Can you charge an electric car in the rain ? | Electrifying

At .com we understand the possibility of switching to an electric automobile can be confusing
So we've partnered with @_uk to answer some typical concerns and clean up a couple of misconceptions
First off, 'Can I an Electric Vehicle in the ?' ☔ ⚡
#ElectricCars #FactNotFiction #WorldEVDay #Ad.


7 responses to “Can you charge an electric car in the rain ? | Electrifying”

  1. Kendra Bennett Avatar
    Kendra Bennett

    Awesome video and thanks for your content🍋

  2. Sina Develops Avatar
    Sina Develops

    you become super super sexy in the rain !! awesome …

  3. Paulius Raila Avatar
    Paulius Raila

    Sexiest in the rain…I mean Arya..😂

  4. Tesla-Spectre Avatar

    Except for Ora Funky Cat which seemed to have had an issue with that 😂

    1. Tom OOO Avatar
      Tom OOO

      It is still safe as iso15118 standard used all communication of chargers and car has multiple proximity and ground detection protocols. Several manufacturers have had problems with communication protocols, but it is fail safe.
      Peugeot, Audi, byd and VW have had problems in the past, but much better now

  5. Mira Delgado Avatar
    Mira Delgado

    Ooh, I like very much the special effects of this video. 😂😅🌧️

  6. Fred Bloggs Avatar
    Fred Bloggs

    Have you always wanted an excuse for a wet tee shirt video?

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