You won’t believe how many badges the AMG A45 has!






31 responses to “You won’t believe how many badges the AMG A45 has!”

  1. Eva Jimenez Avatar
    Eva Jimenez

    Hi bist einfach die beste youtuberin der Welt. jeden Tag wenn ich Kummer habe gucke ich deine Videos und bin dann wieder glücklich
    👌👌 5

  2. Monica Rodriguez Avatar
    Monica Rodriguez

    Mal wieder cooles Video. Danke für den täglichen Content
    😘 9

  3. piyush jauhari Avatar
    piyush jauhari

    How much badges in bmw m cars 🤔

    1. M140i23 Avatar

      2 on each wheel, alloy and brake calliper.
      1 on steering wheel. 1 on the dash.
      1 on the engine cover.
      1 on the grill.
      1 on the rear.
      1 on each front wing.
      So 15 I think. I’ve debadged the majority of mine so can’t be certain 😅

  4. Haris Rafiq Avatar
    Haris Rafiq

    It’d get debadged anyway.

    1. PeanutButter&Jelly Avatar

      That’d be -1.

  5. aman00777 Avatar

    Hey ima stick an AMG on your AMG so you can be even more AMG’d up dawg. – Xzibit in an alternate reality

    1. PerfectStrainzzz Avatar


    2. Ajay Singh Grewal Avatar
      Ajay Singh Grewal

      Dab on it wagwam!

  6. NDAutomotive Avatar

    Hey, if I pay for road legal race car, I might as well let people know what I have. Right?

    1. Slaeowulf Avatar

      None of these are even close to race cars.

    2. M140i23 Avatar

      @Slaeowulfhave you ever been in one or even driven one? 400-500bhp doesn’t sound like much. But in a 2litre hatchback with AWD, they are ridiculously quick because they don’t weigh anything. 0-60 you’re talking 3/4 seconds. It’s no wonder kids often wrap these cars round trees

    3. Slaeowulf Avatar

      @M140i23 Have I driven this specific car? No. But I have driven actual race cars in actual races. I’m not saying this isn’t a good car. I’m just saying it’s not a race car. Not even close.

  7. QuartzCyanis Avatar

    Mfs with a stock a200d

  8. JunaTah Avatar

    Badge delete would be a pain.

  9. Houston B. Avatar
    Houston B.

    I like being reminded what car I’m in. Makes it feel special 😅

  10. G BC Avatar
    G BC

    Says Matt with a MASSIVE Burberry badge on his jacket !

    1. Jorge Chavez Avatar
      Jorge Chavez

      Lol that’s a billboard.

    2. Dr. Skillz Avatar
      Dr. Skillz

      He’s a chav at heart.

  11. Krutarth Suthar Avatar
    Krutarth Suthar

    Looks like taxi ngl

  12. M140i23 Avatar

    Makes it more tricky for anyone with an A200 to impersonate an A45 I think

    1. Eric Pisch Avatar
      Eric Pisch

      Ah the AMG line models have dozens of AMG badges as well

  13. Chris 61982 Avatar
    Chris 61982

    Didnt know boys could afford 50k cars

  14. RalfWerdu Avatar

    yeah, imma stick with porsche

  15. Bryan Miller Avatar
    Bryan Miller

    For 100k plus, they gotta remind you and everyone what you have. Kinda dumb because people do badge deletes non stop now.

  16. Jack Solla Avatar
    Jack Solla

    10 in my Golf R mk6 🤔

  17. Matthew Norman Avatar
    Matthew Norman

    We need a Hyundai getz day 280

  18. Hello World Avatar
    Hello World

    you won’t believe how many times you remined that you mat watsons

  19. Steven Jacobs Avatar
    Steven Jacobs

    One over each exhaust tip lol

  20. M Faj Avatar
    M Faj

    & I’m here tryna badge delete as much as i can 😅 only thing I can’t delete is the massive Star in front of the damn car

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