You won’t believe how cheap the new Model 3 is…





35 responses to “You won’t believe how cheap the new Model 3 is…”

  1. Gundi Fuchs Avatar
    Gundi Fuchs

    Endlich wieder positive Gefühle die ich durch dieses Video verspühre‍❄️

  2. Gru Avatar

    I think it is its fastest and most car for value

  3. The Crazy Coaster Creater Avatar
    The Crazy Coaster Creater

    Maybe other car brands offer evs at a similar price point, Tesla still has a huge advantage with the supercharging network. Also, being part of the Tesla family is amazing 🤩

    1. Seech Avatar

      What’s amazing about the Tesla cult… I mean family?

    2. •Parmesan• Avatar

      @Seechthey won’t get judged for curbing their wheels since they all do it, can’t see any other reason personally

    3. Seech Avatar

      @•Parmesan• 😂😂😂

    4. ErebosGR Avatar

      @Seech The fascist views of their supreme leader, of course.

  4. Crispy Avatar

    The best value EV, but not best value car. 😂

    1. Robert Mändl Avatar
      Robert Mändl

      This actually does depend on in which country you are. Don´t forget the general car segment the Model 3 is in.
      Definitely in most countries best value EV and in some even best value car.

    2. Luka Bošnjak Avatar
      Luka Bošnjak

      Its the best value car period… Good spec on a Skoda Octavia is this price while Model 3 has every equipment as standard

  5. Paul 1 Avatar
    Paul 1

    Wouldn’t have any shown. Waiting on the resurrection of the Celica GTfour

    1. apekatt2007 Avatar

      Look what they did to the resurrected Supra… You don’t want to destroy another 90s legend

  6. Dan Dan Avatar
    Dan Dan

    Why companies want to make EVs look like they come from the transformers movie characters? At least Tesla and Mercedes make their cars look more mundane.

    1. pbyt Avatar

      they’re preparing for when all new cars made have to be electric.

    2. pbyt Avatar

      also yk that mundane is a negative word? it means bad or boring looking

  7. Adrian F Avatar
    Adrian F

    😂😂😂😂 Tesla best car value

    1. Robert Mändl Avatar
      Robert Mändl

      Care to let me in on the joke?

  8. rocu Avatar

    I got my eqa for 35K, not second hand

  9. Viral Northeast India Avatar
    Viral Northeast India

    40k dollar .. Sorry middle Class in India cannot afford that tesla

  10. Edgar Vasa Avatar
    Edgar Vasa

    You can find e:ny1 as low as 20k

  11. Jimny's Off Road Avatar
    Jimny’s Off Road

    The Corsa price is insane

    1. Luka Bošnjak Avatar
      Luka Bošnjak

      Its a joke of a car in comparison…

  12. Ayumi: Single and fun Avatar
    Ayumi: Single and fun

    Just a quick shoutout to my favorite YouTuber Stay humbled and keep creating amazing content!

  13. Viraaj Gamer🇮🇳 Avatar
    Viraaj Gamer🇮🇳

    I actually think that it is the best EV that you can buy

  14. MadMax Avatar

    Now consider the price with an equal configuration as the Tesla. My guess is, that you have to add 15k to some of the cars, e.g. at the Mercedes one

  15. Wriggs74 Avatar

    No, the best value car is the cheapest car.

    1. pbyt Avatar

      no its not, it’s what you get for what you pay for. the model 3 offers a LOT for what you pay for it. a bunch of freebies, rapid acceleration, good looks and lots more stuff.

    2. Wriggs74 Avatar

      @pbyt Tomato, tomato.

    3. Robert Mändl Avatar
      Robert Mändl

      @Wriggs74 Recommend you don´t go online when you are on drugs.

    4. Wriggs74 Avatar

      @robertmandl9326  Why have you got any left?

  16. Michele Campus Avatar
    Michele Campus

    In Italy you can have it for 29k, single motor

  17. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    ‎£39,990.00 for a Tesla is spot on

  18. apekatt2007 Avatar

    Tesla has the best EV platform in the world, and their software is so much better than the dogshit systems Audi and BMW ships with

  19. alex hodgkinson Avatar
    alex hodgkinson

    Unless we get a brilliant eletric imprezza that can slide like it should, i aint ever buying a new subaru

  20. VLdose Avatar

    I would rather walk than drive any of those cars.

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