NEW MG3 vs Suzuki Swift review – does full hybrid beat mild hybrid?? | What Car?

The new is the least expensive full hybrid you can purchase, however is it much better than the moderate hybrid Swift (aka Swift)? We take these 2 low-cost small cars and trucks on a journey to learn which is more most fuel efficient, and which is the general much better buy.

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40 responses to “NEW MG3 vs Suzuki Swift review – does full hybrid beat mild hybrid?? | What Car?”

  1. @alancobbin Avatar

    Suzuki wins it for me,cheers guys 👍💪😉

  2. @x.kasiouris5503 Avatar

    If MG3 had come to Greece on time I would seriously consider buying it, I ended up getting skoda fabia mk4 style

  3. @pixie706 Avatar

    Am i the only person who never notices and doesnt ever bother to touch the dreaded plastic interior

    1. @sham27007 Avatar

      I never care about plastics either.

    2. @SuyashKaul Avatar

      I don’t either but The plastic reflects more sunlight on the windscreen compared to leather dashboard

    3. @distilledgogilba Avatar

      Me too, especially in non luxury cars. I never find myself scratching the plastics which seems to be an auto journalist staple.

    4. @ben3291 Avatar

      I own a Mk3 Sandero and it has a Plastic Interior but its Well Screwed together so no iam not bothered either 😆

    5. @lasse007 Avatar

      It’s about the quality feel and the way it handles cabin noise. Harsher, harder materials will have more echo. But if you don’t feel the difference, you’re luckier

  4. @shroomyesc Avatar

    I’m not quite sure why Suzuki felt the need to give the new Swift the hood out of a PT cruiser.

    1. @jdmguy44 Avatar

      It’s a better looking car than the MG3 with simpler cleaner lines. The front of the MG3 is a mess IMO. Huge gaping front grille looks like a fish with its mouth open.

    2. @gregorypaulbox3035 Avatar

      The third generation Swift (Model Code A2L) has a better looking hood treatment with the taller headlights blending into the hood.

  5. @thomash2806 Avatar

    A big problem for comparing like for like is the inaccuracy of car measurements. Climate control and trip computers are notoriously inaccurate. My car tells me I am using 8.2 l/100km. My fuel usage since February says 9.1 l/100km. But once again the accuracy of that depends on the car’s odometer measuring distance travelled accurately…

    1. @brianiswrong Avatar

      That’s why they do a tank to full fill up, and pen and paper maths.

  6. @jdmguy44 Avatar

    Proper proven Japanese engineering versus substandard unproven tech from a Chinese state owned car maker who have had plenty of quality issues. A no brainer – the Suzuki for me.

  7. @DaveDVideoMaker Avatar

    I think the lack of split-folding seats in the new MG3 is a huge letdown; the outgoing MG3 has this feature.

    1. @tomdeleener2924 Avatar

      It’s going to come in the near future, oddly enough (I work at a MG-dealership as sales advisor).

    2. @DaveDVideoMaker Avatar

      @@tomdeleener2924 I assume in a facelift or something like that.

    3. @alfrredd Avatar

      ​@@DaveDVideoMakerI don’t think a facelift is necessary, just a different rear seat being installed in the factory.

    4. @ben3291 Avatar

      The last car i remember with no split folding back seats was the Citroen C4 Cactus

  8. @funnyfiveminutes Avatar

    Very good comparison. Shame you couldn’t source a Suzuki with the CVT though.

  9. @sebastianstoica578 Avatar

    The Suzuki has a really nice design.

    1. @ben3291 Avatar

      It does and as they said it is a likeable Car .

  10. @Kahvetrip Avatar

    Good video really! Congrats. But it didnt seem fair to me to compare cars with A/T and M/T. Especially in terms of fuel economy. We know that M/T cars generally spend less fuel. But in the heavy traffic, i believe that MG3 will make the difference even compare to M/T suzuki. For some reason, I got the feeling that the review was a bit biased, because when I test-drove the 2022 model of the swift, the sound in the cabin was uncomfortably loud (which you don’t talk about). The cabin quality was really bad. Unless they improved insulation and quality in the new car.

    1. @breaky73 Avatar

      This is the new 2024 model, and Suzuki says it did put a lot more sound dampening materials in the Swift.

  11. @pedropereira5043 Avatar

    That swift needs a turbo and at least a 6sp manual to wipe the floor with the MG. Prospective buyers will see the MG has over double the power and uses about the same fuel, and can’t ignore that.

    1. @ben3291 Avatar

      I wanted to like the MG3 but its let down by silly things like no reach adjustment on the steering wheel no spilt folding rear seats and when you realise the Hybrid power train is not that sophisticated like the 1.5 Engine is the same as the old model and a 3 speed Auto which is old too .

  12. @sevensixtysteve8662 Avatar

    Great review and interesting comparison. In the rush to add tec to cars, the weight penalty seems to get overlooked (except by Suzuki it seems !). The MG3 is around 300kgs heavier than the Swift, which is a huge amount in relation to what they weigh. The Swift doesn’t need to brake, accelerate and corner all that additional mass and therefore it’s nicer to drive and more economical. Weight is truly the enemy of efficiency both in ICE and Electric powered cars.

    1. @jdmguy44 Avatar

      I’m guessing that’s why the MG3 takes 8.0 seconds to reach 60 from rest yet has 190hp….

    2. @miskatonic6210 Avatar

      That’s not a penalty, that’s the battery. And full hybrid makes the car more economical under many circumstances. I own a Toyota C-HR with 1.7 tons and it only needs 5.0 liters. Way less than many smaller and lighter mild hybrid cars. And I bet it’s not worse than the Swift under real world conditions. Full hybrid is so much more efficient in most situations, the weight difference isn’t that relevant.

    3. @saityucel8201 Avatar

      @@miskatonic6210 The test is under real world conditions. Did you even watch the video?

  13. @InteraliaTony Avatar

    Would you please consider commenting on insurance groups when reviewing new cars. Insurance is a recurring cost and therefore significant when deciding. Both cars reviewed this time are far from being in the “economical bands”. While a Panda mild hybrid is in groups 6-8, the two review here are in the 20’s! It seems some hybrid cars attract greater premiums than others. So insurance costs are a valid concern.

  14. @adamh7588 Avatar

    Enjoyed watching i own the New MG3 Hybrid Trophy in Battersea Blue currently on 150 miles

    1. @polarweis Avatar

      Thats fast. Please pay attention to the road at this speed and not youtube.

    2. @nathantubb6255 Avatar

      He’s talking about mileage, not the speed😂

  15. @FromThe9thDimension Avatar

    We’ve had two Swifts in the family over the years, a normal one and a Sport, nothing ever went wrong with either of them. Very well judged controls, light and efficient, you can’t really go wrong with one.

  16. @michaelhastings7441 Avatar

    Definitely the Suzi everyday ! I have a 2014 SZ4 4×4 with 109000 miles on it still 45mpg city driving 56mpg on a run and drives beautifully i would not swap it for a new MG .

  17. @RodneyW Avatar

    What a brilliant and thorough comparison! Well done.

  18. @andreajetfox6715 Avatar

    congratulations for the video. I followed many videos made by Italian YouTubers and no one complained about the noise at motorway speeds, on the contrary, they say that it is very quiet and comfortable…..I don’t understand where the truth lies…perhaps it’s all very subjective. …

  19. @Szoke-ManeaCorneliu-bf4me Avatar

    I think the mpg of mg3 would have been smaller in city if the highway test had been done first

  20. @huss1205 Avatar

    Nice review, thanks for the figures at the end.

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