Why Tesla owners DON’T get Range Anxiety (Part 2) #shorts #petrolped #tesla






15 responses to “Why Tesla owners DON’T get Range Anxiety (Part 2) #shorts #petrolped #tesla”

  1. Lorraine Fletcher Avatar
    Lorraine Fletcher

    Congratulations and it’s just nice to see how big your channel has become you accompanied my childhood and cheered me up in bad times, thank you for everything
    😝😝 )

    1. Petrol Ped Avatar
      Petrol Ped

      Thank you so much 😀

    2. Ray Jones Avatar
      Ray Jones

      @Petrol Ped I watch all your EV broadcasts on YouTube. Do you prefer the Model Y or the Mustang?

  2. Michael Avatar

    The original Tesla with Free Charging is the way to go if you want ev.
    I don’t

  3. gusm Avatar

    Now it’s soon winter, heated seat on, demister, fog lights, watch that range regardless of % or digits.

  4. joelt Avatar

    You tap the percentage and it switched to miles range… also on a v3 at peak you get over 1000mph charge rate!

  5. Ray Jones Avatar
    Ray Jones

    Mileage is shown on the screen. Just press the % button top right

  6. Colin garner Avatar
    Colin garner

    Overnight cheap electric means you pay a premium for daytime electricity.

  7. Sabrewulf Metalhead Gaming Avatar
    Sabrewulf Metalhead Gaming

    My combustible has 500 mile per tank range and still has a mileage range on the dash, and car cost me 2k. Bargain, and better than a tesla.

    1. Ray Jones Avatar
      Ray Jones

      So can travel 500 miles without a pee break,

    2. Jim F Avatar
      Jim F

      In what way better, perfomance, technology, noise level, or running cots?

    3. Michael Avatar

      @Ray Jones yep 👍🏻

  8. Adrian Inman Avatar
    Adrian Inman

    Yes they do if you tell it!

  9. richard howlett Avatar
    richard howlett

    Cheaper overnight electricity ☠️ some of us work nights 👻

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