Why did they remove this feature?! 😡






23 responses to “Why did they remove this feature?! 😡”

  1. @akashairum4863 Avatar

    Please do a bus dragrace

  2. @burnzy3210 Avatar

    New cars are terrible

  3. @jstewlly4747 Avatar

    With buttons being fazed out car wrecks are a plenty cause with touchscreen you gotta look at the screen smh

  4. @Mountain-Man-3000 Avatar

    Agreed. Rubbish.

  5. @awildmarshmallow3558 Avatar

    German car philosophy: If its not broken change it until it breaks.

  6. @AntneeUK Avatar

    At least I can still switch between the RS modes on my RS3 from the steering wheel, but the full drive mode option on my previous S3 was better

  7. @elektix1 Avatar

    “Don’t look at a phone, or you’ll get six points, £200 fine and a dry bumming from the long arm of the law…”

    You want to use your never ending, difficult to navigate touch screens to activate your heated anus? Yeah sure that’s fine…

    And whilst we’re coming up with with terrible ideas…

    “How can we make perfectly functional buttons… more dangerous? 🤔”

  8. @planespeaking Avatar

    Likely got rid of the button because someone alleged they hit it accidentally and that caused a crash and then sued Audi.

    1. @rdspam Avatar

      That is not why.

    2. @layerdballoonswe Avatar

      Why sue audi for something a owner does like wtf 😂

  9. @lukeslayer Avatar

    Driving while using your phone: ILLEGAL

    Driving navigating important touch sensitive buttons in horribly inconvenient places to literally help with the commute: All good bruv

  10. @rdspam Avatar

    Audi has gone way overboard with touch. Taking my ‘17 in for service, I hate every loaner I get.

  11. @GabrielRM Avatar

    Can’t wait for the automobile industry to *revolutionise* the world with physical buttons

  12. @Lukas-rw7ok Avatar

    Most new cars are junk.

  13. @marcelbbr Avatar

    Well, it’s made for left hand drive, drove one here in Germany. Much easier to change modes with your right hand, they don’t change the button order for right hand drive.

    1. @gjonno Avatar

      It is still the wrong thing to do regardless of which side the steering wheel is on.
      It’s just cheaper to manufacture rubbish like this and then pass it off as ‘progress’ to justify it…..which of course it is not!

  14. @ax3226 Avatar

    Hey let’s revolutionise the motor industry with real sticks buttons and dials…….. back to the future

  15. @dreval9646 Avatar

    And that’s why I love my jeep grand Cherokee the sport mode switch is big and clicky and when I press it it feels like I’ve activated the thrusters

  16. @mrb1483 Avatar

    They want you to use the voice control that does not work

  17. @conorf8091 Avatar

    How are new cars any different to using a phone whilst driving, baffling

  18. @matthewnorman9803 Avatar

    We are 5 days off a year we need a Hyundai Getz on carwow sx day 360

  19. @n1co2017 Avatar

    i mean while i don’t like those types of non physical buttons who the hell is changing driving modes while driving down the road?

  20. @sadmanh0 Avatar

    it feels like Mazda is the only company still doing proper buttons these days. Also why have a button for changing map color to night mode? Just do it when I turn on headlights.

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