Hovering Cars have Arrived: Magnetic Revolution

It's time to go from Electric automobiles to Magnetic vehicles so they stream on the roads without the latter's resistance.
The project is influenced by the maglev or magnetic levitation trains, which utilize superconducting electromagnets for propulsion.

But because the building of such an innovation is extremely expensive, Researchers from China embed routine rubber wheels of a cars and truck with ring-shaped long-term magnets to flow on a basic non-magnetic aluminum conductor plate, paved on the surface area of regular roads as an unique maglev lane. The rest in the video, where you will discover 4 Remarkable New Innovation that will make cars hover above the road and fly in the air.

// The Magnetic Automobile Designed and Stimulated by Ihn Lee//.

0:00 introduction.
0:44 Magnetic Car.
2:42 Alef Flying Vehicle.
4:35 Xpeng Flying Automobile.
7:04 Hovering Tesla.

Likewise you can take a look at America's first flying automobile by Alef Aeronautics that has actually gotten Certification from the United States Federal Air travel Administration for flight tests.

China is reacting with an eVTOL Flying cars and truck model from EV maker Xpeng (AeroHT).

Likewise, you can find Tesla's fantastic plan to make the upcoming Roadster hover 1 meter in the air with a special SpaceX package.
Hovering Tesla Roadster source:.

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3 responses to “Hovering Cars have Arrived: Magnetic Revolution”

  1. James Hoffman Avatar
    James Hoffman

    All Teslas come with hover capability waiting to be unlocked by a software update.

  2. Lucid Moses Avatar
    Lucid Moses

    How stupid. Mag lev car ah. Can you even imagine the size of the freeway pile ups the first time something goes wrong? And the sky rocketing severity of the crashes. I’m going to go with a hard no on that one.

  3. John Tuffy Avatar
    John Tuffy

    I call bull shyt

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