ABG Live! – Tesla Cybertruck, JD Power vs Consumer Reports & More!

Join Alex and Travis (Nick is busy) for a live show where we talk about the crazy week it's been, and it's only Thursday!






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  1. @nevco8774 Avatar

    Why Toyota being all in the HEVs has lots of models without at least optional HEV powertrains? It is just hypocritical.

    1. @aaronbehindbars Avatar

      Most of Toyota’s lineup has a hybrid powertrain at least optional: Corolla, Corolla Cross, Camry, RAV4, Crown, Venza, Highlander, Grand Highlander, Sienna, Tundra, Sequoia, Upcoming Tacoma, and upcoming Landcruiser.

      That leaves the 4Runner, GR86, and GR Yaris as the inly non-electrified vehicles in their US lineup. I can’t speak for other markets, but this is a US based cbannel covering US market vehicles. I suspect the 4Runner will soon migrate to the Tacoma’s turbo 4 powerplant with optional hybrid power. Not sure how much longer the enthusiast vehicles like the GRs will be in production. I could see a hybrid powertrain being adapted to the 86.

      My guess is that Toyota will transition first to an all-hybrid lineup before eventually going all EV once we figure all that out.

    2. @nevco8774 Avatar

      @@aaronbehindbars What are you writing is perfectly correct. My question was: why Toyota wasn’t confident enough to have optional HEV version of each car at least 10 years ago? The time has proven that those parallel type hybrids are the most fuel efficient in low, high speed environment, extremely reliable.

    3. @aaronbehindbars Avatar

      @@nevco8774 Ahh, gotcha. I don’t really know, exactly. I think the American buying public has been fickle towards hybrids until the last few years. The Prius was seen as kind of a nerdy car only driven by liberal elites and holier than thou environmentalists. Maybe Toyota thought it better to wait for public opinions to shift or to develop the technology such that performance was equal or greater than traditional cars. Now that hybrids are normalized, people will just buy them without many reservations or having to sacrifice anything from their old vehicles.

    4. @EVBuyersGuide Avatar

      It’s not to say that they weren’t confident enough in HEV (though @aaronbehindbars makes a good point about the American market) to have options on all models, I think more of it comes down to the fact that the market wasn’t insisting on it so why would they spend the money and resources to implement something they didn’t have to? -Travis

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