Ford Ranger pick-up review – Charley Boorman gets to grips with UK’s best-seller | What Car?

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Charley Boorman– star of Long Way Round– takes to the roadway in the most recent Ford Ranger. The previous variation became Britain's greatest selling pick-up, however is the latest model sufficient to retain the crown?

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24 responses to “Ford Ranger pick-up review – Charley Boorman gets to grips with UK’s best-seller | What Car?”

  1. @jamesasc7709 Avatar

    Charley! I almost didn’t recognise you on 4 wheels, 10 years younger

  2. @riceburner4747 Avatar

    Nice looking truck. I like Rangers over F series trucks. I ALSO prefer Hilux over all. 👍

    1. @toyotaprius79 Avatar

      You’d better prefer the Maverick

  3. @reesbarnes4746 Avatar

    I see Charlie, I click. What a bloke.

  4. @TL-xw6fh Avatar

    A totally pointless vehicle for the UK market. I see people driving these into the city for shopping, and even taking the kids to school. They should be banned.

    1. @toyotaprius79 Avatar

      We cannot impede on the freedom of stupidity

    2. @utubebroadcaster Avatar

      As a tradesperson, it’s useful. But climate here doesn’t suit it

    3. @TL-xw6fh Avatar

      @@utubebroadcaster I do agree with you and it is useful for some tradesperson only. I used to work in the US and my colleagues there have them by the bucketful! They drive these huge monsters, such as the F150 to and from work and for shopping. Only very occasionally they will use it to go to the municipals to dump their hardly used electronics, old junk, etc. What a waste of scarce resources.

    4. @BikeParkLane Avatar

      We need them for our line of work, vans just don’t have the clearance or capability of these for the UK. They are a pain to work from, but I’d rather that than getting stuck all the time in the middle of nowhere – they are true multi purpose vehicles, otherwise I’d have to own multiply vehicles which is just crazy

    5. @tesla-spectre Avatar

      @@utubebroadcasternor does the car suit the climate

  5. @toyotaprius79 Avatar

    Emotional Support Vehicle with company car tax perks!
    Why doesn’t Ford bother bringing the Maverick to Europe?

  6. @paddymuppy Avatar

    Completely pointless vehicle. A Transit custom van makes much more sense

    1. @BikeParkLane Avatar

      We appreciate the off road capability of pickups, otherwise we couldn’t complete our work. Vans are pointless in our world

    2. @paddymuppy Avatar

      @BikeParkLane  Utter horseshit. The Transit custom limited is the biggest selling VEHICLE the UK 2023. It also comes in an AWD version in the Custom Trail.
      The majority of Rangers never go off-road

  7. @avuazahc1966 Avatar

    Nice car indeed. Big Up to South Africa for shipping these machine to you guys in Europe. Here is South Africa we see them almost every minute or two, one would swear they come cheap yet very expensive machine to bump to in McDonalds drive tru

  8. @avuazahc1966 Avatar

    Please also do a separate video for Ranger Raptor.

    1. @royed31 Avatar

      And Bronco Raptor

  9. @allansmillie7507 Avatar

    Why have you employed this chap…absolutely not suited to the task.

  10. @rwalton159 Avatar

    How to adlib a car review
    Charlie do a bike series please

  11. @royed31 Avatar

    ‘The two colours go together quite well ‘ ………….what kind of review is that

  12. @CheeseyWotsit Avatar

    One for the Tyre Extinguishers.

  13. @leeavison Avatar

    Great review .. Charlie is awesome … A Legend in my eyes !! I want to see more of CB on the Channel 🙏🙏💯💯👍👍

  14. @williama-d6 Avatar

    ok, so with the motorbike how will you get it of the back once its on?

  15. @GarryMcGovern Avatar

    I love you Charlie, but the only pickups you see at a track day (IF you see one at all that is!), will be towing their track bikes in a trailer (though most of us will have a van, or simply towing the trailer with an estate or SUV!). No fuggin’ way in hell am I getting my Panigale or 675 race bikes (and stands, wheels, tools, etc., etc.,) on to the bed of one of these stupid things!

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