Why is this Tesla dancing?! 👀🤔






29 responses to “Why is this Tesla dancing?! 👀🤔”

  1. Sumukh Avatar

    What happened to the English comments

  2. Martin Avatar

    All I hear is the American Disgrace song!

    1. tatajelmer Avatar

      No man it’s André Hazes we holding of orange

  3. Jason Smith Avatar
    Jason Smith

    Used when someone farts in the car… 😂

    1. Feminism Avatar

      Engines fart💩

  4. George Gardiner Avatar
    George Gardiner

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    1. Silvestro Avatar


    2. SAT THORNE  Avatar

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      Beatrice Nebraska

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      Simon McGuire

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      Sophia Benjamin

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  5. Dan L Avatar
    Dan L

    It’s thinking about roasting people alive.

  6. Rav Avatar

    It’s a bird , it’s a plane , it’s just a Tesla

    1. TundraGold Avatar


    2. J L Avatar
      J L

      It is 🌈🦄 AF.. for real

  7. Mohamed Rashith Avatar
    Mohamed Rashith

    Mercedes maybach gls 600 is laughing at the corner 😂

  8. Kameron Myles Avatar
    Kameron Myles

    Doors flexin like “hey ik im supposed to block the outside, but im about as tough as cardboard bro”

  9. Facundo Rodríguez Avatar
    Facundo Rodríguez

    Why would I want my car dancing ??
    Just give me a 6.2 C63 or a M3 TOURING.

  10. Matthew Norman Avatar
    Matthew Norman

    We need a Hyundai Getz day 303

  11. Kris Man United Avatar
    Kris Man United

    Do it at night time, the Model 3 Performance goes nutts when you do the Happy New Year celebration

  12. Taha Haider Avatar
    Taha Haider

    The cringe rock US anthem 😂

  13. Martin Avatar

    Widescreen in Portrait in Landscape… perfect!

  14. Душан Јовановић Avatar
    Душан Јовановић

    Elon doing elon things

  15. greathey1234 Avatar

    How many flaps before they break down?

  16. 𝙰𝚕𝚒𝚎𝚗 𝙶. Avatar
    𝙰𝚕𝚒𝚎𝚗 𝙶.

    Looks like one of the biggest mistakes that a human ever made..

  17. J L Avatar
    J L

    That is just 🌈🦄 AF…..

  18. Hassan Ger Avatar
    Hassan Ger

    I dare you to name a worse car than a Tesla?

  19. Niall Fallon Avatar
    Niall Fallon

    Irish anthem please 🙏

  20. Caffeine Avatar

    When you wonder why your entry level tesla recommended retail price is 100k.

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