8:04 Driving impressions
9:16 Rates and rivals
10:13 Dependability


28 responses to “NEW Range Rover Velar review – bargain luxury SUV?! | What Car?”

  1. @calvinhobbes8637 Avatar

    I definitely don’t want to fiddle with a screen while driving to change the temp. That’s stupid and dangerous. This trend has to die.

    1. @Qlyphy Avatar

      So much chat about changing the climate temp, genuinely who changes their temperature that often? mine’s been on Auto 19C for 4 years…… 🙂

    2. @iCozzh Avatar

      “Range rover set temp to X degrees” , “range rover increase fan speed” isnt hard dude. Never get this argument

    3. @UltraJaff Avatar

      Physical buttons are dangerous too, just change settings when you’re pulled over. Simple

    4. @HazeFC. Avatar

      @@iCozzh What if you’re deaf?

    5. @iCozzh Avatar

      @@HazeFC. What % of car buyers are deaf? I also never said this should be the only control. What a dense argument

  2. @Patrick-jc9pb Avatar

    Cost savings in interior?

  3. @stewartbrown6869 Avatar

    Good review all boxes well covered and info you need great video .

  4. @rorydonohue3038 Avatar

    Free breakdown cover

  5. @lmmo77 Avatar

    “But” was the most used word throughout the review, including a big disclaimer for reliability. How does that work for a luxury product?

    1. @SenorSol Avatar

      All JLR products are notoriously unreliable, I can’t imagine this vehicle will be any different, unfortunately.

  6. @markh7288 Avatar

    I don’t agree about the 2 litre diesel. I had one, it’s not brilliant, and they have a habit of seizing. Apparently all of them will break eventually, that is a serious problem for Land Rover! Don’t get me wrong , it’s a great car let down by the engine.

    1. @amirajaib Avatar

      Out of interest, what model did you have? How long did you own it? How many miles did you do? What issue(s) did you experience? Thanks

  7. @vp272 Avatar

    Looks cheaper inside than before but maybe a different colour like beige/tan would help lift the ambiance

  8. @jasonbernard1277 Avatar

    This looks to be way off the pace in almost every area. You’d have to be stupid to part with your hard-earned

  9. @nigelcb1300 Avatar

    Woeful reliability record and good luck keeping hold of it

  10. @24bellers20 Avatar

    Nice if you can insure it and you don’t mind the unreliability 🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. @jonnymacn9457 Avatar

    no one asked for a TESLA interior but we sure are getting them from every manfacturer

  12. @seancotter4610 Avatar

    You never see these on Irish roads! It’s priced against the BMW X5, Mercedes GLE and Audi Q7. I mean… why would anyone buy this car over those models. Heck, you can step into a Porsche Cayenne’s for an extra 10k!!!

  13. @jamesfoster2850 Avatar

    Having used the screen in a courtesy Evoke, I agree, it is a retrograde step and I can only put it down to cost savings. It cheapens the interior and also it even looks like the graphics for the HVAC have been ‘shoehorned’ to fit on the screen.

  14. @markh7288 Avatar

    I owned it from 2018 till 2023. I loved everything about it except the engine. It was a first model edition, so full of extras including air suspension, massage seats led lights etc. I use an suv to drive off road which it did perfectly for me, I never had to go on extreme trails.
    The 2 liter diesel however was a different story, it was loud, rough and eventually all of them seize. It is so bad that trading it in was a bit of an issue, some dealers won’t take anything in with that engine over here (Ireland) because they have to give a warranty on it, and their experience is so bad.

  15. @lewis72 Avatar

    Centre screen looks like an afterthought; a glued-on iPad.

    1. @SenorSol Avatar

      Very true!

  16. @kinocchio Avatar

    Can it be insured?

  17. @beaublue1625 Avatar

    I ordered. A new Defender 90 in March and was really unsure as to whether to proceed or opt for a Velar 3.0D HSE Dynamic as you can find one up to £5k less than the brilliant deal i had on my 90.
    The Defender 90 is totally impractical due to 3 doors & no boot compared with the Velar with both having the superb D300 engine….
    The residual value won it for me on the Defender so I’m glad I factory ordered one to my exact specification.
    Definitely a Velar for my later years though as JLR really are Premium & highly successful brand not forgetting the best 4x4xFar..
    You just can’t beat JLR with the mimicking German wannabes..

  18. @lewispek3792 Avatar

    Consumer review ends with: “reliability aside.” Nice.

  19. @menifo4334 Avatar

    I have had my current car for over 5 years. It’s got physical buttons and each time I need a function I still need to look down to spot which of the tiny buttons is the one I need.

  20. @nunohannover Avatar

    If you want to be a platinum member in a repair shop….LR is the way to go 😂

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